Ghost in hat

From the person that sent it in:

Here is a photo my friend took on her digital camera, on a coach on our way back from Manchester. Take a look at the orange light to the left of the boy’s head. You can clearly see the face of another young boy. He seems to be wearing an old flat cap, with a shadow from it on the bridge of his nose, and is looking straight at me and my friend.


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96 Responses to “Ghost in hat”

  1. Anise76 Says:

    Again, night mode on a camera or camera phone, as characterised by the golden lines, indicating that either the photographer or subject were not completely still while the shutter was open.

  2. Gabriel Says:

    The face looks identical to the face of the guy with the white cap, so its probably some kind of camera double exposure.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Look very spooky to me. The face is not identical as the caps has a peak which is facing down on the ghost, and the nose is further away from the cheek.

    • aPerson Says:

      Are you for real? The reflection of the coke bottle isn’t the same as the coke bottle itself either, does that mean the bottle has a ghost too? LIGHT MANIPULATION. Get off those meds.

  4. katy Says:

    its the reflection of the boy in the white cap! you can see it clearly, and the orange is just the movement of the camera and lights

  5. Loz Moss Says:

    The camera is on a long exposure. When the flash went it gave us the main image but on some cameras the shutter remains open for a short time afterwards, if the camera is moved an the result is this photo. Look at the light above the subjects, it streaks in the same way the ‘ghost’ does.

  6. jon Says:

    For those who can’t see it…like i couldn’t for some time, it’s to the left of the boy with the white cap (not his reflection in the window) and up slightly as if sitting in the seat behind and standing slightly. But you can clearly see that it’s just the lights from the bus wavering from slow shutter speed and the give the impression of a face.

  7. Maria Says:

    Definitely long exposure. The flash creates a bright image, but the shutter is still open, allowing the little light that enters after the flash to create a blurred image. The ghost is actually a second, blurred image of your friend.

  8. Mark Ribbands Says:

    Loz, Jon, Maria, I agree. A long exposure creating the ‘ghost’ image, camera moved down adn to the left, then flash goes off. A totally obvious one.

  9. Mark Ribbands Says:

    Loz, Jon, Maria, I agree. A long exposure creating the ‘ghost’ image, camera moved down and to the left, then the flash goes off. A totally obvious one.

  10. Darko Says:

    Yes, it is a long exposure. The Camera went from left to right. You can see this by examining the bus passenger light.

  11. Alex Pryce Says:

    I’ve had similar objects appear in photographs. Naturally occurring and will indeed appear on a proportion of all photos taken at some stage in your photographic life

  12. Prince of darkness Says:

    R U GaYs?

  13. LeaC24 Says:

    The camera moved– you have a double of both boys, the soda bottle, even the van’s interior light.

  14. KM. Says:

    It looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing sunglasses to me. Like out of The Terminator. Maybe the coach is haunted by killer robots from the future.

  15. sarah sinclair Says:

    You get this type of picture when traveling at night at speed. Ive taken quite a few while a friend has driven down the motorway. It makes a great blur and lighting effect.

  16. gillian Says:

    trick of the light… long exposure my eye! this is real! any fool can see!

  17. niGEL Says:


  18. Hamish McIntire Says:

    i have to agree with gillian and nigel, this looks authentic, it looks nothing like the young man in the white cap, look at the facial expression which is very clear- also nobody was sitting behind so how would you explain it being a result of the camera going from left to right Darko? It seems uncanny how much it looks like a face i find it hard to believe that this is merely a trick of the light… spooky indeed sarah!

  19. Clive Says:

    I’ve been a photographer for many years and its simple to make this using flash and long exposure. Probably a mistake shot in AV mode on the EOS 350D or similar (flash fires yet shutter stays open to compensate for the light). It IS the same person wearing the hat in the “ghost” part of the image, just exposed elsewhere in the shot whist the shutter was open, and the camera would have moved slightly including the subject. Anyone who thinks this is a real ghost probably met Elvis for tea last week.

