Mega Orbs

From the person that sent it in:

These photo’s was taken on the 30/11/08 at craimillar castle on st.andrews weekend.  They both we’re taken straight after one another in the kitchen my partner aileen was in the kitchen when i took the pictures the orbs are there then they had gone.



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90 Responses to “Mega Orbs”

  1. Ramesh Says:

    I don’t know about the orbs, but the misuse of apostrophes is certainly hair raising.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Another one with dust on the lens or moisture in the air I’m afraid.

  3. Alex Pryce Says:

    The quesiton I have is, with so many “ghosts” in the image, don;t you think it curious that they all decided to simultaneously disappear just before the second picture is taken?

  4. Clive Says:

    Ohhhhhhh just dust, snow, bits in the air, lit by flash.

  5. Roy Says:

    I have a very similar photo, taken when I was making a surfboard. My orbs were just small pieces of dust from the foam we were sanding. I did not notice the orbs at the time but they were really clear in the photo.

  6. Patrick Says:

    There was a query recently in the technical answers page of Amateur Photographer, from a reader who had a similar effect in all his flash photos, and thought his new camera was faulty. Verdict from the experts: dust in the air.
    I think the “ghosts” might still be there in the second picture, they just blend in with the wall because it has more light on it from the flash.

  7. hadareli Says:

    estos no son fantasmas, solo estaba sucio el lente de la camara, por eso salieron bolitas en la fotografía

  8. S.I.K. Says:

    I think that is snow

  9. Atrueoriginall Says:


  10. PDR Says:

    condensation on the lens

  11. David Knapton Says:

    I had a Nikon Coolpix SQ camera and whenever photos were taken in lowlight conditions the flash almost always reflected from dust motes creating the “orb” effect. I deleted a lot and used Photoshop to save the rest. This doesn’t happen with my new camera.

  12. Bob Says:

    Gawd dammit. Stop with f-ing orbs. Orbs don’t me sh-t.

  13. Les Says:

    Possibly similar phenomenon to the picture of the lady with the dog which also features orbs (bit like a disease, isn’t it!).
    Dust in the air seems to be a very likely solution, but it may also have been chance reflections from somewhere behind the photographer.

  14. Hedgehog Says:

    Most cheaper digital cameras can’t fit a lens hood. Without a lens hood these circular tricks of the light often appear on photographs from light sources such as the sun or bright lightbulbs which are not directly visible in the area covered by the image. My old Fuji 1.3Mp digital camera did this all the time, while my Canon digital SLR never does.

  15. Ryan Says:

    Here’s a hunch: the camera picked up the dust particles floating around in the air in one shot, but not in the other.

  16. Noel Says:

    I have filmed these at the Tower of London for “Ghostwatch” they show up better using Infrared video cameras. I always assume they are dust particles picking up light but can”t be 100% I’ve seen them enlarged and enhanced and the do appear to have a strange structure. Experiments trying to recreate the phenomenon have never been successful yet.

    • Snark Says:

      Absolute rubbish. I’ve seen programs which have investigated these airborn particles. Easily demonstrated and reproduced. I’ve done it myself and I’m 100% certain.

  17. ZeroCorpse Says:

    “Orb” almost always = lens flare.

  18. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Or, yes: Orbs are often dust motes, too.

  19. Sally Says:

    Looks like the camera flash caused the reflection of something not actually seen. Something like this has happened often when I am taking photos with a flash.

  20. markribbands Says:

    Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem

  21. anonymous Says:

    this happens all the time
    it is dust between the camera and the subject
    the flash causes the dust particles to “bloom” in the picture

  22. Nobby Says:

    Dust settles. Orbs are the ghosthunter equivalent of dreamcatchers in shops which smell of patchouli.

  23. brian Says:

    Its dust, illuminated by the flash, and blurred into dots by the lens. Take a look at any picture taken at an indoor climbing gym, where there is a lot of chalk dust in the air. The bad pictures will be FILLED with these ‘orbs’ of chalk dust. You can get it or miss it depending on the flash timing.

  24. Merc Says:

    Orbs = dust

  25. Lee Says:

    This is just simply dust particles as other people have stated. iv created this type of picture before by banging a couple of cushions together in a dark room and then taking a picture with the flash on straight after. Try yourself then you end up with dozens of of ‘orbs’

  26. Kat Says:

    Anyone else see how the “orbs” are the exact same structure right down to the little mark in the middle. All of them. The same. Only difference is the size and brightness. I think complete fake added after. Even the distribution looks blatantly like a person did it.

