Ghost in the well

This from the person who sent it in:

These pictures were taken to see the brickwork in a well in a small village in rural France which was occupied by Nazi’s during the war. The majority of the photo’s just show the outline of the person holding the lid open when the photo was taken, but on one I thought I saw something strange, I looked into the water and there was nothing so I continued to take photos.  When I left the well and looked at the photo’s one of them had the appearance of a face.


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65 Responses to “Ghost in the well”

  1. Terry Speed Says:

    Could this be a mere reflection from the camera flash or the reflection of clouds from above?

  2. Finbarr M Says:

    I think if it’s genuine, it’s just a reflection on the sky on the surface of water.

  3. jon Says:

    if you tell yourself it’s a face it will become a face! it could be any number of things including as the two posts above say.

  4. Mute Says:

    Light reflected in the water from either the flash or the sky.

    A dropped stone or debris causes a ripple in the water warping the reflection.

    Not a ghost.

  5. Sharon Says:

    Isnt the brightness of the ghost too bright for something at the bottom of a well? Also, the circles around the face are perfect which makes me think man-made. I think photoshop.

  6. Arno Says:

    A dropped stone in water, causing tons of ripples and airborne water particles that can reflect light. The human imagination does the rest.

  7. Jobless Col Says:

    Hi, i think this is very interesting, the one guy states that if you tell youself its a face then it will become a face.

    Well surely that works the other way too, if you’r not prepared to open you’r mind and believe then you will never believe…

    ..In other words to some people – even if a ghost/entity came and slapped you around the face, you’d STILL try and find a way to denie it.

    (to the photographer…WELL DONE)

    • Little man being erased Says:

      Doesn’t that work the other way around also?
      if you are eager to see/find ghosts.. you’ll sure be finding alot of them everywhere 🙂

      on the pic.. i don’t think it’s fake. just some reflections on the surface. that’s all.

    • Monk Says:

      Idiot. The human brain is hard-wired to spot faces, and if something remotely resembles facial features, the brain fills in the gaps automatically. That’s why so many gullible people claim to see effagies of their gods in toast, trees, crisps etc.

  8. Ady Says:

    I’ve seen the same ghost in the canal when i’ve been walking my dog, oh yes, and the river, oh, and in the sink. Anywhere with water really…

    I do happen to believe there are ghosts, i also stand by the fact that if someone believes in something then it cannot be denied it exists, even if it only exists to the believer. vampires, werewolves, gods etc, people have lived and died according to these beliefs, to deny their existence is not an option for free thinking individuals, in my opinion.

  9. Mark Ribbands Says:

    This well does not have a lid, or at least not one that needs to be held open. Green algae does not grow in the dark. A daft image – double exposure or Photoshop. If a ghost wanted to reveal its ghostly presence, couldn’t it do better than this? Laughable.

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      Double exposures, as far as my understanding goes, do not occure naturally through the use of digital cameras as there is no film involved to create the double image, each photograph in a digital camera is an individual file and a double exposure can only be created intentionally in a digital camera, and then only by someone who knows what they are doing. Also, I doubt its Photoshopped. Its not good enough for photoshop.

      I’m inclined to go with a reflection of light.

      • Mark Ribbands Says:

        Good point, I assumed that this was on old film photograph. It’s not made clear if the original is digital or not. I also agree that if it’s Photoshop it’s so bad as to come under the ‘wind-up’ category.

        That said, on closer inspection there appears to be ripples moving radially outwards from the image. So I’m now thinking physical object in the water, for example a metallic plumbing fitting, or plastic child’s toy dropped in. Invisible except under flash illumination.

        BTW, the ‘occupied by Nazi’s [sic] during the war’ comment is suspicious: unnecessary embellishment.

  10. Kate Says:

    Looks like reflected light. Paradolia at work. if you turn the image around you can see possibly three different face images.

  11. Ruth Says:

    I think this is just an example of our minds making sense out of chaos. Nothing was faked, but we are just making a picture out of the shadows and ripples on the water.

