Ghost in door

From the person that sent it in:

Here is a photo of what looks like a face coming out of a door to a church in France. I’m a photo processor and printed the photo myself from an APS film so know the photo hasn’t been tampered with during or after printing, which does’nt rule out double-exposure or a trick of the light when taken but all the other photos were quite normal. When i spoke to the lady who took it she didn’t know why she took the photo and said it was a side-entrance to  the church they had visited and when i expressed my interest in the photo she said i could have it. Looks like someone holding a bomb with fuse or a candle up close.


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35 Responses to “Ghost in door”

  1. Noel Says:

    More than likely the women who took the photograph had her eye not fully pressed to the viewfinder resulting in her eflection going back through the reflex system and appearing on the negative. As this is an interior shot it is quite likely she was illuminated by a tungsten bulb somewhere near her.

    • Heather S. Says:

      … How do you figure that?
      First of all, your explanation would mean on a normal SLR camera, the image would be reflected out the lens… the mirror inside an SLR merely flips up, out of the way, when the shutter is tripped, thus allowing the image/light to hit the film plane in the back of the camera – straight shot, no mirror involved. The only mirrors are part of the shutter and the prism on top that then reflects the image on the mirror into your eye.

      Two, most APS cameras were never SLRs and the viewfinders were completely separate, just a hole in the top of the camera with a lens maybe on the front of the hole to adjust for focal length of the lens (eg wide angle lens to approximate the wide angle lens on the body of the camera).

    • Anonymous Says:


  2. markribbands Says:

    I’m not convinced that’s a human face. Assuming no deception (and I’m not totally convinced of that either – it does sound a tall story), this could be a reflection from varnish on the door of an object or tungsten light fitting somewhere, possibly behind and to the right of the photographer.

    On balance I’m going to say possible fake. The mistiness in the lower part is suspicious, and the stone work above the door looks like it’s had a sharpen filter applied.

    BTW, I may not know much about ghosts, but I do know about bombs. And believe me, bombs only look like that in cartoons! 🙂

  3. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Yep. Natural lens goof/trick of the light.

  4. Sally Says:

    It is difficult to make a judgement, particularly as it is a “print” of a print. (Like the soup of the soup!)

  5. Wyn Williams Says:

    I agree .. maybe, if you cover ehat could be a face everything else is obviously light patterns on the wood grain, possibly so is the “face” or light bouncing of the stained grain

  6. Wyn Williams Says:

    That should of read “what could be a face”

  7. Carrie-Natassja Says:

    i think the whole picture looks a bit fake, im not saying it is but it does look it to me xxx

  8. Peter Watson Says:

    The door has ledges and braces which on such a door are always on the inside of such a door. This suggests a double exposure.There being no door in the original shot.

    • markribbands Says:

      Good point, Peter. Although one can suppose an interior shot with the door opening outwards. But it looks like the door does not fit the opening anyway.

      I’ve changed my mind – the more I look at this one the more odd it appears. I say it’s a deliberate montage: the door, wall, stonework, tunnel, and even the ghostly face. All separate elements composited. I vote fake.

  9. Ray Creations Says:

    If you ask me, I will say I don’t believe in Ghosts. But then saying that it is impossible and cannot have happened is being ignorant.

  10. Kat Says:

    Now I AM a believer but this whole picture looks fake. On the right where the brick wall meets the stone wall there is a fine black line so they don’t meet up properly. The bricks look fake. The door looks fake. The stones around the door look fake. There is absolutely noting in this picture that looks real.

  11. Richard Says:

    Honestly – I think the picture is of a wall where someone did a chalk/pastel coloring to make it NOT look like a dead end and the face is part of it.

    There IS no door really there.



    • Martin Says:

      Thanks Richard for your comments. I sent in this photo in and am looking at the original now and the more i look at it the more the door seems to look fake maybe cleverly chalked or painted on the wall. This would explain why the flash from the camera doesn’t seem to glare of the door but to me the face seems like it’s light projected onto the door but couldn’t because the flash would be too bright to show a projected image so was it a double-exposure?, a fault with the camera?. I’ve seen the negatives though and all the other photos show no signs of any other double-exposures or obvious faults. Wish I’d taken it and then I’d know for sure but am starting to come to the conclusion now that it might as you say be a faked doorway but with a sheet of glass against it which would explain the gap to the right of the brick-work and side-wall and being shot slightly from the left has not reflected the flash but has picked up on a reflection of something from behind and other wispy bits of reflection, but must point out this is a genuine original print and has not been altered in any way and even has the back-print on it with the APS six digit number which is read from the film and printed automatically on the back of the print which show it was printed on automatic. Thanks again and to all the other comments; I still think it looks spooky though.

  12. Dave Says:

    Blatantly fake.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    my is chinaese,你们好

  14. James Randi Says:

    A general comment on all these anomalies: the great majority of them are pareidolic phenomena – the result of finding recognizable images where they don’t exist. A few are artifacts of digital photography — the one of Jimmy Carter is a good example, being an “orb” produced by an insect or a dust-mote close to the camera, illuminated by the flash, very out-of-focus. Folks just don’t know what their cameras will or won’t register. Internal lens flares are also sources of spurious images, particularly in night-shots…

  15. MV Says:

    I can’t explain this photo,but I believe science cant’t explain everything,science is superstition

  16. Ana Chaves Says:

    I am not sure about the picture, but I know for a fact that these old churches are full of spirits. Specially of opriest which on the old days used to spend their entire life inside te church. Once they pass away, they have a tendency to hang around because thats is all thei ever know. I know this because I have expericend this fact many time.

  17. davi Says:

    photo shop sem graça ainda!!

  18. LTriche Says:

    I don’t know – it looks like there is a little blonde boy standing next to her.

  19. Evil Dwarf Says:

    ghost! ghost! ghost!
    for sure

  20. Bubba Says:

    a dod of spray paint

  21. Deep Says:

    Can’t say what I’m seeing here – I think I would have to see the original… and a trip to the location may help here too!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    The whole background looks like a painting, not a real wall.

  23. Amy Taylor Says:

    A lot of these comments seem to be from people who’ve never been to europe to see the wacky architecture. Lol. Yes, rooms can really look like this, including the “outlines” where walls meet. I live in a house in England right now that has some. And yes, some people take pictures of doors. I’ve done it loads of times because they’re just so different from the ones that I’m used to from Florida.

    Having said all that, this does seem REALLY fake!! I am a believer, but not in this image.

  24. Cly Says:

    A blatant fake.

  25. Wil.E.Coyote Says:

    No one seems to have noticed the recessed niche on the wall to the left of the door nor what looks suspiciously to me like a projector lens.

    The ‘image ‘ on the door looks to me like a projection of a womans head in the type of headwear common to the middle ages.

    I think it is a set up for the tourists, if they spot it at the time.

  26. coollayo Says:

    holy crap!!…… its… its… its a DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Lily Rose Says:

    This is interesting. What was the name of the place? Was is set on fire/a bomb lit there at any point in history? If it was, maybe that’s why the lady was holding a bomb/something. Have a look at the history.

  28. Forum Szkocja Says:

    Forum Szkocja…

    […]Ghost in door « Ghostly photographs from Hauntings[…]…

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