    • mark Says:

      nahhhh i dont fake my photo’s – dust dust dust is that all you idiots can say i suppose there’s dust outside when photo’s have orbs OOPS i mean dust on the photo’s

  27. nightmaster Says:

    It`s only dust in the air.

  28. Siddharth Singh Says:

    I have the answer to this one.

    The photo which has the orbs has the pillar at closer location than the other one. With the flash doing its thing, dust particles reflected the light from both the flash and the reflection of the close wall, causing the orbs.

    This is common, and take about 20 photos with your digital cam in the dark, and you will have at least one with orbs in it.

    The REAL science of ghosts (where ghoss are actually explained) is here:–-ghostly-phenomenon-explained/

  29. Dave Says:

    If the “orb” photo was taken shortly after Aileen walked to the position shown, and the other photo was taken a short time (a few minutes) later, it is possible that Aileen caused dust to stir and rise into the air, which would reflect the light of the camera’s flash, appearing as “orbs”, and then by the time the subsequent picture was taken, the dust could have resettled and was no longer airborne.

    It is obvious that Aileen changed her position between the “orb” shot and the other shot, so evidently some time had elapsed between the shots which would have allowed the dust she stirred up to resettle.

    • mark Says:

      ok answer or try to explain this one how long does it take for DUST to settle

      • mark Says:

        oh yeah forgot to mention i took that photo from a landing looking through a window and got loads of orbs OOPS i mean dust bunched up in the top right hand of the corner. before my partner entered the room ( EXPLAIN THAT ONE MONKEY BOY ).

  30. rokkus Says:

    come on, honestly… this is about as ghostly as the dog photo where the ‘special’ people took photo’s infront of their glossy fireplace with the flashes on their cameras! dust dust dust dust

  31. mosey Says:

    this is become rediculas,Lol.
    every time someone sees an orb they think its a ghost.
    well if ghosts are nothing more then orbs, then thats a bit boring and no point finding them, as all we will get is orbs,Lol.

    plus what do these people do when they take a picture of the sun? call that a ghost as well? thats an orb and lights up,Lol.

  32. Brenda Says:

    not all orbs are dust or snow if it floats it the top are bottom it’s a orb but what a orb is good qustion.

    • tony spirtualist Says:

      thats right that is what is of big concern i think for the most part that orbs that dont have a foggy smoke like trail are good or confused orbs. Bad orbs are the ones that leave this smokey like trail which are not round.

  33. Brenda Says:

    not all orbs are dust or snow if it floats it the top are bottom it’s a orb but what a orb is good question

  34. Carolann & Jonathan Says:

    Nice to see photo’s of Craigmillar Castle. Love the place, and have been many times.

    We have hundreds of Orb photographs showing orbs in many different states, so we are not jumping on the “Its Dust” bandwagon.
    In our photographs, we have many orbs just like this, but also some that seem to show movement, Orbs that look like they are bent in half (most strange) and multi coloured orbs too.
    Now… we are willing to believe that it may be an issue with the camera, as we used an 2mp Olympus C-120 for a few years until recently when we upgraded to a 8.2mp Kodak camera, and have only had a couple in the last few months, but if anyone else can offer anything more than simply “Dust”, we would love to hear. never heard of a dust molecule folding in half.. have you ?

    • tony spirtualist Says:

      I agree with you guys. I have a 10.1 mp sony hd camera with a lot of features and i can tell you that i really dont want to hear about dust ive also have live video with moving orbs in different directions so i can tell you some explain the movement of these so called dust or light flash reflections when it comes to no flash on my video camera just night vision!!! no i never have heard of a dust molecule as a half moon.

  35. Anonymous Says:


  36. emma osley Says:

    just dust from the camera skrin

  37. Jay Says:

    This place has been on tv before im sure of it. Dust is the obvious cause, but i dont like to debunk. orbs are a more believable form of spirit.

  38. TOmaz Antonio Says:

    My cam always show pictures like this.

  39. Tody Says:

    It looks like water in the lens…

  40. CNS Says:


  41. Júlia Says:


  42. Anderson (From Brasil) Says:

    is very curious that all “ghosts” (come on!!!!) decided to simultaneously disappear just before the second picture is taken …. TRY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Daniela Says:

    what orbs are??

  44. Denise Says:

    come on! it’s flare! dust reflecting the flash light!

