Big meeting

This from the person that sent it:

I hope that you find this photo interesting.  It was taken at a Christian meeting in Africa and pictures the Holy Spirit-the Spirit of God.  Book of Acts chapter 2 verses 1-4 may provide more information.


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73 Responses to “Big meeting”

  1. Snooper Says:

    Low-light photo taken at night with a giant bright screen nearby. Fake.

  2. Mark Ribbands Says:

    Long exposure plus flash: light trails from camera motion.

  3. Mute Says:

    It’s not fake. It’s just not paranormal.

    Like Mark said above. A long exposure taken at night with motion on the camera. I’ve seen this effect hundreds of times when taking photographs of my own.

  4. jon Says:

    yup…long exposure at night with a bright light in the vicinity and everyones waving their arms about therefore the image looks a bit weird…you can get the same effect on a phone if you set it to night mode.

  5. Jeffymgoon Says:

    Praaaaaise god its a miracle!

  6. Damian Elsen Says:

    Just shows that people will see what they want to see. Hallelujah!

  7. Prince of darkness Says:

    So god is a ghost now? interesting.

    • Pan Says:

      It’s not an implication of God being a ghost.. it’s a suggestion of the holy spirit.. and a repeat of this incident from the bible..

      1When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. 2Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. 3They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. 4All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues[a] as the Spirit enabled them.

  8. manigen Says:

    As Mark said, it looks like a long exposure used with a flash, and I’m guessing it was taken on a digital camera because a lot of them do that automatically. The flash gives a static, clear image of the foreground, and then the shutter stays open to record detail from the low light areas in the background. The person holding the camera lets it drop, not realising that the shutter is still open, and all the light sources in the photo leave a trail as the camera moves.

    • markribbands Says:

      On some cameras it’s called ‘Night portrait’ mode.

      Thanks for the full version. I couldn’t be bothered! 🙂

      • tuell Says:

        No I can’t be bothered either. This is becoming tedious. I’m going to take some long exposures tonight, post them hare as genuine “ghost”photos and watch everyone get frothy…

  9. Twytch Says:

    There is no ghost of god there..its simply just a happy get together in hell.
    “whoopee I can now roast marshmallows on my head… yeah!”

  10. pabgus Says:

    i think there may be two posibilities of it. one as said before a long exposure with flash, but silhouettes of people are to sharp. the second alternative is some efect of refraction. if they were in a closed room or hall, it could be possible an accumulation of perspiration, and other vapors that could become visible with the light of that thing that seems to be a projector screen. shurely those people were perspirating and that could be those estrange yellow-orenged ligths in the image. i think is the same efect used to make stills of cigarette’s smoke. a light oppositing camera with smoke or vapor in the middle may cause refractions and make brilliant like fire that smoke.

  11. pabgus Says:

    i think there may be two posibilities of it. one as said before a long exposure with flash, but silhouettes of people are to sharp. the second alternative is some efect of refraction. if they were in a closed room or hall, it could be possible an accumulation of perspiration, and other vapors that could become visible with the light of that thing that seems to be a projector´s screen. shurely those people were perspirating and that could be those estrange yellow-oranged ligths in the image. i think is the same efect used to make stills of cigarette’s smoke. a light oppositing camera with smoke or vapor in the middle may cause refractions and make brilliant like fire that smoke.

  12. JusticeB Says:

    Camera motion. Because it was at night the camera shutter was open longer. The camera was moving while the shutter first opened then was held still to get a sharper image of the dark objects: people. Take a photography class!

  13. Ken Evans Says:

    So, God shows up at some little house party in Africa but just up the road allows thousands of babies every day to perish of easily curable diseases.


    Looks like an exposure where the flash has frozen some movement near the camera but the shutter was open long enough to capture additional bright lights in the scene which have smeared.

  14. Atrueoriginall Says:

    That picture will probably be worshiped by those in attendance and then they’ll burn the lady with the purple dress on after they accuse her of witchcraft. 🙂

    I’ll go with flash/long exposure but it would be nice to have exif data on these pix. I would never present a pix without exif data. It more easily separates the wheat from the chaff.

