Ghost face

This from the person that sent it in:

The picture was taken in 2008 on a warm summers evening. I’m watching T.V and my wife decided to use her new mobile phone to see what the picture quality is like. We cant explain the figure by the door, theres nothing on the glass door and there was no one else in the room. If theres an explanation Id love to hear it. We know theres a ghost in the house, he visits 3-5 times a year and when hes round we get emotional and feel a really cold chill.


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36 Responses to “Ghost face”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    Having done mane portrait painting I can say that it does not have the anatomy of a real face it more looks like an alien.

    However I don’t belive in ghosts.

    Anyway, I would not consider it evidence of either alien or ghosts, because the image quality is too bad, also its very easy to manipulate photos.

    But if there really excists ghost or aliens and it is not manipulated this could be an image of one. But its not enough for me as an evidence.

  2. Mute Says:

    Incredibly simple explanation on this one.

    The photo was taken using a flash. The door is glass. Reflection from objects in the room or the blokes head.

    The low resolution of the image doesn’t help either (or if its been zoomed) it just adds to the pixels bleeding together to create the ‘ghost’.

    Not a ghost.

  3. Ady Says:

    Sir, what you have there is what we refer to as a focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm or a Class Five Full Roaming Vapor … A real nasty one, too.

    or a truly dreadful picture taken on poor camera phone, mine is equally bad when used indoors.

    • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

      Urgh! It’s hideous!! – And the ‘ghost’ looks quite scary too.
      Funnily enough, I watched Ghostbusters for the first time in years last night. 🙂

  4. Ady Says:

    oh, and were you wearing a mask?

    looks you’re just about to take it off!

  5. paul moore Says:

    it was a mobile phone that dont ave a flash, so thats that idea out of the water! if i chosse a mask it would be 1 with hair! lol

  6. Jonathan Says:

    While the cellphone may not have a flash, it still takes an image based on the conditions in the room. If there was indeed a television going on, the ambient light conditions could have very well created its own ‘flash’. To me, the position of this is further strengthened by the fact that the image appears to be at the same angle as the gentleman’s face. Further, the hand’s image appears to be corresponding on the window as well. I think this is simply a case of the light creating the image of the gentleman’s other half of his face and his hand that was then picked up by the cellphone.

  7. Damian Elsen Says:

    Figure?! What?! Where?! Utterly ridiculous.

  8. manigen Says:

    My mobile phone does have a flash. They’re quite common.

    As to the photo, its far too low quality for me to make anything out. I’m not sure which bit is supposed to be ghost and which bit is not. Between the poor focus, over exposure, and all the jpeg artifacts its difficult to conclude anything from this picture.

  9. Andrea Says:

    I didn’t see a face right away. To me, it looked more like a little girl off in the distance, not facing the house. It appears like she’s wearing a white dress, holding her arms out somewhat.

    That’s just what I get out of it, but I can see the face too. Either way it’s kind of eerie.

  10. SarahF Says:

    To me, within the ‘alien face’ misty shape, there is the figure of a dark haired woman, wearing a white top and black calf length skirt, walking away in the distance.
    Could it be the reflection of someone outside?

  11. Bob Says:

    I’ve seen better faces in my toilet after dropping a duce.

    This photo was a waste of my f-ing time.

  12. paul Says:

    wouldnt like to know wot u been eating then bob! This is a place u leave photos n ask if they can be explained, so if u can’t say something sensible dont bother, but u could always put up a pic of ur duce as ur so proud of it!

  13. paul Says:

    intresting sarah, never thought of it as an alien. The only thing outside is a hallway, there was only myself and my wife who took the pic. My children were fast asleep upstairs, we didnt notice the ‘face’ at first, it wasn’t untill we downloaded the pic we noticed it, we don’t have a clue wot it is but all suggestions are welcome.

  14. Les Says:

    As it was a warm summer evening, the setting sun would appear to be creating the effect in the background. That and, probably, a low-resolution mobile phone camera.

  15. Ryan Says:

    Two thoughts:

    1) sh*tty camera phone

    2) your wife probably gets really emotional more than 3-5 times a year

  16. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Pareidolia. Simple.

  17. Lachwen Says:

    With such a low-quality image you’re going to see all kinds of weird things in the background. Next time you’re in that room around the same time of day, sit where your wife was when she snapped this picture and look at the door. I’ll bet you good money you’ll see reflections of things in the room, which would come across as ill-defined blobs on a crappy cellphone camera. Three random blobs do not a face make.

    Also, for the love of all that’s good and right in this world learn to write properly!

  18. Sally Says:

    The image is so out of focus, could imagine many things.

  19. aPerson Says:

    It’s a 13″ flat panel from Best Buy.

  20. Simon Says:

    There’s a figure by the door?… There’s a door? Sorry but the picture quality is too bad to make anything out of this.

  21. paul Says:

    Lachwen, I’m sorry my writing is not up to standard,shall i say behind after school? I wasn’t aware my writing was been marked or I’d have studied, silly me, i thought it was about the photos! Just one final thing, I’m a writer so I think I may just no how to write. Next time if you want a battle of wits come armed, clearly your not armed at the moment!
    Mobile not cell phone, just to be right that is.

  22. AyanEva Says:

    I honestly can’t see anything in this one. Anyway, nothing can be trusted on a grainy camera phone, imo.

  23. Ylram Says:

    Bad pic + ugly face.

  24. Clemente Says:

    Encosto! Sabe como eu sei? Ele está ENCOSTADO na figura estranha.

  25. Monk Says:

    “and my wife decided to use her new mobile phone to see what the picture quality is like.”

    Well at least she established that her phone is a pile of shit.

  26. Chuzzy Says:

    Uh, really dude! Plsssss

  27. Cly Says:

    How about Pareidolia.

  28. Vicky Says:

    Its the flash reflecting on the glass – optical illusion.

    SHEEEESSSHHH!!! Why does this even need explanation. Crap on toast…

  29. Bekki Says:

    Have you noticed the “ghost” and the guy on the couch look the same? (to me they do) to be honest i don’t really see anything, i think you’d know if it was genuine

  30. Lindy Says:

    is this just me? I looked at the picture and I didn’t see a face. I saw a girl with dark hair wearing a blue dress and she looks turned around. No face. Just a girl.

  31. Carlos Says:

    GHOST!!! -.-!
    if the girl in outside of the house is dead….

  32. coollayo Says:

    …… im not even gonna coment on this video….

  33. Shaggy Says:

    A mirrored reflection of an overweight, brown haired woman in a white shirt wearing blue pants with a huge as*. That would freak me out too partner.

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