Ghost in car

This from the person who sent it in:

Hi i´m from Mexico. A friend of mine tried to sell his old car and took a pic of it in order to post it in a web page. Obviously no one was around of it , later my friend was scanning photos in his PC and suddenly he noticed something weird on the left mirror of the car , he did a zoom and found a face. As you can see nobody was around and somebody needs to be in front of the mirror and very close in order to reflect anything.



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62 Responses to “Ghost in car”

  1. Atrueoriginall Says:

    It’s his word against ours. I say he probably knew that someone was near by who ended up in the photo accidentally and they thought it would make a great ghost photo. If the face had no features or hair then – well, need I say more. 🙂

  2. PDR Says:

    one of those stick on wide angle convex mirrors

    • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

      Or simply a photo stuck on the head rest? Very easy to do. Look at what the young girls managed to do with little cardboard cut-outs of fairies 75 yrs ago. Fooled everyone.

  3. shaun Says:


  4. JustSyd Says:

    It’s a reflection of the headrest. Nothing more.

  5. Bob Says:


  6. WPW Says:

    Light and shadows , its just reflecting the headrest

  7. Les Says:

    Pity a close-up wasn’t provided. Nevertheless, I have to agree it is most probably a trick of the light.

  8. ems Says:

    With the angle of the mirror the person would have to have been sitting in the drive seat.

    I believe it is a real ghost.

    • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

      Or a photo attached to the head rest perhaps?

      • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

        Anyone seen the Columbo episode where he wore a cut-out face and had his pic taken to make it look like someone else was driving. Same kind of thing.

  9. Peter Says:

    SO easy to fake. Just stick a photo onto the mirror.

  10. Noel Says:

    It’s a reflection of the headrest

  11. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Not a face. Just a reflection/trick of the light.

  12. Sally Says:

    A reflection of something, but not a person’s face.

  13. markribbands Says:

    Yes, Peter, thank you for wielding Occam’s Razor.

    Maybe deliberately faked by sticking a picture on the driver’s headrest, then adjusting the camera position until it looks right.

    Although as others have said, I’m not convinced it’s the reflection of a human face at all: cover the dark ‘eyes’ and the illusion disappears.

  14. Ironicsky Says:

    Take a look at the lamp post. Its narrower in the Window then it is above the window. This leads me to believe someone was sitting there and was edited out

  15. Anonymous Says:

    “he did a zoom” hehehe. Shopped, and badly.. look at detail through the windscreen.. or lack of it

  16. Boris Says:

    “He did a zoom” ahaha. Shopped, badly.. look at detail through windscreen, or lack there of!

  17. Trick Says:

    This is a fake or else a trick of light. I wish it was blown up more, but she doesnt have a normal mouth, so something is definately amiss.

  18. Jonathan H. Says:


  19. mosey Says:

    100% fake,Lol.

  20. Meme Says:

    Hi. I took this picture 10 years ago and nobody was inside of the car and if you see the angle of the faces is a Woman out of the car and close to the mirror, I was alone when taking the photo, no photoshop…..

    • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

      Hi. You may have already seen my replies above. But a cut out of a face stuck to the headrest is very plausable and that’s what I think it is. Why would you take a picture of a car anyway, unless you’re selling it of course?

  21. ghostly hallow Says:

    ghosts do not have a reflection so picture is false

    • Danny Says:

      Ghosts don’t have a reflection? Where did you pull that pearl from? The movies?

      The stupidity of some of the comments on here is beyond belief

  22. YS Says:


  23. Jay Says:

    angle and scale looks real. picture looks genuine from a person who loves their car. its an image of a person in the car for sure because you can see the headrest behind its neck. who says ghosts can not have a reflection? movies? in many cultures, mirrors are a gateway to the soul, its probably higher on chance that a spook may appear in one.
    Dont just debunk.

  24. MV Says:

    Don’t believe science of everything ,it can kill you

  25. serginho Says:

    for me, the photographer glued the photo of a face on the glass of the rear-view mirror, since same it does not appear in the central rear-view mirror, inside the car.

