Hotel ghost

From the person that sent it in

A friend and I were staying in this room in a hotel in Edinburgh last September.  My friend had gone down to meet the other members of our group while I got ready and I decided to take a few photos of the room before I left.  Upon our return when I had printed the photos it was noticed that there is a face at the window.  We were on the first floor, it isn’t my reflection (I am brunette, the ‘ghost’ is fair), there is no reflection of the camera.


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46 Responses to “Hotel ghost”

  1. ashley . Says:

    looks as though some one outside tbh .. like grey hair … and some sorta cleaning outfit .. not to sure to be honest ..

  2. Hedwig Says:

    Theres are orbs in the photo if you look at the window theres one second payne up from the right and a second larger orb 5th payne up also on the right possibly more around the room but not visible due to light background

  3. Bel Says:

    Just a simple trick of the light.

    • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

      Yup. not a ghost. Unless the photographer saw the ‘ghostly’ woman, why would she be taking such a close up picture of the room??

  4. Anonymous Says:

    딱봐도 합성….

  5. mairin Says:

    Can clearly see the worried face of an older looking woman . She is wearing a white cap thing with a flaplike covering the back of her neck. Is she clasping her hands in front?

  6. Mark Ribbands Says:

    A good one this, assuming no fakery. Note the other odd reflections. Optically something interesting is going on here. At the bottom right of the window there is a strong reflection of the wallpaper, bedding or the ghostly Harvey Nicks bag! It is on old sash window, probably with crooked glass, mounted unevenly. I suspect the image of the woman is a reflection of service staff, possibly present only momentarily, behind and to the right of the photographer, maybe in the room doorway.

    Did the photographer leave with her camera in hand, open the door, then step back inside to take a few snaps without closing the door? Maybe a passing member of staff stopped and momentarily looked inside to check the room, just as the photographer pressed the shutter.

    Determining this kind of thing needs a visit to the room, an interview with the photographer and so on. Personally I wouldn’t bother, but I understand there are people who do. A single photo on the internet is insufficient data!

  7. Quackers Says:

    Agree with person above.

  8. Anonymous Says:


    I’d agree with the person above as well, but look closely and you’ll see that the ‘ghost’s’ head is almost the same height as the reflection of the light fitting. If the ‘ghost’ were just the reflection of some passing service staff, they would have to be about 7 foot tall to cast a reflection like this.

    So – I’m not sure what’s happened here. Woudl be good to see the room to check out lighting, reflections etc.

  9. Loz Moss Says:

    It looks to me the television was on behind the photographer and it’s reflection is photographed.

  10. Finbarr M Says:

    Very good picture, lots of suggestions for the mind here.

    We have the image which looks to be as one commenter said, of an old cleaning lady, we have orbs, and it looks to be an old building that may have once had a cleaning lady dressed like the one in the picture.

    One the other hand, it all takes place in the window which does suggest trick of the light, plus the bottom left windows somehow cuts off the image of the ghost in a very straight line. As and artist once said. Nature hates straight lines and doesn’t use them.

    However, I’ll give this one genuine.

  11. Ady Says:

    I’m really liking the thinking behind the ‘telly is on in the background’ theory. I wish I’d thought of it myself, it is almost certainly the right explanation. can anyone confirm that the televisions in this hotel are either wall mounted or on fairly high shelf tops.

    I stayed in ahotel in manchester recently where they were in cabinets that were around 5ft high, this could be the same.

  12. Rob Williams Says:

    This one is interesting! At first I thought that it was just the reflection of someone in the room, but on studying it a little closer (downloaded it and brought it up in photoshop) it occured to me that the “ghost” image is physically too large to be someone standing behind the camera and one would see the person standing in front of the camera if she was close enough to the window to make this size of reflection. If, as you say, there was no one outside of the window, I would have to vote for ghost (certanily the most colorful [colourful for those on your side of the pond] ghost photo I’ve seen.


  13. Jobless Col Says:

    This is very impressive in my oppinion. It cant be staff or anyone for that matter as the ‘victorian looking old lady’ appears to be way too high in the air!

    I also notice several orbs, and WHAT is that orange ball in or outside the window??

    If the photographer is telling the truth about been alone in the room then i have to call this possibly genuine. Good one!

  14. Dave Says:

    Agreed on the television theory. You can actually see the reflection of the shopping bag handles clearly indicating it’s merely a reflection of the room. The wallpaper reflection is also the same. The TV was on at the time showing a close up of an old lady and it would have been sitting up high.

    The orange ball thing is just that, a real object on the outside of the window.

  15. Miche Says:

    yes, if you look, the chair reflection, is the cut off point, from the reflection of the TV behind it, in the window!

  16. Miche Says:

    …. But saying that, it would have to be a bloody bit TV looking at where the head is! I take it back…. i’m baffald.

