Ghostly waiter

This from the person who sent it in:

The picture was taken at our graduation party. My friends and I were  the very first to enter the room, and when that picture was taken by my friend, there was clearly nobody close to us… no standing transparent old guy…


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50 Responses to “Ghostly waiter”

  1. Clive Says:

    It seems ghosts dress for the occasion now.. Well it was only time before they updated their wardrobes from flowing white capes and Victorian attire. Double exposure, or again, long exposure. Interestingly the background is smudged more than it would be with a large aperture, so it does suggest the foreground is lit with a flash, yet an open shutter to correct the rest of the exposure, leaving time for this smartly dressed “ghost” to pose.

  2. S.I.K. Says:

    Well, I have a piceture like that(transparent) and i didn’t do anything to the picture and the one who were in the picture was transparent.

  3. Mark Ribbands Says:

    Hand-held camera set to ‘night portrait’ mode. Long exposure (note the well-exposed reddish tungsten lighting on the rear wall) plus weak flash producing the cold lighting in the foreground.

    Standing ‘ghost’ moved away during the initial (non-flash) time exposure. The woman in red at the rear of the table was also moving – therefore she is also semi-transparent. The woman to the left with the white Pashmina moved her head from left to right before the flash fired – producing the ghostly outline of her ectoplasmic aura.

    I could go on, but even I’m geting bored with this one.

  4. Mute Says:

    Normal explanation, but not faked.

    When you go to a restaurant, you’ll notice that waiters are always on their toes moving around, taking one order then moving to the next table, bringing food, etc.

    So for waiters to be in the background of photographs is extremely common. He was in line of the photograph and then moved out of it during the exposure time. Thus creating the motion blur and see through form.

    He’s even dressed like a waiter.

    Not a ghost.

  5. Jacob Spinney Says:

    Is that Ian Rowland?! 🙂

  6. yawakas Says:

    its a fake ghost. sorry

  7. manigen Says:

    Mute’s right, he does look a lot like a waiter.

  8. Twytch Says:

    I think it may actually be a ghost.
    Sometimes people take so long to order that it is possible the poor chap expired while waiting for them to take pictures and order.

  9. ghosthunter Says:

    got to agree with Mark Ribbands

  10. Ed Says:

    He walked away during the exposure. You can see the shadow of his jacket and the dark outline of the drintk in his hand as it tracked across the image.

  11. Alex Says:

    Looks as if the photo were shot through glass and the waiter was in a lit area behind the photographer and reflected in the glass

  12. Atrueoriginall Says:

    I’ve accidentally taken many photos like that. The waiter being there would not be uncommon and chances are they really didn’t know he was there. As well, the waiter’s ghost who is a fair distance behind them is partially on the forehead of the woman in the brown dress. That’s the first thing I noticed. So unless parts of him can be in two places of the room at the same time then it’s an exposure problem and a very common one at that.

    What was most unusual however was why they took the picture with the woman sitting across the table with candelabras in her way – still sitting. She couldn’t have been in the shot much all without standing. Must have been an acquaintance I guess and not a friend. I hope she has new friends on order. 🙂

  13. Alan Says:

    Look carefully and the ghost has spectacles on (with the flash reflecting in one eye) and it also look like he is is holding a beer glass…….spooky

  14. Les Says:

    I voted Uncertain, but on second thoughts, it has to be a double exposure – otherwise, it’s just too good to be true!

  15. John Says:

    The guy looks nothing like a waiter but it is clearly a double/extended exposure.

  16. Ryan Says:

    double exposure.

  17. Peter Says:

    Mark Ribbands is right. Claerly a fake.

  18. Peter Says:

    Mark Ribbands is right. Clearly a fake.

  19. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Long exposure, he moved out of frame.

  20. Sally Says:

    Looks a little like a double exposure.

  21. Simon Says:

    What I like best about this “ghost” is that he appears to be holding a pint!

  22. Ann.Katie Says:

    yup, i agree to the guy on floor 6, it’s a fake ghost.

  23. CaPs Says:

    AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH a drunken ghost

  24. Gost Buster Says:

    the gate of the hell are opened

  25. Anderson (From Brasil) Says:

    My God … it´s so ridiculous very much …. the “lady in red” in “transparent”, like the “ghost” … COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Denise Says:

    doble exposure. part of the “ghost” is in front of woman’s head at the right side of the picture.

