Ghostly orb

This from the person that sent it in:

Is this an Orb?   We took several photos of me opening this present at Christmas 2008 – this was photo 1.  The others, taken afterwards, show no Orb type image at all.  They were all taken in the same conditions and from the same place.


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64 Responses to “Ghostly orb”

  1. Linus Says:

    Looks like lens flare or a dirty lens to me.

  2. Simon Says:

    Dust. It’s the flash lighting up a bit of dust or fluff, you get the same effect if you take a flash photo in the rain.

  3. Morag Says:

    I agree with Simon. I immediately thought it looked like a speck of dust caught with the flash, so it stands to reason that it wouldn’t be there on subsequent pictures.

    • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

      I think we ALL know what this is. Other people have posted their own versions of similar orbs on here and all the comments are the same. I’m skipping any more pictures that contain a ‘Ghostly Orb’!!

  4. Anise76 Says:

    Yes it’s an orb. However, most orbs are simply natural phenomena exposed by the glare of a flash, and are usually dust close to the lense, or moisture in the air. Orbs are more prevalent on digital shots rather than shots onto standard film, possibly indicating that many of them are digital artefacts caused by the camera itself.

  5. Kim Says:

    I have been taking pictures of my newborn son and nealry every picture I take of him has the same orb like feature over his shoulder. Now the first few I thought were just refletcions but the more I have looked at the photos I have noticed them in every one. To be honest I think that it is his great grandad who passed away about 2 years before he was born and I think its his way of looking after my son.

  6. Dmitry Says:

    Looks like bit of dust 5-6 cm far from lens.

  7. Warren Says:

    Dust, the flash is most likely reflecting off a bit of floating lint in the air GASP.
    Its like those ‘most haunted’ programmes, infra red light bouncing off something close to the video camera so it appears brighter because its close to the infra red light beam. the same as people closer to the camera appear brighter.

  8. Anon Says:

    Kim, that’s quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. There’s incontrovertible evidence to support the fact that this is simply dust and that ALL orb pictures can be deduced as such… dust, motes, dirt particles… simply particles in the air. I feel bad for you that you think your grandfather is floating above your son.

    • Glen Says:

      We all believe what we want to, and if you find any comfort whatsoever in thinking this through in your own mind, then in my opinion, you are doing no-one any harm. It is not outwith the realms of possibility, therefore where i wouldnt shout it from the rooftops, i would quietly store it and keep believing until such times as you yourself find evidence to suggest otherwise. My father died recently, and i firmly believe that he watches over my two daughters whether i see orbs or not, and no one will ever change that belief….ever.

      • Michael K. Says:

        You both need to grow up. I don’t care how old you really are, this isn’t a matter of actual age. Sure, feel free to believe what you want: ghosts, spirits of ancestors watching over your children, fairies, goblins, god, santa claus, the easter bunny, whatever. Truth of the matter is, you’re only deluding yourself. Seriously, grow up. If the only way you can handle the death of a loved one is by entertaining the fancy that s/he is still “with us,” by all means, continue to do so. You’re not harming anyone. But you have some serious issues with accepting their death and moving on. Good luck with that.

  9. Alex Pryce Says:

    Orbs. I worry that anyone, anywhere still considers orbs to be genuine examples of paranormal activity. People can’t even decide which type of spirit it is- some claim it is a full spirit, others say it is a spirit “being born”.

    Orbs have been regularly shown to be nothing more than naturally occuring phenomenon, easily. It is true that people may believe what they wish, but when what they believe has been explained numerous times I am curious as to why they chose to continue their erroneous protestations.

    I understand the desire to believe in an afterlife, though I myself feel no need to nor a desire to. There are many other, far more difficult to explain, phenomena taking place which could easily substitute for the debunked existence of orbs that I wonder why believers do not simply say “Fair enough, orbs aren’t ghosts, but there’s still all this evidence…” etc etc. It would seriously increase my respect for believers in the paranormal if they approached it from a more logical standpoint and accepted when certain events are explained as the mundane.

    It sounds rather dismissive and a little arrogant, but I tend to disregard orb photographs instantly.

  10. Clive Says:

    Anyone spot the name of the Jpeg? Shot through a window in the snow probably!