  20. Susan McLellan Says:


  21. Elvis Presley Says:

    WHy is the cap facing down then Mr Clive?! Well bless my soul whats wrong with me?!? Am all shook up from this ghoullayyyyyy boy!!!

  22. Clive Says:

    ok, thats not funny, but i am having second thoughts about my original analysis of the picture…i’m not completely sure that it is a mistake shot in AV mode on the EOS 350D after all and i am not god so i Dont know fo sho if it IS the same person wearing the hat. MY BAD HOMIES!!

    • Clive Says:

      I don’t use the term “Homie” my dear imposter 😉 I agree to other replies that the cap is different, but that could change in the time the shutter was open, for instance once the flash fired the other guy probably got up, and possibly the cap moved… Doesn’t sound as “out there” as a ghost hitching a ride on a bus! But to be honest, this is not the best i’ve seen from Wisseman’s experiments 😦

      • Gill H Says:

        Hello can I just say that this is the girl who was there when her friend took the photo speaking! I did not know who ‘Wiseman’ was until I sent it in. The guy did not move for at least ten minutes after the photo was taken, as you can see he has some one sitting on his knee, not too easy to move! And how do you explain the shadow on his nose from the cap? And also the angle of the nose to his cheek is totally different, so I bet now your going to tell me that possibly the boy has moved again and that is the reason of the different angle? If you zoom in on it the face becomes even clearer. Fake photos look more fake the closer you get, this one looks more human the closer you get.

    • Clive Says:

      I’ve looked at this in PS and with my experience in Photography, my mind is made up that this is simply a long(er) exposure than anticipated with an interesting outcome. In regards to the Wiseman comment, it was simply an observation about this site and nothing personal to those who have sent their images. Wiseman’s experiments are usually not a string of potentially “unusual” photographs presenting themselves as paranormal images. 🙂

  23. Victor Says:

    Clearly it is a ghost, and the “light exposure” is cleary the rest of the ghost escaping from the coke bottle, why cant anybody see the obvious.

  24. Dan Says:

    I know this ghost boy, he was killed on a bus (this bus…?) by a guy with a knife! I was sat just across from where it happened and saw it all.
    Typle in “burnley bus murder” into google and you can see a picture of the boy and read the story for yourself on about the 12th result down. Genuine ghost!

  25. Omar Says:

    Ghost or not, this is a cool photo. You can play all day with long exposure photos and get nothing interesting.

  26. manigen Says:

    Gill H, the boy in the photo doesn’t need to stand up for Clive’s explanation to make sense, he just has to tip his head forward. The photo is taken, then the camera moves down and to the right, leaving all those light trails, while the boy tips his head forward. His head leaves a clear impression because his hat is a light colour, but if you look you can see the coke bottle has done the same thing, leaving a ghostly after image of itself in the middle of the photo.

    • Clive Says:

      Agreed… thats what I was getting at, I was tired 😉

      • manigen Says:

        I just thought: “Some caffeine would wake him up, like in a coca cola” So I don’t know if we’ve proven the existence of ghosts, but apparently I’ve just demonstrated the existence of subliminal advertising…

  27. Alexxxx Says:

    That orange streak is from the light. you can see it starts from the light. My mate took a picture of his street and there used to always be yellow streaks like that.. it’s from the light. He took loads and they all showed the same thing.

  28. Jay Says:

    its funny how the ghost has the same Nose , lips and Hat as you !

    couple of daft lads !!!

  29. Bob Says:

    I’ve seen better streaks in my tighty-whities.

  30. Tim Says:

    It’s funny how some people are obviously a bit stupid. This is obviously just movement of the camera.

  31. Les Says:

    Something jogged the camera, probably the movement of the bus. Nothing paranormal here at all, I’m afraid.

  32. John Says:

    I find it incredible that anyone would think there was something other than a straight-forward, obvious explanation for this. If there are people willing to believe anything of a image that is double exposed, over-exposed or results from movement then this whole exercise is pretty futile.