  15. Bob Says:

    Long exposure. Over-the-top obvious fake.

    Nice attempt to try and validate some b/s christian ideology.

    This photo is about as real as god.

  16. WPW Says:

    Fake, badly as well, they even called it last scan 🙂 no way it was an accident, they do nt merge and do not curve like bad refraction

  17. Les Says:

    Wow… thought this was supposed to be a comment about the photos and not an oppurtunity to bash Christianity.

    As a Christian I agree that this is just an effect of the lights and that there is nothing more to the photo than that.

  18. Les Says:

    And Bob… one doesnt need fake lights to validate Christianity.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    bişeyy yojkkkk

  20. Ryan Says:

    I wonder if there’s any chance the camera was moving from right to left a split second before the photo was snapped. I’ve had this happen a multitude of times in my digital camera-ing. Seriously… these are supposed to be some of the best photos that were submitted? Oy.

  21. Paolo Says:

    Out of all the people in the room, why would God want to have anything to do with an ugly fat heifer like that?

  22. pawn Says:

    Lots of Christian hate here. I’m sorry you guys had a bad experience.

    I can buy the trick of the light explanation, but I can’t seem to find any similar picks using an image search? Does anyone know of a site where something like this is common? Even reproducible.

  23. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Long exposure, bright light, moved the camera.

  24. Sally Says:

    If “film” was used, it looks like the film was damaged. Check the wavering, uneven edge at the top of the image.
    Another explanation may be – when photographing directly into bright light, all sorts of strange images can occur through a camera lens.

  25. Merc Says:

    Long exposure

  26. UseCommonSense Says:

    You mean someone actually sent this in THINKING IT WAS SUPERNATURAL????? Get some common sense. Light can be manipulated just by shaking the camera ever so slightly. The same as when you photograph moving headlights on a car at night.

  27. Lee Says:

    I agree with others, light trails due to longer shutter time required.

  28. Simon Says:

    Long exposure

  29. Kat Says:

    Did they actually just quote the Bible for more info??!! FFS!!! Ridiculous. The fact that the person is so matter of fact that this is the holy ghost is laughable. There is nothing to prove that that is the case and I agree it’s just poor photography.

  30. realghost Says:

    give me PHOTOSHOP. then i’ll give u millions of same flare pics that u’ve posted. 😀

    stupid as%H@#$ don’t bash any religions,especially Christiany. 😛

  31. mosey Says:

    this one is funny,Lol.
    we all know its fake, but, if you believe its real then
    that looks like fire coming of the bodys, so either God burns hes followers souls, or Satan is there.
    i think you went to the wrong party, God didnt join you, Satan did,Lol.

  32. Anise76 Says:

    Here’s a similar picture I took a couple of years ago. No ghosts, no supernatural causes, just me falling off an 18-inch high parapet when trying to take a picture of Vancouver’s Science World when lit up at night. Long exposure meaning the aperture was open throughout my fall produced the effect.

  33. Adam Says:

    To be frank that flames look kind of evil.
    Not having a dig, but it looks down right demonic.

    I sure as heck would not want to be there.

    That aside I’d say some of sort of lens flare and dirty lens combination.
    Light reflecting of smears on the lens etccc

  34. Marshall Says:

    very nice photo sooooo cweet

  35. Marshall Says:

    any sexy ghost photo.

  36. Marshall Says:

    give me ghost fucking photo

  37. Jay Says:

    Most of these comments are ignorant, childish and disrespectful. I hope you enjoy being that person because it will come full circle.

    If all you come here to make fun of what people believe, then you lead a very sad life, and I realise why most of you can only debunk.

  38. Ana Chaves Says:

    This is not fake. It is normal in a enviroment like a church to have energy levels that are extremely high! Pelople who can see aureas, will see this very clearly. Depending on the intensity of the energy surrounding us, the cameras will always pic up the diferent aureas colours.

