Snowman ghost

See the ‘ghostly’ image of the girl to the right of the snowman


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49 Responses to “Snowman ghost”

  1. ashley . Says:

    just looks as though a girl is peekin thru the arm .. a normal human girl .
    cause you can mek out her like body clothing like a scarf .. no disfigured shded face or anything .. seems fake to me …

  2. mairin Says:

    just a fun family photo with someone trying to be funny

  3. silverbullet Says:

    it just a normal girl..definitely not a ghost..yeah..seem fake to me…

    • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

      The ‘ghost’ even looks a lot like the girl on the left. Obviously sisters on a family day out. Utterly stupid and a complete waste of time posting!

  4. Mantis Says:

    O-oo… It’s а very strange photo….Have you noticed strange white spirit on a background (behind the boy)? O_o
    What can it be? 😀

  5. Quackers Says:

    I wish the photos were bigger. At this size, anything could look like anything…

    • Angie Says:

      Just right click on them and save them to your desk top and then open them in Microsoft Picture viewer or any phot editing software and then zoom in.

  6. Thomas Says:

    …..this photo common to me…but the true is out there..

  7. Terry Speed Says:

    I cant see anything wrong with this?!

  8. Maurice Says:

    I’m sorry; maybe I’m missing something but I can’t see any suggestion of a ghost anywhere. I don’t know what image you mean!

  9. Gabriel Says:

    The girl looks just like the girl to the left on the picture, so I would say its her sister looking under the arm of the man.

    Definatly not a ghost.

  10. Finbarr M Says:

    Very bad photoshop fake.

  11. Mute Says:

    Ho ho! How terrible.

    If you can’t see this is fake, you need your eyes testing.

    Ask yourself this, isn’t it funny how the ‘face’ looks like a modern youngster with a trendy haircut.

    I hope she smells the whiff of that chap’s armpit because right now this image stinks of fakery.

  12. leianna Says:

    I’d have to agree with the others…this couldn’t be a real ghost pic. Seems like a kid trying to be funny…didn’t work tho…

  13. Alex Pryce Says:

    First off, it is definitely an actual face. This is not a case of seeing a face in a pattern (I dropped it into photoshop, upped the pixel per inch to 1000 and zoomed right in- its a real face)

    However, this does not confirm paranormal activity. I would like to see the original on the camera. The problem with most is that it is nearly impossible to see the original and the poster takes offence at being challenged.

    I am inclined to believe this is a fake. The face is too small, too high in the picture and looks too much like the girl second from left.

    Of all the pics I;ve seen on here so far, this is the firts I’m willing to pronounce an actual fake as opposed to natural occurence/ oversight.

    • markribbands Says:

      Techniques like ‘Upping the pixel count’ is, I believe, known as ’empty magnification’. Add whatever resolution you like, you can’t add information which is not there! cf. Digital zooms: no different to cropping a bigger picture.

  14. mothlady Says:

    It’s his hand…it may have been edited a little, but probably just a flukey trick of the light.

  15. Rita Says:

    On the man’s sleeve? That looks like an ‘orb’ (I think that’s what the lingo is around here). A dust speck on the lens caught the light, and created a light spot on the photo as a result.

  16. Rita Says:

    Or Alex might be right about a photoshop job.

  17. Elliott Says:

    Such a bad photoshop job! You can still see a white outline from where the face was cropped

  18. Mark Ribbands Says:

    This is not easy to explain as an accidental double exposure, so I’m going the deliberate fake route. What I can’t explain is why anyone would do that in this way: the image is hardly convincing.

  19. Ed Says:

    It is caused by a snow forming a droplet of water on the lens of the camera and acting as another lens. Clearly it is the face of the little girl to the left of the snowman.

  20. Bob Says:

    Terrible ‘shop.

  21. vgreen Says:

    Oh for one good quality picture! Photo’s i’ve taken in daylight on either my phone or camera are such that you could zoom right in. Here you can’t at all!! So it’s impossible to make a definitive analysis. If you are going to post a photo then make it better quality.