  11. Richard Farrer Says:

    Looks like a reflection of the flash to me

  12. Jan Says:

    If Kim wants to believe that her Grandfather is watching over her son, so be it. To each their own, ya know.

    • Alan Champion Says:

      That’s a bit wet, Jan. Let’s all rather encourage people to live in the real world. Kim is the parent and should be looking after her son without fanciful ideas of help from the grave.

  13. Kayleigh Says:

    Its just a bit of dust that has caught the light.

    There are no such things as orbs!

  14. Freedie Johnston Says:

    Jan, read what they’re saying. No harm in what Kim is believing, but it’s no different than believing in fairies.

  15. Claudio Says:

    I agree with Linus. It is pretty common this kind of artifact in photos.

  16. Troy Says:

    It looks like a light reflection. I wonder if that’s one of those fireplaces that are enclosed with a glass. If that’s the case it could be light reflecting off the glass at just the right angle. Nice looking gal in the picture.

  17. Jewel Says:

    It looks like dust to me. I’ve seen the same thing in many of my photos over the years.

  18. Hannah Says:

    I’m going to have to say that it is dust. Especially during present-opening time there must have been a lot of movement which would lead to dust being thrown up in the air.

  19. Mailmandolin Says:

    If I have a drop of water on my lens, this is what happens to me.

  20. Jonathan Says:

    Whether its dust, water, lint, or even a ghostly Orb no one can really explain it and we end up getting long drawn out blogs like this one, it may excite some pepole but the majority are looking for something a bit more circumstantial.

  21. Mike Says:

    The photo shows an orb, These are individual spirits. i would not really class this as a ghost. Sometimes they can contain several spirits including archangels and loved one who have passed over.

    digital camera’s are now able to pick these orbs up and they are very common all over the world.

  22. Alan Champion Says:

    This is so pathetic that I suspect Richard has included it as a control….

  23. Mark Ribbands Says:

    Dust caught in the flash. Or, noting the position in the fireplace, the ghostly presence of Father Christmas’ spirit.

    On balance, I’ll go with the first explanation 🙂

  24. Katsipoulis Says:


  25. Maria Says:

    I agree with everyone who said it was a dirty lense. This looks like what happens when you get a drop of water or speck of dust on the lense, because it’s out of focus, it appears to be an “orb”

  26. k8 Says:

    So many comments for this one!
    I’m not looking at or voting for any more of this rubbish.

  27. Derek Acorah Says:

    Whats that Sam…say again…Orbs are Bollocks.

  28. Anonymous Says:


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  37. Strikam Says:

    Orbs dont exist.
    I had a few picture of ‘orbs’ looking identical to in the picture. And guess what it was water droplets as I was next to a fountain and it was windy and I guess the air was humid.

  38. Shannon Says:

    It’s very clearly some dust. I’m a mere child and even I can see that it is just dust!

  39. Bob Says:

    If I see one more orb photo, I’m going to kill a kitten.

  40. Ryan Says:

    “The others, taken afterwards, show no Orb type image at all. They were all taken in the same conditions and from the same place.”

    Wouldn’t that indicate to you that there is no ghost? I’m with Bob on this one.

  41. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Orb, eh?

    As usual, it’s a dust mote or lens flare. In this case, dust.

    Not grandpa.

  42. isa Says:


  43. Lucpar Says:

    Good grief….would everyone stop with the ORBS. It is called dust people. DUST!!!!!

  44. Chuzzy Says:

    Poor coal ghost! Hope it made it to heaven after enduring all that burning here on earth

  45. Matteo Says:

    maybe these poor ingenuous people that think to see ghosts in the dust have never taken a photo before…

  46. Vicky Says:

    Another crappy orb…. dirt, dust, smudge – take your pic.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    orbs are just dust

  48. iva Says:

    you all say dust taken with flash but all of my pictures with orbs in it are taken without the do you explain that?????

  49. Shaggy Says:

    I can’t believe this was sent in. How boring. Although I think the possibility of ghosts are real I would hate to think folks will mistake me as a piece of dust or a bug if I come back as a ghost.. Boo to this photo and all others like it.There will be plenty more dusty bug photos for anyone eager to find a ghost.

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