Ghost in woods

From the person that sent it in….

The attached pic was taken last year while on a walk in the local forest with my kids and dog.  I stopped to take a picture near an old victorian mine and while enlarging the digital image spotted the figure in the tree line.  I am not a ghost kind of person and so think it most likely just shadows and branches coming together to lok spooky. still creepy though.


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57 Responses to “Ghost in woods”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Thats a good picture, the body looks quite clear, the only doubt I would have is with the face – pretty eerie though

    • adela Says:

      I also think its very good and clear picture..definitely one of the scariest “ghost pics” I´ve ever seen.. I think it´s genuine, and if so, I´m sure its not “lights and shadows and trees”, because I can see this boy very clear with details..for me really scary

    • bumcheeks Says:

      trippy, but why is the dude looking straight at the camera? photoshop premeire pro or quark

  2. Anise76 Says:

    Looks like a composite picture to me – the face is reminiscent of Munch’s “The Scream” painting.

  3. Peter M Says:

    I would guess it is simply the result of the brain’s tendancy to see faces in everything.

  4. Alan Champion Says:

    “I stopped to take a picture near an old victorian mine and while enlarging the digital image…” = too much information from a faker.

  5. Pigalina Says:

    Oooh this one is pretty creepy

  6. silverbullet Says:

    the image quite blur..

  7. Mark Ribbands Says:

    I’m with Peter M: It’s our ridiculous brains assembling a model of a human from nothing. It’s all about protection from threats.

    That said, I do rather like the ghost’s cool Raybans. I wonder if they’re standard issue on the other side 🙂

  8. Katsipoulis Says:


  9. Finbarr M Says:

    I think it’s just a coincidence really, our brains making familiar shapes out of what we see.

    If it is a ghost his body is all over the place so he must be very body conscious.

  10. Ady Says:

    i’m more concerned about the ‘ghost’ in the far distance.

    the woods ghost reminds me of Mr. Burns in the simpsons when he’s haunting the woods of springfield with his healthy glow!! ha ha, brilliant.

  11. Ste Says:

    i must say its now a bad picture, but whats with the girl with a brain for a face?

  12. Ste Says:


  13. LeaC24 Says:

    Just a tangle of trees

  14. Derek Acorah Says:

    Again i’m asking sam for some kind of information……yes,yes…really…ok Sam thank you. He says they are missing a large white arrow from a filter lane as you approach….were Sam can you tell me some more….ahhhh….thats it, as you approach the heathrow turning on the M4. Thank you Sam.

  15. emilystarling Says:

    That ghost reminds me of Jerry Garcia.

  16. Jonathan Says:

    Image has proof of being tampered with given the blurriness and the large arrow- if you were submitting for people to actually vote on whether or not this was real, why go through all that trouble and modify the picture? While I agree it could be pattern recognition, it doesn’t seem to be, because you can make out what is beyond the image of the person with the ‘mr. burns in the woods eyes’. While I don’t think the image will be saying “I bring peace, and looooove!” as Mr. Burns did, I think there is ample evidence for tampering. Resubmit the unedited photo and we can give it a real look.

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      To a certain extent I agree, originals, untampered and uncropped should be submitted for discussion- however as the image contains a child I understand fully why the parent may not want the child’s face being clearly seen.

  17. Jobless Col Says:

    Im with Ady on this one, i also noticed the eerie figure in the distance also (above left of girls head)

    i zoomed in very close and thats far more impressive!

    It seems to have a greenish face, its walking/floating from left to right, you can also see its left hand, and a white tie or a light coloured shirt under a black overcoat! Take a closer look.

    However the ‘scream-mask’ face in the trees is also interesting. I like this one!!

  18. Jobless Col Says:

    .. sorry, going back to the figure above the girls head… i meant to say you can see the right hand… weird

  19. Damian Elsen Says:

    The big, white, ghostly arrow in the middle of the frame is what’s worrying me. Could you see that when you took the photo? Spooky!

  20. manigen Says:

    The blurred face of the girl is much more disturbing than the figure in the trees.

