Cleaner ghost

From the person who sent it in:

I took this photograph in a Church in Liverpool, when the company I work for was renovating the floor…..There was absoluteley no one else around, and it wasnt my coat/hand over the lens!. No one can explain it, as it is so dense it obliterates the flooring.


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31 Responses to “Cleaner ghost”

  1. Chrissy Bee Says:

    It’s a towel.

  2. wsv Says:

    Youre right!

  3. mairin Says:

    yes definitely a towel

  4. Mark Ribbands Says:

    Object on table (? folded carpet/tarpaulin/packaging material) close to the camera and grossly overexposed. Although the photographen says not. Maybe tiny debris inside camera moving around between the lens and the sensor.

  5. silverbullet Says:

    i did not see anything..where is the ghost??

  6. Katsipoulis Says:

    I dont see anything out of the ordinary.

  7. Mute Says:

    The fact that nobody see’s anything out of the ordinary is proof enough that this isn’t a ghost.

    The photographer was near an object at the time of taking the photograph. Probably a corner of a table which has a cloth on it. Or some other ‘cloth like entity’.


    Why do people bother?

    I will say that the cleaning lady isn’t doing a very good job, there’s a dusty ‘orb’ floating around in the top right of the image.

  8. Terry Says:

    The photograph looks to be damaged by the photo-lab during processing. I would take the photo back to the photo developing lab and demand a refund!

  9. Alex Pryce Says:

    As with others, I fail to see anything to suggest a paranormal incident. I can’t understand why these obtain any sort of credibility. If it is a ghost what is it a ghost of?

    I once worked in a supposedly haunted location and a woman took a picture of something very similar which turned out to be a sleeping bag.

  10. Dave Says:

    What sort of camera was it, it could have been a damaged film

  11. Jobless Col Says:

    hmmm, not calling you a hoaxer, but why take such a mundane/boring photo of the dull floor??????????????????

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      A very important statement Col.

      One of my main criticisms of some ghost pictures is the bizarre nature of the actual picture. There is a serious quesiton as to why some people would choose to take pictures of certain objects. This is a prime example, its a low shot of nothing of any interest.

      I would feel that this is an example of an accidental photo. How many times have you had a camera at hand and accidentaly hit the button. I have had many strange photographs returned from the developer simply because I have hit the button by mistake.

      If this is an intentional photograph then why take it unless it was to provide the basis of a hoax. And if it is a mistaken picture than what implies the supernatural element exisiting if it is not known what the object is?

      • Mark Ribbands Says:

        Yes Alex, I reckon you’ve got it! An unrecognised accidental exposure, obstructed by clothing or some other object, probably preceded or followed by deliberate photographs of the floor renovation work (the chap said this was his job). Then, remembering only those photos which he took deliberately, this picture appeared inexplicable.

      • Bob Says:

        I was thinking the same thing. Most ‘ghostly’ photographs are taken of weird thing.

        “Oh I took a photo of this dog turd I stepped in”
        “This is a photo of my plain old garbage can”
        “I took a picture of my bra hanging from the bathroom doorknob”

  12. Ady Says:

    well I can’t believe how blind you all are.
    It is clearly a clanger just about to walk across the shot, stupid clangers!
    I am shaking with fear however due to the fact that the floor is being sanded but you cannot see who is operating the machinery and who is holding the brush???!! spooooky!

    there is just too much going on in this photo to accept that it is genuine, sorry.

  13. manigen Says:

    Could be a clanger. Could be a heffalump. We may never know…

  14. Alex Pryce Says:

    Possibly a Moomin. They are right for a revival.

  15. Ryan Says:

    Yes, it does look unnatural. Looks like whoever developed the picture for you f*cked up just a wee bit in the lower left hand corner.

  16. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Shirt sleeve, towel, or goop.

  17. Nobby Says:

    It’s obvious. Uncle Bulgaria is running a rival cleaning firm there (as you can imagine – after all Wimbledon has gone to the dogs these days) and has crept in to check up on his rivals. Once he saw the camera go off he was on his paws before the photographer noticed. To conclude – it’s Uncle Bulgaria’s nose.

  18. Simon Says:

    Considering it’s a cleaner ghost, my bet would be on a duster!

  19. neil Says:

    It’s some material or other like a blanket or a coat

  20. Cintia Says:

    no real…

  21. Dominic Hopkirk Says:

    Wow! Someone better call the Dustbusters! – Sorry, Ghostbusters!

  22. Chuzzy Says:

    Yeah, that must be the ghost of the fr**gn alter-cloth!

  23. Vicky Says:

    Your “ghost” has a hemline with stitching… It a ghostly tablecloth??? Obviously fake!

  24. Sarah Says:

    Not too many ghosts come with a cerated or zig zag edge.
    Plus why on earth would someone take a low angle picture of a wood floor being renovated?
    Actually it looks more like a sting-ray. May be hmmmm…..

  25. Mariana Says:

    I took the picture of the floor being renovated as our company takes before and after shots for our ‘photo gallery’ hence the sanding machine in the background….nothing to do with a ‘cleaner’ at all. I am 5’1” there wasnt a ‘towel’ or ‘table’ next to me, I was standing with the altar behind me, and NOTHING to my left or right. The picture has never been ‘processed’. Its still on my memory card in my digital camera.

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