  39. Cami Says:

    It’s pure Photoshop!

  40. adriano Says:

    eu acredito

  41. sckrap Says:

    It is real manifestation of evil spirits as these pentecostal “holy ghost” meetings are not following biblical principals. They open people up to satan.

  42. Fabricio Says:

    pega fogo bixarada…..sauhsauhashuashuasuhashushu

  43. Denise Says:

    you’ll have better photos using higher speed and wider aperture.

  44. t.opus Says:

    Where is the ghost? the fat woman?

  45. Nika Says:

    apocaliptic …;) i like that photo although it s a fake one 🙂

  46. Evil Dwarf Says:

    oh my God, ohh my GOOD! They are burning!!! O.o
    Lets roast some marshmallows… =)

  47. emi Says:


  48. Darren - GRI Says:

    Most modern cameras undertake a balancing act to automatically get acceptable shots in many conditions – however most fall down in low light situations.
    Although the image contains no EXIF data I suspect the camera has automatically given an excessive exposure time.
    After the flash fired (typically 1/1000th second) the shutter remained opened for a short time, shooting in the dark. Even slight camera movement would force any points of light to trail. It is common for the photographer to move the camera downward after the flash, thinking the shot is over, with most exposures ranging from 1/2 – 4 seconds.
    A tripod would prevent the camera moving, increasing the cameras ISO setting or opening the aperture would force a reduction in the shutter speed.

    Also see: for other photos showing the effect.

  49. David Says:

    Photoshopped if you ask me.

  50. Snark Says:

    Is this what bible bashers have to resort to these days!

  51. Chuzzy Says:

    Doesn’t say anything about tongues of fire on shoulders though!

  52. Cly Says:

    Long exposure, crappy photo.

  53. Clarence Birdseye Says:

    Looks like Jesus.

    Oh, sorry, wrong forum.

  54. Mammoth Says:

    You all believe in ghosts, but not god? Call yourselves supersticious?? You mortals amuse me.

    • ZeroCorpse Says:

      I think the point here is that most of us DON’T believe in ghosts, and at least a large number find God to be apocryphal.

  55. ZeroCorpse Says:

    And yeah… Right… The “Holy Spirit” is now posing for pictures.

    Reaching much to support your beliefs?

  56. Clarence Birdseye Says:

    Amusing. People believe that they can telepathically communicate with an incorporeal being of higher intelligence. And that whatever results, whether positive or negative, is ipso facto, proof of the existence of this being. And that, somehow, this all wise being cannot (though it demands a fawning grovelling) manage to clearly provide proof of it’s existance nor a clear set of rules.

    Amazing stuff.

  57. M. Lee Says:

    Road Apples!

  58. Slade Hurd Says:

    My friend actually took this. It was done on a digital camera. She took it and it actually did not show until she got back to america.

  59. joe maluco Says:


  60. Brent Says:

    I have seen instant Polariod film do this when it goes bad. Had a batch of this once and had a lot of fun with it.

  61. Kimmie Weiss Says:

    No doubt they are all extreme sinners and so they appear with flames coming out of their heads….

  62. Rafael Says:

    I believe in God, I believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I believe in Him and I have felt His presence as a consuming fire inside of me and surrounding me as well.
    However, concerning this photo, it doesnt show anything out of the ordinary. This camera effect has happened millions of times when somebody uses night-mode in a compact.
    Let us not have our faith blind us, or we might be easily misled into the dark ways .

  63. alice Says:

    This is nothing ‘spooky’ and there is a normal explanation for this.
    If any of you will do yourselfs a favour and read one of
    Mary K Baxter’s books, you will understand what this picture represents.
    Read Revelations of Angels, or any of her “Revelation’ books.
    I dare you if you, let see if you will make fun after this…

  64. Shaggy Says:

    Great picture. I like how the light looks like fire burning off the people. I guess they need to pray harder. Amen

  65. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like you’re all going to burn in hell.

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