  12. Jonathan Says:

    I think it’s a combination of reflected light, movement of the water in the well, and pattern recognition working in our own minds. I’m as open to seeing ghosts caught on photograph, but given the nature of it being a well and a ‘face’ appearing in a ripple in the form of the skull, says less to me legit ghost, and more to me a recreation within our own mind. Nonetheless, it remains an interesting picture, with no ill-intent behind its posting.

  13. B Says:

    just a flash of camera really i dont think it is anything

  14. Chris Clarke Says:

    Dear Mark ribbands and all who say this is photoshopped. I am the owner of the well and the person holding the lid open. If it is not a real lid then why does it weigh 75 kilos plus? there have been no modifications to this picture although i fully accept the explaination of ripples in the water. Also this area was occupied by nazi’s during the war and was deemed the only area that could not be controlled as the french resistance was so powerful. There is also a network of tunnels running for 200 km that run under my house and off to different forts and castles within the area. if anyone wants further proof just look up the french resistance in the area of Correzze.
    Many thanks

    • Anonymous Says:

      I wholeheartedly do not believe it be photoshopped or a double exposure as I have stated.

      However, I do have one query. Why the necessity to mention the occupation by Nazis? Why does that have any relevence on the validity of this image? France has been the location of more than just Nazi conquest since the dawn of time and I fail to see why a well being “haunted” has anything to do with Nazi invasion?

      The Nazis being present 70 years ago has no bearing on this being a genuine ghost image or not and for the purpose of ascertaining the validity of the image I implore you to remain to the relelvent facts.

      • Alex Pryce Says:

        Sorry, the “Anonymous” reply above is me. I failed to fill in the details. D’oh.

        Alex Pryce
        Edinburgh Skeptics

      • Mark Ribbands Says:

        Hi Chris. Great to hear from the owner of the well. You are in a unique position to know whether there are any plumbing fittings down there. I have an old well in Norfolk where there is lots of old junk in the water, dating from the period between bucket-and-rope and pumped deep bore technology.

        Also, I assume the lid leaks light. Is that correct?

        The two concentric rings look far too perfect to be water ripples themselves, and there’s also evidence of ripples reflecting off what I assume to be a physical object.

        I only mentioned Photoshop to say that if trickery were involved, the hoaxer needs to read the manual! 🙂

        Also, let no one forget what this site is all about. There will be some controls here.

  15. Julie Says:


    well is not the first time I see photos like that!….water is one method of adivination and some times you find faces on it….I got one very similar!

  16. manigen Says:

    Hello Chris, good to hear from the photographer. I have to say that I’m having some trouble seeing the face in this picture. To me it really does just look like a ripple in the water at the bottom of the well. I assume that a stone or similar was dislodged when you opened the cover or leant over to take the photo, and that this made the ripples in the reflection of the sky above.

  17. Nicole Says:

    jI was the person taking the photograph, while chris held the heavy lid up. The other photos that were taken down there were very different they just showed a shadowed outline of Chris’ arms holding the lid. The well is very deep so a face reflection seems unlikely because it is too far down. The history of the nazi occupation was only mentioned because perhaps if this is a ghost then that is relevant. I’m not saying it is for sure, but it was so very different to the other pictures that day. I will happily post the others if people want to see them. As for making the photo on photoshop – I wish I had such time for pointless activities!

  18. Ed Says:

    For god’s sake. This is not a ghost. The concentric rings are a spherical light abberation. The face is caused by the ripple pattern in the water. If you stood there long enough and took enough photos then you would eventually see a ghost reading the da Vinci code. Next please.

  19. Bob Says:

    Reflection of light on the water. Nothing more.

  20. Les Says:

    A good story about the past but, unfortunately, this is just a matter of ripples and a trick of the light.

  21. Ryan Says:

    OMG! It’s the virgin Mary in my water well! First, a piece of toast, now this? Unpossible!

  22. Paul B. Says:

    It’s just a reflection of the water. For evolutionary reasons, we tend to interpret faces in our minds where none really exist. It’s a necessary survival mechanism that nowadays tends to be a little overdeveloped. Next!

  23. Noel Says:

    reflection in water

  24. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Reflection. Water. Pareidolia.