  26. Anderson (From Brasil) Says:

    Oh my God …. it´s terrible! (ahahahahahahah).

    If the “ghost” is driving, how he´s lookin extatly from camera???

    It´s a real “another mistery”!!!!!!!!!! No, no ….. it´s ridiculous.

  27. anonymous Says:

    What I think is, he took pictures with nobody in the car and other with someone in the driver sit. Scanned both and zoomed the one wish he had taken with someone in….

  28. THIAGO Says:


  29. Anonymous Says:

    Essa sim esta muito estranha!

  30. Ylram Says:


  31. Evil Dwarf Says:

    Ugly Betty reflecting on the mirror… if that’s not spooky, then nothing more can be!

  32. faultyy Says:

    She’s just ducking down behind the headrest and the mirror is adjusted

  33. gnome Says:

    faked. without looking at the larger image underneath it took me ages to try and work out where this “ghost” was ment to be. who is going to notice such a fine detail when looking at a picture of their car…..

  34. Anonymous Says:

    everyones saying this is a fake its the only one on here that made me go cold. if it isnt real hats off to you for making it so ghostly, well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    it appears to be a reflection off of the dash of the car, as it looks like the “ghosts mouth” are gauges. I may be wrong though.

  36. Bubba Says:

    she sure is ugly

  37. Chuzzy Says:

    Nice try!

  38. lazydayz2001 Says:

    Who ever drove the car to this point is still in the vehical but has mearly ducked down while the photo was taken or it slight of build so can not be seen fron this angle

  39. Cly Says:

    Pareidolia explains this one easily.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    its a cool pic but it could be fake

  41. Danny Says:

    I guess Pareidolia explains them all doesn’t it. Maybe when you see a ghost yourself you may realise that not everyone is faking. It is such a shame there has been so many fakes because even if there is ever incontrovertible evidence of ghosts it will still be dismissed. It is of my opinion that ghosts do not necessarily have exact human form. A lot of these pictures are clearly fakes but there are much better ghost pictures that are less explainable than these ones. Also it is possible to test digital photographs to see if they have been altered. It would be hand if whoever is doing this could give us the results of such tests

  42. tyler carter Says:

    u think people will belaeth that god {:[

  43. tyler carter Says:

    u think people will belaeth that god }-]

  44. tyler carter Says:

    u think people will belaeth that god its fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. tyler carter Says:

    the tooth fairy is easy a to beleath

  46. tyler carter Says:

    but a ghost cum on

  47. Dave Says:

    I vote photoshop, if you zoom in to the area where the person would be sat, you can clearly make out where the lamp post has been inserted and the road in the background has been smudged to cover a person sat there. You can also see where the steering wheel has been redone cause it’s not quite round on the right hand edge. And if you look carefully at the extreme left of the windscreen top and left hand side, I’m pretty sure there’s a bluey-green sunshine strip which has miraculously disapearred in the back of where someone would normally be sat.

  48. Unique Says:

    Dominic Hopkirk Says:

    March 27, 2009 at 5:23 pm | Reply
    Or simply a photo stuck on the head rest? Very easy to do. Look at what the young girls managed to do with little cardboard cut-outs of fairies 75 yrs ago. Fooled everyone.

    you believe this do you how come no one ever relised that the fairies were not cardboard cutouts somebody printed the cardboard faries in the first place. 75 years later the same women say it was fake don’t make sense anyone know where the cardboard images came from was it a cereal box or something? unless the girls were expert printers with their own printing press it don’t make sense!

  49. Pan Says:

    It’s a cast member from Zombieland pasted on the mirror..

  50. M. Lee Says:

    Is that Vanessa Redgrave?

  51. 10年01月30日第三十一期: 鬼 « 兩周一聚 Says:

    […] 註: 本期 banner 相片由浪子M提供,按此看來源。 […]

  52. coollayo Says:

    HOLY CRAP!!! ITS A PARKED CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TERRIFYING!!!!!!!

  53. Rosie Says:

    It’s a photoshopped image of the girl from The Exorcist.

  54. Hue Janus Says:

    I own a cursed Yamaha…

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