Ghost and the dog

This from the person that sent it in:

This picture was taken in black and white on my daughter’s mobile phone with a flash, on the 6th of February 2009. We took quite a few pictures of each other messing about with the dog that night, and many pictures with myself in had these strange looking dots or ‘orbs’ as i have since been told.  I have had pictures taken before with these ‘orbs’ appearing and they all seem to be just around myself on group photos, whereas my daughter never seems to have any around her. I have noticed that one or two always seem to show up usually but this picture has more than others.   I have had photos taken both on mobile phones and with digital cameras where these ‘orbs’ have also appeared.  Sometimes the pictures are in black and white, sometimes in colour.  They are not always taken at home either – the photo I have attached was taken at home but they have also shown up while out at pubs and at my parents house.


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56 Responses to “Ghost and the dog”

  1. Daniel Says:

    They just look like dust on the lens or some lens flare effect – there’s a lot of light being reflected off the fireplace behind.

  2. Terry Says:

    This is most likely a reflection from the fireplace.
    All the other pictures you have will be the same. If you have any without the flash on, they could raise eye-brow’s..

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Oh for goodness sake! It’s a lens flare.

  4. Mute Says:

    Orbs are dust or small particles in the air. Usually show up when a flash is used on lower end consumer digital cameras.

    Don’t believe me?

    Why are their no ‘orbs’ in your parents photographs when they were young? Or throughout photographs in history?

    Not a ghost.

  5. wiyd Says:

    where is the ghost? I cannot find it.

  6. Mark Ribbands Says:

    Completely ridiculous – reflection of flash on fireplace and reflection of flash from airborne dust giving the ‘orb’ over the girl’s head. Waste of time.

  7. hailian Says:

    If you go here you will find the anwer

    if you read the book Zhuan Falun
    you will total anderstand everything.

    good luck.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Blow a bit of talcum powder into the air a foot or so from the camera and you can get a lot of orb photos.

  9. Jonathan Says:

    If you examine this photo closely, apart from the lens flare or reflection of the flash that you see in the upper left part (and a corresponding secondary reflection off the other side of the fireplace), you can pick out any number of refractions occurring with the dust in the room. It looks like the dog and the woman in the picture were having a good time playing, so why wouldn’t there be particulates in the air? I can count 9 of these occurring just from an initial examination of the photo. Again, no malevolent intention behind the photo, but these seem to be pretty solidly normal explanations. For my money, the orb needs to appear three-dimensional and giving off light, not reflecting light back. That means shadows created by the orb kind of thing, not this appearance of a flare.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Lens flare and you need to get your sensor cleaned.

  11. Jeggy Says:

    hahah, if you’d ever worn glasses, you would have known what these orbs were … 😀
    when my glasses are dirty, I go and clean them, instead of yelling “i’m seeing ghosts!”
    that’s what you should do with your camera’s lens too 😉

    • Ryan Says:

      That would be funny if everyone who had dirty glasses thought they saw ghosts… especially for those of us without.

  12. sharon Says:

    Hi, I do not believe the orbs are dust, I have taken lots of photos of the same space and the orbs are in some pics but not in the next ones. I have been told that orbs are spirits.

    • Caz Says:

      I’m with Sharon on this one. Orbs are spirits not dust. My mum is a spiritualist and held a seance once. it was video recorded and when played back there were loads of orbs moving at different speeds across the screen. You cant blame that on specks of dust and camera flashes. The lady in this photo has probably got a spirit that follows her around if they always appear in her photos. There is a scene in a film where this boy has these orbs in all of his photos (the sixth sense i think)

      • Lachwen Says:

        OK, if you’re basing your argument off something you remember seeing IN A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE, then you’re an f’ing idiot.

  13. manigen Says:

    Sharon, I haven’t seen your photos obviously, but I’d guess that the orbs appear and reappear because the dust in the air is moving. That sort of vague sometimes-there sometimes-not behaviour is exactly what you’d expect if the orbs where caused by dust.

    I’ve also seen orbs caused by water spray. I wonder if the dog in the photo above was drooling a lot as it wrestled for the bone?

  14. Claudia Says:

    Sorry, but I can see nothing.

  15. Alex Pryce Says:

    As I’ve stated ebfore. I tend to disregard “Orb” photos as they are so common and easily explained I fail to see how they still hold any interest. Completely off topic but its the same as Ouija Boards, something else which has been prooven to have natural explanations and natural origins too- it was a Victorian board game in its present form- yet people still believe they are genuine.