    • Ryan Says:

      It’s simple, really. Some people are stupid and, rather than being able to discern rational causes, they simply believe everything they can’t understand is something f*cking paranormal. In the instances on this particular website, it seems to me that the photographers appear to be less than adequately knowledgeable about photography and so have no grasp on what could logically be causing their “ghosts” to appear when THERE WAS NO ONE ELSE AROUND, I SWEARS!!!1!!!

      • Gill H Says:

        Hey Ryan and John.
        FUCK YOU! YOU ARSEHOLES!!! More like people with such closed shitty tiny minds cant possibly concieve the idea that theres something bigger and more important than our young human species on this planet, and rather than opening these tiny ignorant minds would like to explain everything away with ‘tricks of light, long exposure, people moving, bus moving’ than to consider just for a second that we are in no way shape or form alone on this planet. And rather than thinking of this as an option they want to use technological explanations to make themselves feel safe and sure of their own utterly important minute lives.
        Fair enough say what you think it is.
        But dont start calling the people who took the photo stupid just because their ideas about life are different to yours. Bet you’ve both got tiny knobs as well yeah?!

  33. Ryan Says:

    I can’t even find the alleged “ghost” in this one, but I suspect Anise is spot-on with the explanation.

  34. Noel Says:

    the outline of the “ghost boy” is the exact same as the real boy on the left hand side of the photo. the light streaking matches the camera motion.

  35. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Moving vehicle, long exposure, bright lights.

  36. g-unit Says:

    GET A FUCKIN LIFE THE LOT OF YA! can’t believe u’s are all bitching about a fuckin photo…. meowww ryan u fuckin knob

  37. Nigel Says:

    ‘It’s funny how some people are obviously a bit stupid’ Listen to you all belittling anyone that thinks theres the ghost of a boy in this photo. Why do you all want to deny the existence of ghosts so badly? Does it make you scared to think there is such a thing?
    Erm fuck off get a life and let people see what they want to see. Better yet shove all your cameras up your fat arses coz I bet that would be a better picture than any you’d ever take.

  38. g-unit Says:

    well said nige

  39. Simon Says:

    Long exposure, that’s all. No need for people to get so defensive!

  40. Dave Says:

    chilling, we know these too ended up snogging….

  41. Lucifer Says:

    If you look to the right you can see Jesus eating a can of Pringles !!

  42. markribbands Says:

    Seneca is quoted as saying “Drunkenness does not create vice; it merely brings it into view.”

    Whilst as true as it was 2000 years ago, try subsituting ‘idiocy’ for ‘vice’ and ‘the internet’ for ‘drunkeness’


  43. Gill H Says:

    Shut up mark ribbons you fool go and play some more live action role play. You went on the internet to write that you bafoon.

  44. markribbands Says:

    QED 🙂

  45. manigen Says:

    I’ve just got to say thanks to Gill H, Nigel and g-unit. You guys are laugh out loud funny. I’m even tempted to call Poe.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    these guys are gay

  47. Marcelo Says:

    there are 2 guys? or a one guy and one woman???

  48. Marcelo Says:

    this is so GAY

  49. CNS Says:

    Yes is ghosts… Two ghosts gays with diet Coke

  50. Join Says:

    Stupid Fags

  51. Rafael Says:

    Probably some rainbow color spectrum around their “brokeback” friendship.

  52. Rodrigo Pinheiro Says:

    It´s is no ghost!!!

    If is this true….I am Joe Ramone

  53. Darlon Says:

    Well, they might be ugly, yes… but they are not dead yet! so, no ghosts!

  54. THIAGO Says:

    Não vi nada de fantasmagórico nessa foto. Ela foi tirada dentro de um ônibus, que provavelmente estáva em movimento.
    funciona mais ou menos como na lei da inérsia de newton.
    O ônibus arrancou + a luz permaneceu em seu lugar.
    Simples assim.

  55. Rodrigo Pinheiro Says:

    Hey Ho, let´s go!!!

  56. Fabio Says:

    I see gay people.

  57. Fabricio Says:

    Duas bixonas


    duas bixonas cheias de gazes, um deles deve ter soltado um peido e contaminou todo onisbus.

