Ghost in distance

From the person who sent it in:

That was a peacefull walking in the city park wherу many years ago was monastery. There was taken the picture by the mobile phone camera. In the branches of trees you can see like the sleepy face of man and femal figure near on the road.


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55 Responses to “Ghost in distance”

  1. Infinite Monkey Says:

    It seems too crisp an outline to be so far away.

  2. ashley . Says:

    i think it genuine this time … the whole look of it .. doesnt add up 4 lighting or anything.. so yeah genuine .

    • aPerson Says:

      Look to the right of his LEFT elbow…you can see where they tried to photoshop and made a mistake. It’s the same type of pixelation as the “fake ghost” standing in the back. I do this for a living. It’s my job. I am paid to do it. I believe in ghosts, but this one is F A K E.

  3. mairin Says:

    i honestly cannot see anything in the tree branches so have to say I’m sceptical.

  4. mairin Says:

    Oops. Have had another look and this time I found it! Hard to explain as anything other than an apparition.

  5. silverbullet Says:

    i’m not sure…it hard to believe that we can capture the ghost..

  6. leah Says:

    As something of a photoshop expert and fanatic, I can say that this is a fake. Notice how the image is quite pixelated within a certain circular area around the man in the center, and then appears blurred and wavey further out? This photo has definately been tampered with.

    • Jobless Col Says:

      Hi Leah, interesting to hear that your a photoshop expert. I have the Ghost in the field photo at top of page, ive been accused of abusing photoshop, i wouldnt even know where to start with P’Shop. Id like to hear opinion on my photo, thanks. P.S I do like this picture too, the face and the distant figure here are worthy of a ‘chin-scratch’ fair play

  7. Mark Ribbands Says:

    Great picture! Love the face in the trees. Straight out of a horror movie. Whoever faked this nonsense, well done! Got any more?

  8. Katsipoulis Says:

    Fake for sure. Why may I ask does it say male and female in the distance, I can only see one apparition.

    • jon Says:

      Nuh, there’s a female figure in the distance which is the most noticable (how you’re meant to tell it’s a female is anyones guess) and diagonally right from the real guy is a weird face in the tree branches which i certainly wouldn’t describe as being ‘sleepy’!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    fake…im really2 sure

  10. Iglemos Says:

    I’m sure it’s a fake. It was done either by a quite good specialist in Photoshop (not everyone knows how to remove the internal traces left by the program in file code – this file has no traces at all), or the program used for processing was not Photoshop.

    I’m not an expert in mobile phone cameras, but as it was already said there is a strange effect on the picture – the round centre area is quite crisp, the outer part is blurred just like Photoshop does.

    There are some more artefacts on the picture, e.g. a strange crisp area to the right from boy’s head and others.

    And the bottle of some alcoholic drink (very much like vodka) in boy’s hand can say something.

    • you idiot. Says:

      That’s a water bottle, not vodka.

      • Anonymous Says:

        no idiot you. imma russian, mans like a foto we named “Gopnik” and bottle he hand it a Vodka. In da Russia a 14 year old scollars may drink, this afful, but this true.
        From Russia with Love. Imma Kirill Karpukhin. My facebook page here this is proff of imma russian

  11. Anise76 Says:

    I’d say that the figure in the distance has been photoshopped in. The face in the branches looks as though it is just coincidence. I’d be interested to know which type of phone this picture was taken on, as a lot of the earlier phones, and still some of the cheaper ones, give the almost fisheye lens-like appearance that this picture has.

  12. Lora Says:

    … I got that photo from one person and that was his friend on the picture (with vodka :)) I was straight away interested in an identity of it. But I can say they don’t grasp in photoshop for sure 🙂
    … anyway thank’s for your comments
    … and yearh I think it was not expensive good mobile phone…

  13. Dave Says:

    The big give away in faked photos is why on earhth would you have taken the photo in the first place? Whats so special about a bunch of trees? Blatantly faked.

  14. Terry Speed Says:

    I think this is fake all the way.
    Look carefully, you will see the ‘ghost’ has wings!!!

  15. Finbarr M Says:

    There is a photoshop “vibe” to this one and the shape of the ghost looks to be badly done.

    Also, it looks as if the ghost is too far in the background to be so clearly defined.

  16. Mute Says:

    Completely fake photoshop figure in the distance.

    It’s funny really, but if the photographer had have seen the ‘face’ in the trees, he might not have had to go to all the trouble of faking a figure in the distance.

  17. Maria Says:

    Obviously fake, as all the people say above and as anyone with any photoshop experience could tell you. This effect is so easy to create that I could whip up something like this myself in about ten mins and I’m no professional photographer or computer graphic artist.

  18. Alex Pryce Says:

    I find an alarming number of people, when commenting on ghost pictures take the God of Gaps argument. As in, with no immediate or obvious natural explanation the image just has to be that of a ghost.

    A common argument, easily refuted.

    If it were the ghost of a person, it would have to be Joseph Merricks ghost as the body is out of proportion, just look at the “arms”.

  19. Prince of darkness Says:

    1990 wants its puffer jacket back.

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      For the sake of rational investigation I’m trying to avoid commenting and replying to non relevent posts- however I have to LMAO at that statement!