  16. Bob Says:


  17. Paul B. Says:

    Too easy. Internal reflections within the camera lense caused by the flash.

  18. Noel Says:

    Internal lens reflection common with most photographic lenses

  19. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Lens flare/lens reflection combined with a bit too much “spirituality” on the part of the wishful thinkers.

  20. Sally Says:

    Looks like a reflection of the flash.

  21. tony Says:

    If this was a real ghost the dog would attack and accidently bite the girl’s head off.

  22. Simon Says:

    Oh come on now this is just getting ridiculous. These mystical orbs are either dust motes or the light refracting in the camera lens.

  23. Simon Says:

    That’s an orb – whatever an orb is. I’ve got 722 pictures so far of what seem hard to explain images I’ve taken since the beginning of this year. It’s not a lens flare or a piece of dust in my opinion and I’ve been directing tv programmes for 20 years and know the difference generally. Dust is half a micron wide so they are a little too large to be dust generally. They appear in daylight without the use of flash and at night. I first noticed them three months ago using a digitial camera I’ve had for 2 years. The “scientific” explanation for these things I’ve read so far are the most unscientific proof I’ve ever read and I’ve made programmes about the string theory, sub atomics etc where we proved the theory photons could be in two places at once. So if you believe photons can be in two places at once, the world is round not flat and Leornardo da Vinci’s design for a gyrocopter could work, electricity although invisible can power your country etc images of angelic energy are not so much of a stretch for all you right-brain dominant people. x

  24. Simon Says:

    And by the way, there are 5 not 1 of the orbs. Look down the line of the lady’s arm and by her knee. Lens flare or refraction is generally seen as straight lines of prismatic shapes or circles. These curve along the line of her arm and one is by her knee on the opposite side to the flash bounce off the fireplace – which would suggest the light would have to curve over her knee to appear as a flare there. It is very interesting to read the responses to this post – quite angry in tone generally. Why do you think that is? I think you will hear more and more about these things for some reason I’m not too sure about yet. Irritating for the sceptics but there you are.

    • tuell Says:

      People are not getting angry Simon. Perhaps they are becoming frustrated because the vast majority of pictures published here as so called “ghost photos” are immediately explainable by anyone with even the slightest understanding of photography and lighting. As someone said earlier, apply Occam’s Razor. With regard to your comment that light would have to curve to produce a flare in front of her knee; well that’s rubbish. A lot of lens flare occurs with “stray light” bouncing around the inside of the camera lens. It does not occur external to the lens.

  25. tuell Says:

    This is just getting silly…

  26. Simon Says:

    Hi Tuell

    I’m not sure you read all of my post. I have a “slight” understanding of photography as I’ve been involved professsionally with stills and tv for 30 years and I do know the difference between a lens flare and rain on the lens etc. I’m more than happy for everyone to believe what they like so it’s absolutely fine if you don’t share my viewpoint. I still maintain that this subject is getting people indignant, and incredulous at how someone else might feel or believe differently and keen to put apparently misguided people right. And there are posts on this orb blog along the lines of “enough with the fXXXing orbs” which seems quite angry in tone to me. I also would like to point out to you that you seemed to include the whole range of photos on this site in the conversation. Almost all of them are joky fakes in my opinion. My comments related specifically to the orbs around the lady and the dog – and no one had mentioned the other four in the picture. One person said they coulkdn’t spot one – that’s known as paradigm blindness apparently. Caspar The Friendly Ghost sitting in the backseat of the nastiest coloured Hillman Imp I’ve ever seen is a prime example of fakery to me – but maybe I’m wrong about that too. But what I would like to reiterate to you is that I have started taking images of what are generally described as orbs of all sorts just in the last three months – 722 pictures to date. On different digital cameras, in all sorts of different conditions, with flash and without, inside and outside, day and night. And they aren’t vague identical orbs like the picture on the site in the cellar where all the orbs look identical(!) They are different colours and different textures and distinct. Some have become so familiar I recognise them as easily as you would someone’s face. Let me ask you a question – why aren’t the previous 5000 or so images I’ve taken in the last 10 years on digital cameras covered in a multicoloured snowstorm of dust? And now they are? On different cameras remember. What is the reason for that – I’m as interested as anyone to know the ansewer. What happened to good old scientific empirical evidence? This is not my theory about someting else someone might hav told me about. This is something which happens to me and I am left with photographic evidence not anecdotal stories. Actual pictures I’ve taken. I take the picture and there they are when they weren’t there three months ago. And I’m talking about 15-30 of them in a shot. Has the world suddenly got so full of dust? These images are sometimes bright white solid objects, and sometimes see through and coloured etc. I’m going to write a book on the subject when I feel it’s time as I think it’s something very spiritual which is worth sharing. I have an increasingly long list of people who I’ve known personally and professionally for a long time who have been with me when it’s occurred and although most of them are atheists and cynics, they generally don’t feel they have a rational explanation readily to hand. For me, the difference between experiencing this happen before your eyes is quite different from trying to interpret a fairly faint image provided by a complete stranger on the web. Best wishes.

