Ghost in white

This from the person that sent it in….

This photo was taken a few years ago now by a pupil at my ex girlfriends school. It would have gone unnoticed but I have always had a keen intrest in paranormal photographs and knew as soon as I saw it there was something unique about it. I contacted the institute of the paranormal at the time and they agreed that it was a strong picture.  I have since done further investigation into this and have come up with the name Mary Blandy a ghost who apparently haunts Henley. The thing I find most odd about this pic and what has always sent a chill down my spine is the way you can almost make out the features of the figure but the more you zoom in the more distant it becomes. Also take note of the hands which appear to be tied together. I consider this and a pic I just saw on your site of the child peering through the legs  as two of the best ghost pics I have ever seen. I look forward to hearing your opinion. If you get a moment google Mary Blandy for some history on the alleged spectre.


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64 Responses to “Ghost in white”

  1. jon Says:

    i can only presume the description is talking about the woman in white to the left of the girls head! not to be a total sceptic but thats just a person who was in the room and looked at the camera. there doesn’t appear to be anything ghostly about it!!

  2. Mute Says:

    Oh PLEASE.

    So now a person in the background of a photograph constitutes as a ‘ghost’?

    When I first saw the image I thought the ghost was the low light camera malfunction that I’ve seen on cameras before’. But when I realised you were talking about the person in the background, dear god. It’s just a normal person in a long white coat! Worst photo yet.

    Not a ghost.

  3. Kate Says:

    Just looks like a person in the background to me. The picture is a bad reproduction generally and I don’t think that any purported ghost is there.

  4. Kevan Says:

    I think she’s just holding a handbag, there.

    “The way you can almost make out the features of the figure but the more you zoom in the more distant it becomes” happens with any small, pixelated picture of a human face. Try looking at a background figure in a newspaper photo.

  5. Alex Pryce Says:

    hmmmm. That’s pretty much all I can say.

  6. Jonathan Says:

    While I agree that the dress may not have been the most appropriate or ‘period’ piece for the dance that they were at, this seems to be either the most condensed full-bodied apparition, or, as is more likely the case, simply a female at the dance that decided to come to the dance in an off-white dress.

  7. Dave Says:

    wasted my time looking at this one

  8. Jobless Col Says:

    Well althogh i understand where everyones coming from…

    …i also think.. im not so skeptical.. yet..

    ..also has any1 noticed the strange light force emminating from the ‘lady in white’ directly up to the strange angelic “fairy-like” annomoly in the top left corner??

    ..Im not so fast to call this a fake. Just my opinion

  9. Mark Ribbands Says:

    A sartorial abomination.

  10. Prince of darkness Says:


  11. manigen Says:

    Jobless, was that a joke? The fairy-like anomoly is a light fitting.

  12. Jobless Col Says:

    Hi Manigen, no actually it wasnt a joke, it was late when i commented maybe my eyes were playing me up after hours on my PC. Its just that theres no other light fittings, and i cant see where the lights attatched to???

    Maybe its just me looking too hard eh??

    Anyway have a good wkend :o)

  13. Twytch Says:

    This is not a ghost.
    The poor girl in the back ground just needs to get some time under the sun
    and stop wearing the bedsheets.

  14. manigen Says:

    Cheers Jobless. It’s tough to tell the shape of the room, because the photo is so grainy, but I think that the ceiling is low in the background, where there seems to be some sort of entrance, and then rises up. You can see light fittings on the lower ceiling, but you can only see a little of the upper ceiling, hence the single light. All the lights are giving off similar halos and flares, but the high-up one is pointed more directly at the camera, so there’s more or a flare.

    Or at least that’s what it looks like to me. And you have a good weekend too.

  15. nikki Says:


  16. nikki Says:

    anybody noticed how most female ghosts are nard Mary?

  17. Steve Says:

    I’ve looked at this picture quite a lot.

    Not because there’s a ghost in it, but because the woman in the foreground is absolutely gorgeous.

  18. JustSyd Says:

    It’s a crappy cellphone pic. I have dozens just like it.

  19. Bob Says:

    This photo was a waste of my f-ing time.

    Background people aren’t ghosts dumbass.

  20. Alan Says:

    Nikki – I haven’t noticed that most female ghosts are nard Mary. Who’s she?…………..

  21. Les Says:

    It doesn’t look as if the “ghostly” figure was in the original photo at all – the perspective looks rather suspicious. Strong chance this was an inadvertent double exposure.

  22. Ryan Says:

    Looks like this “ghost” is hugging some dude whose head is between hers and the chick in the foreground. Come on, people! If we’re going to be convinced there’s ghosts, I want something that can be mildly convincing!

  23. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Person with questionable fashion sense in background.

  24. Sally Says:

    The photo doesn’t look unusual – just someone in the background in a long white dress. Person who submitted this didn’t take the photo, so probably didn’t see the scene.

  25. aPerson Says:

    The person that sent this in IS AN IDIOT.

  26. Simon Says:

    This website is a lot of fun! Haven’t seen any ghosts yet though, I’m quite disappointed.

  27. Holly Says:

    double exposure maybe? like two pictures on one photo, when it fails to move the film along..?

  28. Indra Says:

    Dawn French?

  29. emma osley Says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha the object just a woman…kids also can explaint it.very funny.

  30. Jay Says:

    residual ghost is highly possible. either its a toga party or you might be onto something there. if this Mary Blandy, is well known there and has been witnessed before.