  25. Sally Says:

    Looks like an amusing reflection. (possibly enhanced?)
    How did the photographer add those double circles around the image? (photoshop?)

  26. tony Says:

    This aint no ghost, anyone can see it’s the devil himself.

  27. Merc Says:

    I vote for the photographer’s reflection in this one

  28. Simon Says:

    Just ripples that happen to very vaguely resemble a face-like blob.

  29. Nicole Says:

    I understand the reflection idea but i was looking face down with a camera in front of my face and chris was holding the lid looking down…so surely there should be two reflections? the photo was also very different from the other ones taken. It was a digital camera so there would have been lots of flash but…it’s a strange occurence for a face to appear

  30. Nicole Says:

    other pictures

  31. Raptor Paranormal Says:

    My god people let’s use a little common sense here. Why is the image so bright ? It’s the reflection of the moon and ripples in the water is causing a distortion. Ripples are probably caused by a burp in the water.

  32. Shawn Says:

    Nicole, orient the closeup of the”face”, so that it is looking down. You can see that there are indeed two reflections, one person smaller, and one larger, and that they are disrupted by a rippling effect. You can even see the edge of the cover on the top side of the pic when oriented this way. By the way, I’m also betting you’re a southpaw, if you were standing on the right side of Chris when he was holding the cover.

    • Nicole Says:

      true…I was standing to his right

      • Jobless Col Says:

        Hi Nicole, id like to say that im TOTALLY on ur side chick! all the way.. even appears to have a right ear!

        ..i like it, end of story

        ..I have had so much stress/grief & hatemail from posting my ‘GHOST IN THE FIELD’

        so i know how frustrating it is… keep an open mind :o)

        ..from JOBLESS COL :O)

      • Nicole Says:

        awww Thanks jobless col, I can see it from the other angle but still think. it think it is very strange that the outline resembles a face so much! I

  33. Jay Says:

    Its an agry entity because you disturbed the water

  34. Rodrigo Says:

    It’s SAMARA!!!!!! lol

  35. Lilith Says:

    It’s SAMARA!! [2]

  36. Gost Buster Says:

    kkk samara…
    for me its genuinee,its a realy ghost,ghost no,its the demon….

  37. Gost Buster Says:

    samara?feat house boulevard,set me free!! kkk

  38. Ana Chaves Says:

    Gosth as simply spirits of people who pass away to the spiritual level. Why would anyone want to be in spitrit and hang aroung a wheel? Fake, fake, fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Lilith Says:

    seven days.

  40. Ylram Says:

    Water refraction + fertile imagination.

  41. thundercat Says:

    thanderas eye’s?

  42. Cintia Says:

    100%……….fake! hehehe

  43. Kitsuné Says:

    It is probably a reflection, but creepy as hell!

  44. Chuzzy Says:

    Give me a frgn break!

  45. Cly Says:

    Light from above cast into the well, something dropped into the water making it ripple.

  46. Vicky Says:

    Looks like a cartoon cow (from Babybel cheese). It is either an optical illusions with the light or its been doctored.

  47. Bekki Says:

    It looks a bit like a Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t it? Yorkshire terrier cartoon cow huh?

  48. M. Lee Says:

    Wonder what the water tastes like?

  49. Joseph Berry Says:

    IT’S A FRIKKIN WELL!!!!! Water+light=reflection. I’m 17 years old and I’m not dumb enough to fall for that crap!!!!!

  50. coollayo Says:

    o……my…… gad…. u cant SERIOUSLY expect to make us think ur reflection on the water while takin the picture is a ghost….

  51. Anonymous Says:

    How can a light so bright like that be on the bottom of a darkened well??? Use yur brains a bit please…

  52. Erkki Says:

    The left ‘face’ is just the result of reflections from the flash light. The right face, however, is Bart Simpson who first dropped his radio (marked with his name) and thereafter fell into the well.

  53. Shaggy Says:

    A nice photo taken of a hole in the ground with a glare on the water by a desperate amateur at best ghost hunter. Save some gas money next time and take a pic.of your toilet in the dark.

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