  27. mark w Says:

    75% of my photos have spectral orbs in them – therefore read as dust. The fact I live with the inlaws in an Elizabethan House made me quite excited first time I saw them, but now I live in a house 100 miles away and the majority of my photos still have these dust specks. My parents live in a modern and house – and yes you have guessed it, the orbs are following me. If it is not dust, then my camera is haunted.

  28. rokkus Says:

    gloss paint on fireplace coupled with gullible photogroper with camera set to flash stood in front of fireplace = photo with flash reflecting in the fireplace and lense flare showing up in other parts of the photo that are being called ‘ghost orbs’. case closed. all you ‘ghost orb’ people, go stand in front of a mirror and raise your right hand, salute yourself holding the salute for a good 10 seconds, then slap yourself. thank you

  29. Brenda Says:

    ya’ll are crazy in here dust is not that big!! it’s floating around this girl head it’s a orb get over it!!!

  30. manigen Says:

    Brenda, the dust doesn’t need to be that big. Light is reflected from a mote of dust, or a water droplet or whatever back into the camera lens. The light spreads as it travels through the air and ten through the camera, and that gives the large size of the “orbs” in relation to the rest of the scene.

  31. Darlon Says:

    Bad dog! Bad picture! Behave you two!

  32. Clemente Says:

    Além das luzes estranhas, podemos constatar que o cachorro está possuído. Se alguém tiver contato com a dona do cão, mande ela levá-lo imediatamente à cerimônia da “Fogueira Santa de Israel”.

  33. Cintia Says:

    who´s the ghost? XD…the dog or her?

    fake! =/

  34. Monk Says:

    Don’t have much time for flash reflections, but the girl is hot.

  35. Inigo Says:

    Flash reflection! Phone flashes are tiny point sources and frequently produce effects like this, especially when caught by glossy/reflective surfaces.

  36. Lesley Says:

    Hi all

    that picture is of me and my dog. Thanks for calling me a girl by the way, how kind! I have other pictures of me in other houses taken with other cameras that all have orbs on. This is just the most recent. For the record my fireplace does not have gloss paint on it! Pah!

    Like someone said, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and they are quite right. Thanks for all your comments, not sure why some people are so angry and feel the need to swear on here, maybe their spirits make them that way, who knows? Equally thanks for the valid comments made by those who left their names – the rest of you, are you hiding?

    Personally I believe I have spirits with me and that gives me great comfort and that is all that matters.

    Take care everyone and thanks again


  37. jim Says:

    there not a ghost in the photo

  38. Chuzzy Says:

    Some ppl just need to get a life! If u play with ur dogs all day no surprise u’ll soon be seeing ghosts everywhere

  39. Cly Says:

    GIVE UP WITH ‘ORBS’ PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET AN EDUCATION.

  40. Vicky Says:

    WOW!!! Compelling proof! That ghost has grabbed that dog’s bone and is playing tug-of war!

    Orbs are not ghost! Lame!

  41. Carlos Says:

    Where is the ghost???

  42. cariA@ Says:

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  43. Erkki Says:

    Usually, when you have a lot of orbs around you, it is time for a bath.

  44. zxephin Says:

    HA! Its lens flares due to the flash reflecting off the background. AS a film student, i see this problem alot.

  45. Shaggy Says:

    I really can’t tell who wants the bone more. Post Script. This photo is boring me.Yaaaaaawn.

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  47. Anonymous Says:

    It appears to be a reflection of the flash on your phone.

  48. tytruck16 Says:

    Upper left corner above fireplace, left of the bright reflection is the faint image of a face of a pig.
    These things are real!

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