  20. manigen Says:

    With that weird distortion around the edges of the photo, and the “dropped in” look of the figure in the background, and the fact that there’s no reason to even take this photo in the first place…

    Yeah, I’m going to have to go with “faked”.

  21. Ed Says:

    Normal explanation. The sleepy face is simply randomness. If you look elsewhere in the pattern of branches you can see other faces, some from the side , others face on. As for the figure, it is some kind of camera effect. Look at the tree beside the ghost. It is clearly a double exposure of a different tree. This occurs to the left of the tree, above the green cap. Either that or it is a fake.

  22. Bob Says:

    This looks ‘shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few ‘shops in my time.

  23. Gavino Says:

    I’m with Bob, also, my dog wants steak.

  24. kwak-dong-hyun Says:

    that man look like sun-bi
    long time ago a kingdom of jo-sun in this region
    sun-bi is a nobleman of jo-sun
    look for this site,and you can see poto of sun-bi

  25. Les Says:

    Is this Budapest? It has a city park (on an island) where there used to be a monastery.
    And vodka (or palinka?) can be put in most containers without them dissolving! However, I’m happy to go along with the photographer’s explanation that it really is water. But not along with the suggestion that there are two ghosts in the picture. The face in the trees is clearly formed by the position of the twigs. The figure is not so obvious, but if you look closely, it ties in pretty closely with the shape of the saplings around it. That and, yet again, tricks of the light.

  26. Ryan Says:

    Not only is there a figure, but I think I detect an orb on the figure’s right side as we’re looking at it. My friends, I do believe we’ve been so fortunate as to witness some hot, steamy ghost-on-orb action!

  27. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Face: Pareidolia

    Figure: Light/bare area on tree trunk(s), reflecting sunlight, looks vaguely person-shaped.

    Orb: Dust/lens flare

  28. Sally Says:

    With a mess of branches, and areas out of focus, easy to see all sorts of figures in the trees.

  29. Simon Says:

    Haha, nice try but this is so obviously a photoshopped image. By the way, to the person who was looking for the file information in the photo, don’t bother. WordPress “crunches” images when you upload them and I think it strips all the EXIF info and stuff out.

  30. jimbofin Says:

    You know might not be deliberate fake, there is a certain randomness that suggests simple optical illusion. Would be nice to know there is no link to Jobless Col, it seems vaguely familiar in style

  31. Kim Hyeong jin Says:

    I think it is not ghost.
    It is fake but very scary.

  32. VIVIANE Says:

    Ah !!! éssa é tenbrosa, da medo, tem até um clima de “Bruxa de Blair”…. Ai que medo!! Assustador

  33. Jhon Says:

    Não sei não….hj em dia tem tanta coisa…tem tanta tecnologia que podemos mudar uma fotografia em instantes sem deixar com q ela perca sua originalidade….isso só vendo para acreditar mesmo….

  34. Fabio Says:

    I didn’t even care the ghost.

  35. JayTee Says:

    Thats freaky! It looks like the same ghost from the Ghost in the Field from that jobeless dude above

  36. Lucpar Says:

    Jury is out on this one too. I see the figure and the “face”. I consider myself a believer having had a paranormal experience myself but not sure if this is real or fake.
    This one and ghost in the field are very similar.
    Who am I to say…could be real.

    I would be more interested in seeing video. Photos are much easier to manipulate from someones PC.

  37. Meg Says:

    Look to the left of his arm-elbow it has to photoshopped. The branch goes through his arm; well done but, who ever edited it made an error and mistake to give it away.

  38. Kitsuné Says:

    Image overlay on photoshop with a gaussian blur filter, and then the blur tool on the layer. They’ve obviously made a mistake and used the blur tool in the wrong place / layer when you look at the guys left elbow.

  39. Cly Says:


    Hmm think I’m done here, why waste time explaining fakes, pareidolia and tricks of light over and over and over……..and over again.

  40. Nicola Says:

    i think the ghost in the distance is photoshopped but if you look to up and to the left then there is quite a big face with rotting teeth and pure white eyes…i got really creeped out when i saw it :S

  41. Victoria Says:

    When I first looked at this picture I didn’t even notice the ‘face’ in the branches, I was instantly drawn to the figure in the distance. Although I enjoy taking and editing photographs on Photoshop, I’m no expert and don’t have a clue if this is genuine, all I can say is it freaks me out a slightly, and after going back to look at the photo 3 or 4 times I noticed the face in the branches, and that’s pretty scary looking too!

  42. Unique Says:

    The Face in the trees is a bit of a give away as it being a fake Richard Wiseman your face in the trees perhaps overseeing reactions to this photo! LOL

  43. Julian, Ireland Says:

    clearly it’s the Predator!

  44. Heather, 11 Says:

    There’s that one ghost in the distance, but I see a face, too! Look a little above his head, and a little to the right. There’s a face with wide eyes and looks a little like it’s screaming! So scary! So whoever too this picture captured TWO genuine ghosts on film! Incredible!!!!!

  45. Anonymous Says:

    there is a face in the trees!! but i think it is just branches. with the appertion, hard to tell.

  46. coollayo Says:

    smudge in the lense …… *sighs*…

  47. Shaggy Says:

    The only thing spooky about this photo is the poor graphics used to hoax it. Come on folks. Try harder. Here is a tip, next time take the pic at night and get your buddy to put a sheet over his head.

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