  22. Les Says:

    This is almosty certainly a reflection of sorts – the perspective is completely wrong, yet the face is similar to the female ones in the group. This sort of thing happens a lot – perhaps Photoshop experts (real ones, that is) and the camera makers should be asked to look at them.
    Abd why do so many people think that the photos featured in this column are made by Photoshop experts? The vast majority of folks I know are happy to take photos of friends and places and just store them on their computers. few understand even how to change the brightness and contrast. I am an exception in that I am getting to know PS very well now; and my view is that there is little evidence that it has been used in any of these pictures – the weirdness in nearly all of them can be explained as natural phenomenon.

  23. Ryan Says:

    So someone’s hiding behind everyone else in the photo. Where’s the ghost?

  24. Dave Says:

    Les, please tell us what constitutes a ‘real’ photoshop expert? You obviously haven’t got to know the program very well at all if you can’t see it’s use in this photo. It’s extremely obvious.

  25. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Seems fake. Zoomed in very close and it doesn’t have the same detail as the other faces, nor the same color tones. Very simplistic.

    If not fake, then pareidolia or reflection.

  26. Sally Says:

    The person who submitted this only writes a slightly suggestive comment, but no details of who was there, and what’s so strange.
    Could be a girl peeping out from under the man’s jacket – or seems more likely a photoshopped image – happens often when someone is left out of a group photo, and people want to add/include that person in!

  27. neilspix Says:

    the paranormal has been a lifelong hobby for me but alas…in 40 years I have never seen anything. I have however discovered one fact. The human mind can generate an image that the subject experiences visually…thru their eyes. In this respect I do believe that what many people see with their eyes to be genuine…even though, in reality, what they see does not actually exist. But to them does.
    Always remember that what appears to you as a ghost or spectre can never harm you.

  28. tugba Says:

    ben artık hayalete inanıyorum bu görüntülerden sonra

  29. tiago costa Says:

    its the same girl from the left of the picture!

  30. Cintia Says:

    the snow guy it´s the ghost?

  31. Mané dos Santos Says:

    This girl is just waiting to be born into this family which she is already part of for a long time. She will come to heal some wounds.

  32. Ron Says:

    I agree that this is not a ghost, however, there are a lot of people making comments about the girl whose face is peeking out from under the man’s armpit that justify their skeptcism by saying the girl’s hairstyle and clothes are too new to be a ghost. I daresay that considering that death has not been overcome in the last 50 – 500 years, not all ghosts will be dressed in Victorian trappings. Or, are the dead not allowed to become ghosts until their styles have gone passe??

  33. Kerrie Says:

    This is clearly the girl on the left with dark hair, photo-shopped in! Its exactly like her and her hair matches too.

  34. jim Says:

    i agree with Gabriel

  35. Kitsuné Says:

    Diminished opacity overlay of a girl on photoshop. Somebody is having a laugh!

  36. walshey Says:

    doesnt the face look really similar to the girl on th eleft of the snowman?

  37. Kitsuné Says:

    As per my previous comments, she also looks similar to the girl on the left.

  38. Peri Says:

    wow..that looks real, she is fainter than the other people in the picture. she looks like she could be a member of the family..but her face is smaller than it should be in that distance but at the same time it looks like the man is hugging her

  39. Vicky Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

    Two types of words to describe this… fake & crap…

  40. krakowian Says:

    Wow…. Lots of interesting theories, but it’s really simpler than that. Camera lenses are not made out of one piece of glass. they are made out of multiple lenses that bend the light. They are arranged in “groups” of these lenses, stuck together. What we are seeing here is an in-lens reflection of the girl to the left of the snowman. The only reason the reflection is visible is because of the darkness of the man’s jacket. This is not a “fake” as in “intentional.” It is a genuine curiosity, but nothing really odd about it at all. Unfortunately, it is also an indication of a not-so-super lens. I bet it’s a digicam, and not a digital SLR, or if it is, it was done with the original kit lens. In fact, many of the phenomena I’ve seen here today on this sight are simple optical problems with cheaper lenses. 😦


  41. Kat Says:

    She looks like the second girl on the left. If it’s not her twin, then my guess is some other picture of her – either purposefully or accidentally overlapped.

  42. coollayo Says:

    W-O-W…. FAKEST GHOST FOTO EVUR!!! thats just a girl peekin thru the guy’s arm cuz they didnt let her infront DUH!!!

  43. Shaggy Says:

    I did not realize that snowmen had necks. That must be why he looks disgruntled. That must be the first time this family has been around snow and cameras. Adios

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