Ghost in frame

From the person that sent it in

I took this photo with my mobil, holding both hands, it was taken from a photo at my sons wedding.The size of the original photo is 3″by 4.5 ” , there is no hand in the original photo. Please could you explain it to me.


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41 Responses to “Ghost in frame”

  1. ashley . Says:

    it her own hand from the reflection … in the glass that obvious ..

  2. Jonathan Says:

    If you look at the right hand side of the photo you can see that the other hand is refected in the glass (against the mans shirt) – not ghostly in the slightest.

  3. S.I.K. Says:

    I think that is reflected in the glass which against the man’s shirt.

  4. Alan Champion Says:

    Yes, the hand is in a “on top of camera” position. And why on earth are you taking this photo except to achieve this result. If it were intended to be of the photo itself, you would have been more square-on to it. Another “control”, Richard?

  5. Katsipoulis Says:

    Its your own hand thats being reflected, can even see the position of your hand holding cam/phone, lol.

  6. pam Says:

    What these people are saying is not true.This was took with both hands on the side off the cam/phone, there was no hand anywhere near the top of the phone.The picture was taken not aiming to achieve anything other than to load onto my pc via my bluetooth.

  7. Mute Says:

    It’s the photographer’s own hand being reflected in the glass of the frame.

    This is further reinforced by the fact that the hand is in a ‘grip’ shape.

    Also looks like its been cropped.

    Not a ghost.

  8. Arno Says:

    Looks like a picture made of something with a glass surface. So probably the reflection of the hand of the person taking the picture.

  9. Terry Says:

    This is a photo of a photo.
    Just take another photo from a different angle and check the results again!

  10. Ady Says:

    ha ha, pathetic ghost picture claim, they’re getting worse on here…

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Took the photo from many angles but it never happened again.

  12. Alex Pryce Says:

    I have to agree with Ady, some images on here you truly have to wonder what is going through the mind of the person making the claim.

  13. Derek Acorah Says:

    Sam is telling me….. yes, yes. Thank you Sam. Its your own reflection.

  14. kadir Says:

    çok yapmacık!

  15. Eden Says:

    is it not just her hat? 0.o

  16. Jobless Col Says:

    Im not so quick to dismiiss this as a fake….

    there does appear to be two hands ,however one hand is much bigger than the other hand, and the hand on the left looks grotesquely distorted! Also the hand over her head appears to have 2 ‘eyes’ or rings on it that just dont look right. Who knows maybe the hand over her head is a ‘guardian’?? And its no good taking the photo again, like most spooky’r just 99% unlikely to be lucky enough to capture it again. This could be the real mcoy, who can say??

    • manigen Says:

      Jobless, I wouldn’t call this a fake either, but that doesn’t mean that it’s paranormal. Of course the two hands in the reflection are different sizes, the shot was taken at an angle, with one hand closer to the frame than the other. And the “ring” thing is probably just that, a ring. Either that or some part of the original photo.

  17. Alex Pryce Says:

    On a serious note, considering there are angles involved in this and glass from a frame it is either a reflection of the photographers hand or an object in the room which looks like a hand.

    I think we need to differentiate between “fake” and “Genuine with a natural explanaition”.

    FAKE: An intentional attempt to manipulate or alter the image to create extra information within.

    GENUINE/ NATURAL: An image taken honestly with no intentional alteration, which shows additional information not present or not knowingly present at the time of the images creation.

    I think there is an all too common assumption that because an image is clearly and easily explain that it must therefore be fake. Please be careful with how you use these words as using fake in place of Genuine with a natural explanaition can be seen as both arrogant and offensive as well as accusatory.

    Basically “Fake” is a definite statement and in certain circles and situations calling someone a fake can lead to libel or slander charges- just look at how many times Uri Gellar has tried suing James Randi.

    We need to be more careful or risk being branded as close minded and arrogant.

    Just my two cents.

    Alex Pryce
    Edinburgh Skeptics

  18. Bob Says:

    Unintentional hand holding the camera reflected off of the picture.

    The hand is that of the photographers.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    why not show us the original pictue to compare it with?

  20. Ryan Says:


    It’s a reflection!

    Damn I’m good!

  21. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Reflection of this picture-taker’s hand on the original photo’s gloss.

  22. Simon Says:

    Haha, thats a funny one!

  23. Johnny Says:

    ain’t people just too dumb to be true! man…hahahahahaha

  24. Cintia Says:

    it´s the thing of Family Addams =O!!!

  25. Stavros Says:

    “On Reflections”

    I’ve tried to reproduce “the hand” using Pam’s mobile and the original framed picture – I can’t do it! The last time I looked, Pam only had two hands, and she needs both to hold the mobile (its an age thing); so where did the other hand come from? It is not a reflection of something in the room.

    One grandfather of the young lady in the photograph is buried in the cemetry immediately behind Pam’s house.

    Jobless Col is on the right track.

  26. Cyj Says:

    I believe this is not a fake and so far, the most believable one. For all the skeptics, just a thought, so what would it take for you to believe? Just wondering. Cheers.

  27. Vicky Says:

    It is “Thing” from the Addams Family… Its a reflection of someone’s hand!

  28. deshru Says:

    it is your hand stupid!

  29. Pam Says:

    You try to do it and then see you is stupid!!
    I have asked lots of people to have a go but it cannot be done.I dont wear any rings so where does that come from.The photo is a genuine one and nothing done to fool anybody.

    • edinburghskeptics Says:

      I will upload an image to a file sharing site later and gie you the link to show it is easy to recreate, I’ve just taken a picture of me and my fiance in a picture frame and indeed you see the hand. now it owuld be very difficult to recreate your image exactly as we’d need

      – camera model
      – time of day
      – light source
      – frame size
      – position of hands in relation to camera
      – any open crutains? windows?
      – distance from frame

      etc etc. It would be very difficult to recreate the image exactly because of all those variables, however a very similar image can be recreated.

      It either a reflection or a hand. What does Occams Razor tell us?

  30. Stavros Says:

    Never mind Occam or all the other “What Ifs”, Sherlock. Is there some part of both hands on the camera, with nobody else in the room, that you don’t understand? The picture was not created – it just happened!

  31. Mr. Cool Says:

    Is it just me or are some rings around his eyes?

  32. joe maluco Says:

    Essa eh a mao que balanca o berco..uhsusa

  33. Jeff Swarthington Says:

    Whoever submitted this is either having fun with us or being willfully ignorant. This, as has been repeated ad nauseam, is a reflection of the photographers hands. Some commenters here are so willing to chalk this up to the paranormal (looking at you Jobless Col) that I’d be willing to believe that their motives are not genuine. Of course, they may simply want to believe in this so badly that their ability to reason has been compromised.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    First of all…Why are you taking a picture of a PICTURE? Just curious. If the picture is that important…make a copy! Second.. like Jeff says above, it has to a reflection of the photo takers hand! Is there not somebody who filters these photos before they are put on the website?

  35. dalyn chappell Says:

    looks like a hand griping a camera

  36. Anonymous Says:

    seriously?? I’m surprised that someone as simple as this person managed to upload the photo in the first place. Tit.

  37. Internet Web Directory Says:

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  38. miz lucas Says:

    maybe the man was trying to be funny… I often give my grandfather “rabbit ears” in photos. and then blame ghosts.

  39. Valentine Says:

    Anyone notice the guy has 6 fingers?

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