  27. tania Says:

    Dupla exposição

  28. t.opus Says:

    I think all that persons are ghosts

  29. Ylram Says:

    Or, double exposure.

  30. Nika Says:

    Thats only ghosty effect on a guy behind…means somthing had to lighten him from behind and than taking the snap with the flash nad night or indoor exposer…than we have a ghost effect. Just last week i took a pic of my friend …there was a huge bright slide show screen with slides going on in behind him …my friend appear to have a ghosty head! the second snap and he was half ghost…;) strange but funny…i took the photo with olympus e 520 🙂

  31. Evil Dwarf Says:

    its the ghost waiter… he will serve you well on your last dinner! muuaaahahaha!

  32. Cintia Says:

    wow…it´s a ghost beautiful dressed for the occasion…hahaha…


  33. Darren - GRI Says:

    Effect known as “flash ghosting” or “dragging the shutter”

    The flash time is typically 1/1000th of a second. This has successfully lit the subjects and only partly impacted on the background. The shutter however has remained opened for a period of time continuing the exposure using the ambient light. This has allowed the background which was less impacted by the flash to expose over a longer time period. Any motion encountered during this is effectively “ghosted” hence the term “flash ghosting”.

    This can be quite unintentional as the camera attempts to automatically create an acceptable image in low light conditions, or the camera can be intentionally set to obtain the effect. The image contains no EXIF data so it is difficult to ascertain the exact settings used.

    Also see:

  34. Paul Says:

    since when do waiters drink during serving???

  35. Deep Says:

    Yes, like others have said, could be a waiter that ducked out of the way fast – there is a smudge above the ladies head that suggests some movement. It doesn’t look like a double exposure to me – you usually get quite a few other features not just the one figure.

  36. Kitsuné Says:

    I know a long exposure when I see one. Note how the people supposed to be in the picture where they have moved have left little red trails?

    I think they had someone come in and pose and then move. I can see the trail where he came in / left. Either that or someone was standing there and moved mid-shot and nobody noticed him. He is wearing a modern suit, and looks like he’s holding a glass. He’s probably just walking around drinking.

  37. Chuzzy Says:

    This one sure likes to party!

  38. liz Says:

    Anybody else notice that the chair right in front of the camera is pushed out and empty? Its because the ‘ghost’ has gotten up out of his chair and walked arount the table to be in the photograph!!

  39. Wil.E.Coyote Says:

    I’m glad to see that ‘Ghosts’ enjoy a pint as much as we do!!

    Definite double exposure, this from a professional Photographer and Photo Lab owner of 40 yrs standing.

  40. Vicky Says:

    I remember that ghost waiter!

    I ordered the entree special with a side salad and I’m still waiting for my order! No gratuity for you!!!

  41. Schouw Says:

    Double exposure! if you look a little further to the right, you can also see the bare shoulder of a woman next to him – looks like a “table shot” where thw “ghost” is saluting the photograper 🙂

  42. Bekki Says:

    Did you remember to tip him afterwards?

  43. scott Says:

    Well if that’s the waiter, he’s drinking on the job. Maybe a ghost who likes to imbibe!

  44. Jim Says:

    This is going to sound completely unbelievable, but I know exactly what this is, because I was there! The “ghost” in the picture is me!!! I even recognize the tie I was wearing (Tommy Hilfiger, BTW) To my recollection, this was a wedding my ex-wife dragged me to before we were even dating for a month. The wedding was held not far(maybe 20 mins. from her house in Nassau county NY on long Island in the spring of 1991 (note the bad hair)

    I don’t recognize any of the people there by name, though The gentleman in front of me looks very familiar, as does the tacky decorations and motif of the place. Red tablecloths for a wedding reception, come on!

    I can’t believe I just stumbled upon this . . too funny!!

    • Shaggy Says:

      It’s ok Jimi because the folks you were interrupting did not remember you either which later made you an old waiter ghost unfortunately. Please forgive them.They just forgot to eat after drinking all those bottles of wine.

  45. M. Lee Says:

    Well, there you have it folks. It’s Jim! His wedding decor was tacky too. Now he’s divorced!

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