    P.S for those of you who dont know what a residual haunting is, i will explain.
    Its when a spirit entity returns to a moment when the person was alive and ‘re-lives’ it over and over. Normally its a bad moment which would scar the person mentaly and emotionally. sometimes the action before deadth, sometimes not. If mary had a bad day (explaining the tied hands) her spirit may be re-living it in your picture.

    Debunkers are boring.

  31. Darlon Says:

    Booooooring! Please what a waste of time looking at this one. Is that robust lady in white suppose to be a ghost?

  32. Fabio Says:

    Is she the gost?

  33. Tania (Brazil) Says:

    Eu acredito que é um fantasma mesmo. A roupa de epoca. Onde uma sobreposição de imagem conseguiria um traje assim?

  34. Davi Braid Says:

    Quite interesting because of the clothes. Why can’t ghost be like that instead of semi-invisible?! We don’t actually know what we’re dealing with.
    I don’t usually believe this pics, but it does look like the only thing I’ve seen I kind believe it was supernatural, but I’m still not sure and will never be.

    Nowadays, images can’t be used to prove anything.

    Too bad.

  35. Cintia Says:

    only someone wanting to appear … and not´s the ghost

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t believe it is a ghost. By the expression of the body, it looks like someone who is trying to get out of the line of the camera. This fast movement and the bright light above have caused the light and blu in the picture.

  37. Funn Lim Says:

    Photoshopped. This I am convinced is fake.

  38. Nancy Says:

    im not sure-this may be gebuine. why would she wear those kind of clothes-who in their right mind would? its interesting.

  39. David Says:

    over exposure where a lady is walking in the background is caught at just the right point. It is a fluke thats all.

  40. Deep Says:

    I would say this is just a women in the background, if it wasn’t for what’s she’s wearing. What IS she wearing? Is that why you questioned it? What event is it. Would anyone attend the event dressed like that? I need to know more before I can form an opinion on this!

  41. Chuzzy Says:

    Since when did short women wearing white frocks become ghosts?

  42. Cly Says:

    It’s a woman in the background looking towards the camera.

    Errr…………………………………….? What a ridiculous upload.

  43. Vicky Says:

    I don’t know which is more scary – the “ghost” or that horrible 70s school-marm white dress she’s wearing. The dress will definitely give me nightmares. Uuuughhhh!!!

  44. Vicky Says:

    Someone’s taking the piss….

  45. jim bob Says:

    birds fit though

  46. chris Says:

    The face looks like me, except I NEVER wear white, and I’ve never been to Henley.
    Altho I must admit, sometimes I feel very ghostly.

  47. Lizzie Says:

    This is my friend in this picture and it is not a fake, nor a photoshop job, nor is it a double exposure. It was taken on a mobile phone so can’t be a double exposure and my friend has no idea how to use photoshop!

    Also, Who wears an outfit like that round henley?! Have you people actually had a look at this picture properly! look at the outfit!! I think they wouldv’e noticed someone dressed like that in a local pub!!

  48. storm Says:

    hmmmm. the more i look at this picture, the more it freaks me out! If this is not a photoshop (surely not all the pictures on here can be?) then i agree, it is a very strange outfit- who would wear that to a pub in Henley? Surely they would have remembered seeing a woman walkin round like that on a night out?

    It does look like her hands are tied together at the front…more to this one than I first thought!

  49. Barry Says:

    You musn’t laugh – this is a REAL GHOST! I went to this school and there was a teacher called Nard Mary who killed herself by eating a dog. Every year since that awful day she has appeared to one person at the school disco, and if that person doesn’t send the photograph to 10 of their friends within a week, then they will receive a mysterious telephone call and be eaten by a Japanese girl who comes out of their telly. IT IS TRUE.

  50. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Yep. As all “ghost hunters” would have you believe, clothes have a soul and go into the afterlife with you when you die.

    The ghost lady in the picture was 28 when she died. Her frock was 6.

  51. M. Lee Says:

    OK, maybe. What I’d really like to know is how you kill yourself by eating a dog. Swallowed whole? Also, it is very rare foe a ghost to have flesh color and something to be a little suspicious of.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    It seems to me that it’s just another person walking by when the photo was taken. It seems to me that people are formally dress the young girl in the photo looks to have a little black dress on. The alleged ghost has a white gown on. I don’t see where the hands are tied. How do you know if the lady wasn’t a living person? The photo was taken by your EX GIRLFRIENDS PUPIL? If that isn’t stretching I don’t know what is! Were you behind the camera? Did you attend the party? Did you have full access to the guest list? Generally if the ghost in question looks too good to be true than maybe… it is!

  53. Anonymous Says:


  54. Erkki Says:

    Why would a person dress herself with an old carpet?
    It must be a genuine ghost 😛

  55. Victor Says:

    Lovely looking lady! The one in front, not the ghost thingy.

  56. marjorie cahill Says:

    i agree the lady should have lost some weight, but was mary blandy heavy and thats why she was unmarried and her father offered such a large dowry? but i do not see the hands being tied i think she is holding something with a tassel on it !

  57. Erkki Says:

    The picture is dated 2005:03:11:23:43:22
    What camera was used?

  58. Shaggy Says:

    Amazing how Mary is so photogenic and notices the camera. Now unfortunatley Mary will be overweight forever.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    its just a fat lady in a white dress not a ghost

  60. pistoresi Says:

    I have learn quite a few excellent products here. Absolutely price tag social bookmarking regarding revisiting. I’m wondering exactly how much effort you’d put to develop this excellent educational web page.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    The ‘ghost’ is a woman sitting down (no doubt at a table) wearing a light top with her light-coloured coat slung over the back of the chair. It’s plain to see.

    … and it’s not a ‘period’ costume.

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