  17. manigen Says:

    Thinking about the number of hotels I’ve stayed in where the TV was sitting high up on the wall (above head height) on a stand, I have to agree with the TV theory. Also, the head is visible in one set of panes, but most of the rest of the room is reflected in the panes below that. As Mark pointed out, the wood and glass in old windows will deform, and can so the reflections can come from all over the place.

  18. Miche Says:

    The room looks really small, the figure (ghost) looks fare to big , I can’t see the TV being so big or so close to the window as it would be to get this size of a re-flection?

  19. manigen Says:

    Don’t assume that the reflection size is 1:1. The image could be stretched by deformations in the glass.

  20. Alex Pryce Says:

    I’m always intrigued as to why ghosts show up on cameras but not to the person taking the picture.

    A camera can only capture what it sees and is nowhere near the standard of a human eye. I just don’t understand why a camera should be able to pick up a ghost but a human eye cannot?

    However, due to external factors a camera can much easier record tricks of the light and reflections. Any ghost image whcih appears in a reflection is, in my opinion, highly unlikely to be anything other than a genuine reflection of a real image simply highlighted due to the dark outside, the light of the flash and the reflection of objects, images and items in the area.

  21. Bob Says:

    The caption says “we were on the 1st floor.” Seriously, it’s someone looking in the f-ing window you dipshiat.

  22. Rod Says:

    Sorry Bob, In UK 1st floor comes above the ground floor – so person outside would either have to possess a monstrous pogo-stick, or be 17 feet tall.
    Interesting pic – unlikely to be service staff as Edinburgh hotel doors have self-closers and to be taking a pic the photographer would have come in and released the door which would have closed in 2 or 3 seconds.
    Elsewhere the window appears to reflect itself – a dressing table mirror on the other side of the room facing the window? As a result the curtains appear in the second image immediately below the face, thereby adding body to the disembodied face.
    On balance, without a chance to visit the room and see the layout, I’d go with a wall mounted TV and a BBC costume drama inadvertently being picked up.

  23. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Peeping Tom (Jane?) standing outside. You couldn’t see them normally because the room’s light made your window reflective to those standing inside. When you took the picture it “revealed” what was outside. A person.

    That’s creepy on its own… No need for them to be dead, too.

  24. grollum Says:

    someone outside?

  25. Digitalgoldfish Says:

    Why do people keep talking about Orbs? It’s no surprise that Orbs have only come about since digital photography. They have very simple explanations to do witth he dust being caught in the flash, and the way a CCD processes this. No great mystery there.. But i do agree this is an interesting photo..

  26. VIVIANE Says:


  27. Davi Says:

    딱봐도 합성… hã alguém traduz isso?!

  28. vanessa Says:

    um hotel lindo + cade o fantasma
    acho ki num tem néééééé

    deve ser uma empregada ki estava limpando as janelas
    só isso!!!!!!!!!

  29. André Vieira Says:

    Incrivel Angulo de visão…
    Simplesmente,de acordo com o angulo da foto,
    deve ser o reflexo de alguém no espelho…
    pois a foto foi tirado do lado esquerdo,
    sendo possivel pegar o reflexo de uma pessoa que estava ao
    lado do fotógrafo,ou talvez seja o proprio fotógrafo..

  30. Cintia Says:

    why someone take a picture of a window????

  31. am62 Says:

    im not a photo buff but it looks like the reflection of a tv thats switched on. nice room !!

  32. Richard Hulligan Says:

    Its a portrait on the wall opposite, The detail is not like of a person, but of a painting or drawing.
    This is demonstrated further by the orange light/ bulb seen to the left of the face. which is in front of the image in the reflection. This proves the aspect of where the ‘Ghost’ is actually positioned.

  33. jim Says:

    it’s gust a man at the widow

  34. Chuzzy Says:

    Thats a real evil looking ghost u’ve got there!;^)

  35. Amy Taylor Says:

    I wish people would stop saying it was someone outside.
    In places other than America the floor numbering is different. What we American’s call the ‘first floor’ others call the ‘ground floor’. This picture was taken on what we’d call the ‘second floor’
    Not someone outside the window. Also, if you actually look at the positioning of the head vs the chair and whatnot, they’d have to be standing on something to get that tall, and why wouldn’t we see the rest of them?

    I don’t believe this is a genuine ghost, but I know it isn’t someone outside!

  36. Becca Says:

    Looks like Compo to me. I think Last of the Summer Wine was on at the time.

    It’s a man’s face on a tv screen with curtains or something behind him.

  37. Matteo Says:

    Nice image but it’s quite clearly a reflection of an old picture on the wall behind the photographer… maybe he just didn’t notice it

  38. Vicky Says:

    Impressive ghost pic… if it is not faked. Hard to tell though – whether it is faked or not…

  39. Victoria Says:

    I was very impressed by this photograph.
    Firstly, to whoever took it….I can understand why you would initially take a photograph of your Hotel room (it’s something I would do and people shouldn’t question your motives to be honest!) and plus the hotel room itself looks very lovely indeed!
    Moving onto the ‘ghostly’ image….it looks pretty genuine to me.

  40. Anonymous Says:


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