  45. Hélio Says:

    uma foto com flash e outra de longa exposição sem uso do flash.

  46. maru6987 Says:

    i think is a soul…

  47. Ylram Says:

    It’s just dust.

  48. Nika Says:

    i have no questons at all…i have few pictures like that one, ful of little and big orbs all over… i visited several underground cities here in Turkey and all it is about…is less light in those places, dust from the rocks and flash of the cam while taking the pic…;)

  49. maria virginia Says:

    i have a photo just like that,so i i have a gost photo!!!!(joke)
    it´s probably water or umidity and when you take the picture the fash reflectedin it

  50. Cintia Says:

    no ghost

  51. lethe Says:


  52. Holly Says:

    3 words… Dust Flash Reflection

  53. Lucpar Says:

    It’s called DUST!

  54. Diane Says:

    Definately dust particles. I blew dust from a table and took a pic, showed exactly as in theis pic. Try it!

  55. Bubba Says:

    as the skeptic guy said on a previous pic, light reflecting off of small particle sin the air

  56. mr w Says:

    my samsung camera does this wen lense is not clean or it is raining

  57. gazz Says:

    dust no ? anyone

  58. Chuzzy Says:

    Christmastime in ghost land eh!

  59. Deep Says:

    Something, somewhere is reflecting the flash back into the lens – notice how the orbs all have the same detail.

    Whatever reflected the flash in the first photo was clearly avoided in the second.

  60. Cly Says:

    Particles. Stop with the orb nonsense people please.

  61. LLTJ Says:

    My best friends 5yr old son has terminal cancer (he was given about a 8 months to live) and in the last 6 months these orbs have been appearing in photos around him and his family. Using all different cameras, night and day.

    While I would say not all orb photos can be real e.g. Dust. After seeing these orbs around this amazing little boy, I certainly have to question them.

  62. Clarence Birdseye Says:

    Dust. Suggesting that it is anything else is what makes it a fake.

  63. Vicky Says:

    light reflection from dust… and that is all she wrote.

  64. tony spirtualist Says:

    Indeed there are some believers and non believers but for sure i dont want to here the rubbish of a picture being taken one after another within seconds and one having orbs and one not having orbs i have taken pictures in my own house i feel chills on my neck in certain areas and that would be my point of interest and for sure orbs have appeared and dissapeared. I have been speaciliazing in ghost and spirts for the past 15 years so i can say that orbs on video are the best evidence to real orbs and other after life spirits and beings.

  65. mark Says:

    yeah i have orbs OOPS i rephrase that DUST ( as so many idiots think it’s dust ) taken on my camcorder but at the end of the day they are sceptics and you cant convince these idiots otherwise.

  66. mark Says:


    • ZeroCorpse Says:

      “Ghosthunting” IS boring. Anyone who obsesses over dust motes being illuminated by a flash is, at heart, an insanely dull person.

  67. jessica Says:

    Clean your camera lense

  68. wilhelmina Says:

    I have been to Graigmillar myself in 2007. I have experienced also some unexplainable things. Next to some shots with orbs. I also had a weird experience in the dungeon. When I entered it I felt a sudden rage inside, an unexplainable anger. Not because someone did or said something at that very moment which upsetted me, but because of all the unjustice which was done to the people who had suffered there. As soon as I left the dungeon the anger was gone in a instant.

  69. M. Lee Says:

    Lots of dust and dirt particles that are angry.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    This is caused by moisture from your breathing. Happens a lot in caves and cool areas. Next time hold your breath as you take the photo and you wont get the spots

  71. Anonymous Says:


  72. John Says:

    Dust doesn’t make sense. How come the area is dusty when the woman doesn’t move but reads and when she walks (and would emanate more dust), the dust is gone?

    These are spiritual matters and they are FAST. They checked her briefly out and left together.

  73. John Says:

    All these guys who say that these orbs are dust are afraid of orbs!


    This is interesting:

  74. Kimmie Weiss Says:

    I took a similar pic with a digital camera with a flash during a light drizzle. It is not ghosts. It is a reflection.

  75. takayo Says:

    If you’re going to devote your free waking life to photography, and are willing to tote a bag of gear and a tripod everywhere you go then by all means gear up with a DSLR, but before you do, get a good Prosumer camera

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Dude, thats dust

  77. Anonymous Says:

    somebody needs to clean their camera

  78. miz lucas Says:

    not the orbs again……. *facepalm*

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