  59. Davi Says:

    fantasma gay aiaiaiuiuiiii

  60. Luiz Says:

    only two gays and a diet coke… no ghosts!

  61. Ylram Says:

    Why people think others are stupid?
    It is only high exposure + the light on bus roof.

  62. Cintia Says:


  63. Mané dos Santos Says:

    This spirit that was caught by the camera has been with you guys for about four years after his death, he will leave when he gets ready, for now he needs the neural living energy donated by you guys so that he gets to easy his suffering. It´s been very hard for him to give up our world´s sensations he can only get from living people loved by him.

  64. fernando carvalho ( photographer ) Says:

    It’s better to send that photo to ” looking for fags”. ghosts, forget it.

  65. Darren - GRI Says:

    Most modern cameras undertake a balancing act to automatically get acceptable shots in many conditions – however most fall down in low light situations.
    Although the image contains no EXIF data I suspect the camera has automatically given an excessive exposure time.
    After the flash fired (typically 1/1000th second) the shutter remained opened for a short time, shooting in the dark. Even slight camera movement would force any points of light to trail. It is common for the photographer to move the camera downward after the flash, thinking the shot is over, with most exposures ranging from 1/2 – 4 seconds.
    A tripod would prevent the camera moving, if this is not feasible increase the camera’s ISO setting or aperture – this will force a reduction in the shutter speed.

    Also see: for other photos showing the effect.

  66. Chuzzy Says:

    Is that really coke u’re drinking dude? that might help explain the ghosts u’re seeing!

  67. Ghost Says:

    The boy ghost is the face of your friend and it is looking at the camera………….this is normal and mostly happens at night with bright lights.

  68. Vicky Says:

    I think you “Ravers” were on something and this was your acid flashback… Just say “No” next time!

  69. wee-mee Says:

    It kinda looks like the creepy little fucker on the bicycle from the Saw film! Woot!

  70. Anonymous Says:

    just a reflection.

  71. ash Says:

    Obivously its at least some what fake…… potheads dont drink diet cook. god

  72. Rastino Says:


  73. Erkki Says:

    Nothing to do with ghosts, if not the photographer is one. The picture is clearly taken using a flashlight. The shutter time of the camera, however, is longer than is needed for the flash-light, resulting in the light phenomenon in this picture.

  74. coollayo Says:


  75. Skeptical believer Says:

    longer exposures give you tracers not ghosts, unless you believe tracers are ghosts (which they are not)

  76. Anonymous Says:

    WHY ARE YOU ALL GAY BASHERS?! stupid biggots

  77. MaryportStateOfMind Says:

    “Most modern cameras undertake a balancing act to automatically get acceptable shots in many conditions – however most fall down in low light situations.
    Although the image contains no EXIF data I suspect the camera has automatically given an excessive exposure time.
    After the flash fired (typically 1/1000th second) the shutter remained opened for a short time, shooting in the dark. Even slight camera movement would force any points of light to trail. It is common for the photographer to move the camera downward after the flash, thinking the shot is over, with most exposures ranging from 1/2 – 4 seconds.
    A tripod would prevent the camera moving, if this is not feasible increase the camera’s ISO setting or aperture – this will force a reduction in the shutter speed.”

    So to summarise, basically you are saying that it’s a real ghost, probably lives in a cave in the Wetheral area, speaks an ancient dialect, yeah?

  78. Tf Says:

    This is not real at all. I accedentally do this with my dslr camera all the time when it is on night mode and the shutter goes slow.

  79. Anonymous Says:

    its 1 homo ghosts

  80. Shaggy Says:

    Please do not drink any more diet products for your pants are falling off your ass. Manchester huh? I bet with all the exstacy you folks did you were seeing those streaks of light with your own eyes. Good photo though!

  81. lol look at the fags Says:

    haha look at the fags drinking diet coke.. hows the butt sex you fags?

  82. they both look like retard fags Says:

    They look like a couple of queers. I bet they butt fucked on the “coach” haha faggots

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