  21. Miche Says:

    Looks like an alian more than a ghost, look at the naked little freaky body, probably just tree branch but…

  22. Bob Says:

    Blurred face = altered photo. Throw this one out.

  23. Ryan Says:


  24. Wyn Williams Says:

    cover the face bit and see if the legs for instance can be repated in other shadows, they can, therefore its a trick of the light, face may of been added on, the scream does spring to mind doesn’t it ?

  25. ZeroCorpse Says:

    I’m going to go with pareidolia. Nothing there, just looks like it to human eyes.

  26. Jay Says:


    debunkers are boring!

  27. Gost Buster Says:

    its not a ghost
    its a alien!!!

  28. Israel Says:


  29. isa Says:


  30. Carol Says:

    I’m sure: it’s an alien! Can you see the eyes?!

  31. Dominic Hopkirk Says:

    At least the photographer doesn’t claim it is a ghost like some of the other morons on here have.
    All credit to you to offer an explanation first instead of making yourself look stupid.

  32. David Says:

    trick of light

  33. vicki sidwells Says:

    Has anybody else noticed that there are 2 ghost figures on this picture, a taller one standing immediatly right of the other figure, looks like a father and son

  34. vicki sidwells Says:

    Has anybody else noticed that there are 2 ghost figures on this picture, a taller one standing immediatly right of the other figure, looks like a father and son..

  35. Chuzzy Says:

    Real good ghostly arrow you’ve got there dude!

  36. Vicky Says:

    Apparently ghosts only come in Black and White… Has to be photoshop.

  37. Unique Says:

    Nice Picture the Spirit is Dressed in clothes resembling era of the great american depression!

    Like this Photo!

  38. Angela Says:

    If you zoom in and change brightness and contrast, it shows nothing leading me to the belief that its composition of leaves, branches and shadows and our natural instinct to see human features in objects

  39. lilivae Says:

    SO fake. cmon, if there was a ghost, why would it look like the scream?? or a cartoon? you guys are totally kidding yourselves

  40. Rachel Says:


  41. Gerda Says:

    Ofcorse the lights, dark and bright lights can play tricks with our eyes or minds, but this looks like a farmer. Or a man who has been there or walked there at least knows the area,or maby died there or around this area where he lived. Often ghosts appear in black and white and has nothing to do with Photoshop . yes with this you cn create a lot of things when your raly realy good with this,but ghost can appear like this no photoshopping.When time is right, or he or she wants to show up on a picture it happens,

  42. doomed Says:

    I can’t see anything but a big arrow

  43. j. david Says:

    I hate to say it ,but it does look like a typical pic of an elemental,



    […]Ghost in woods « Ghostly photographs from Hauntings[…]…

  45. Tamsin Lawrence Says:

    If you look at the bottom of where the “ghost” is standing, to around where his left foot would be, you can clearly see another face. (As though the chin of that face is resting on the grass line. See it? Fairly large.) If you look around that whole area in the grass and rockery (bottom left portion of pic again) you can make out a few faces. What does it mean? I would guess 2 things. 1. there is some kind of over exposure or an image from previous photos being imprinted “behind” this one. and 2. Through a combination of things like branches, and shading on rocks, as well as lighting factors, it is creating what “appears” to be faces. Although not faked as such, this is definitely not a real ghost, or ghost’s’. And I am a believer in the supernatural, but to find a genuine ghost pic would be a one in a billion I think.

  46. Tamsin Says:

    In fact the more I look at this pic, the more “faces” I see. A dozen at least. And perhaps the ‘main ghost” is a photoshop rather than a camera issue, because you can clearly see his entire outline and clothes, sunglasses etc. Whatever it is, it’s not paranormal. unfortunately. Are these people so desperate to prove it that they destroy any chance of getting to the truth, by manipulating and lying or do they simply want to be smartasses? Either way it’s damn annoying.

  47. Ghost Picture of the Day: The Man in the Woods | Ghosts and Ghouls Says:

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  48. interesting Says:

    I see the face of a Man up in the trenes and a female face down below closer to the ground

  49. caron Says:

    I believe that is a spirit image, I have photo,s of many.

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