Woman in white

These were taken in the Greyfriars Cemetery in Edinburgh when the person toured there with a medium.  This from the person that sent it in:

Everyone…can see her and her little friend on the left.  One of them may be Alice or Alison Greer – that’s a name that “came through” in the vault when we went back.


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40 Responses to “Woman in white”

  1. heidi charnock Says:

    i dont no what to say about this one it does look very good but i aint gonna say if its fake or not!!! but a very good pic! WHAT DO U THINK PEOPLE!?

  2. kiera Says:

    not enough detail in the image to tell what it is

  3. Becky Says:

    thtt could be anythin dnt u think peeps it does look spooy but it looks more like a wedding dess hung up in the garden fake in my opinion

  4. Tracy Says:

    Looks a bit dodgy, dresses looks super-imposed to me – too perfect to be authentic

  5. Casper Says:

    looks like a garden umbrella or something

  6. kirsty Says:

    its fake. it litterally just looks like a dress which could have been edited onto the image or just a craply taken photo

  7. Kat Says:

    I think that the figure(s) look transparent meaning that it can’t be just a dress or coat etc. I think it’s a genuine one.

  8. Sarah Says:

    It is odd. What’s that on the right? The light that shines on the object in the right doesn’t shine on the images to the left, although it looks like it should. What is the light source?

    • Damo Says:

      Hi Sarah. On the right is Steve. He is stumbling in a hole as the pic was taken hence his rather strange position. The light is the torch which was under my arm, it was pointed at him. And he DOES have his trousers on… even if it looks like he doesn’t :o) x

      • Sarah Says:

        Ahhh thanks – I was completely mystified by that!! I’ve just played with the brightness etc too, and that’s shown him up better – that’s some lovely bumshine he has there!

        I can see the figures better too – very strange… it looks like a slinky dress, you can see the folds in the fabric really clearly. What’s odd is that there is no head area – the fabric ends in an opening, but there’s nothing inside. There’s an odd little ‘horn’ between the figure and Steve too, and something just above him – don’t know what that is.

      • Damo Says:

        “Bumshine”… tee hee, Steve will love that lol x I think I’ll make that his new nickname if he wouldn’t batter me for it 😮

        “Slinky Dress” is exactly what I thought after I’d changed from “BIIIIG girl facing away” – I thought the neck was originally a sleeve maybe? But I changed my mind. There’s a white line to her back I think, she’s really slim and maybe has her right leg kinked forward? And the shaded area next to the neck looks like a defined breast… though I’m a man and we see them everywhere lol!!!1 Definitely folds of fabric though, can you see the different trim on the dress on the far left?

        The light above Steve I though was a stoopid orb (I don’t believe in them at all) but it’s parallel with the lines on the stone work so I’d ruled that out too.

        See how pragmatic I’m being? Anything I think I can explain I rule out.

        Thanks for your comments though and for not saying “fake” without justifying it even though it still makes no sense.

        Didn’t expect anyone to just go “Yip, that proves ghost exist. Now onto crop circles…”

        Am I talking too much….? X x

  9. Damo Says:

    Ok – yeah, it’s a crap quality image but it was taken on a Samsung G600 camera phone at 11:30 at night in an unlit vault (other than the torch) so not much I could do about it. It has a kakk flash…. boo hoo!

    Try this : copy the image to your PC and open it with a photoshop thing. Play with the contrast and brightness (I hit “quick fix”) and she stands out much more. And you can see the bricks through her.

    I’m not gifted enough to edit the image on my phone where the original still is (for sale for one million dollars… m’wah hah hah)

    Just try it? Go on….. x

  10. Richard Farrer Says:

    Was there anyone else in the vault & what were you wearing at the time. It looks like the reflection of a white dress/coat where the face is too dark to be seen. Look up Pepper’s Ghost for exactly this sort of effect.

    • Damo Says:

      Hi Richard, I’m in a black waist length sports coat standing about parallel with Steve. We’re in the far corners of it and we’re the only two in there. The entrance is very small and you climb down into the Vault through a normally gated and locked entrance. Other than the torch, nearest light source was a lamp post about 50-60 yards away as far as I recall.

      • Damo Says:

        Checked out Pepper’s Ghost but not sure where the opportunity for the reflection is. It was just a plain, sandstone vault (I was facing the left hand wall as you enter) with an arched roof. The only glass involved would be the camera lens and I got nothing else remotely like this to suggest a smudge or anything.

        I did consider the flash reflection (oh yeah, torch, lampost outside and above 50-60 yards away and the flash from the camera phone are all the light sources, sorry) from minerals dripping through from above and
        covering a lot of the stones (the joints are very white as you can see) but the roof curved towards me but the figures don’t.

        I know I’m standing my ground a bit but if someone says “Shoosh – THIS is what it is and here is how…” (maybe expecting too much)
        then I’ll accept it. Though probably huffily 😮

  11. Ronnie Says:

    The set up story sent in with this one makes me declare it an outright fake, rather than double exposure.

    • Damo Says:

      Aye, it does sound a bit pretentious, doesn’t it? It’s a combination of two stories: This photograph generated the trip with the mediums in October (where we got the name) but was taken in August.

      I was looking for MacKenzie but he didn’t show! 240 pics that night and this was No. 4 and I didn’t see her at the time. If I had I’d have put that down to Jack Daniels but my phone hadn’t been drinking… as far as I know ;o)

      Can you double exposure on a 5mpx camera phone?

      Oh, and I found an Alison Grier. Buried in the Kirkyard 1685.

      The soup thickens….

  12. Claudio Says:

    This photo is screaming: FAKE!

  13. Alex Pryce Says:

    I wholeheartedly do not believe it to be a real ghost. I have my reasons for doubting the validity of pictures taken in locations used as part of ghost tours, however I am not willing or able to go into those reasons on a public forum.

    • Damo Says:

      Fair comment – it could be used to generate publicity but Greyfriars HAS MacKenzie anyway who regularly slaps people about for that. I’ll be honest and say I know tour guides at that particular location but I’m not posting here to make them money; I’m posting to see if I can get an explanation.

      ANYTHING practical is welcome although I’ll admit I’ve already convinced myself 95% and I’m dead stubborn so it’ll be hard work…. :o/

  14. Christa Says:

    Screw the left side whats one the right side? And if I can not even make that out how great is the quality of this photo in the first place?

  15. Mark Ribbands Says:

    Double exposure or photoshopped. Not done very well either!

  16. Jaymee Says:

    on the left side of the photo you can see where the torch is shining, the “ghost seems to be infront of the light source, in which case, if it was a hard object, the light should have shown up on it. and after editing the picture, i can see the bricks through the “ghost”. As this is the case, i have no idea what else it can be other than a paranormal experience. anyone else have any theories on what it could be?

    • Damo Says:

      Hi Jaymee – thanks for commenting. I’ve covered light sources above but will say (even though it kind of goes contrary to your kind, supportive comments) that the torch light was facing Steve hence his brightly lit up bum.

      When I do a “fix” on it I just used “auto fix” in Adobe Photodeluxe 3 (the pic above is the original, untampered with one though) to see clearer. She’s more a “Blue Lady” than white then (it was kinda cold that night though).

      Sarah (above) commented on the “odd little horn”; bright triangular shaped thing in front of the figure… I think this is a wrist adornment and that she’s pointing. The background does change around there…. Must say, though, I’ve stared and stared and stared at this for months so I can see a head and left arm in grey in “fixed” mode. It seems in proportion at any rate near a “halter neck” style top.

      The smaller figure on the left (I am convinced if there are ANY figures then there are two) has a different dress on going by the trim and at only one or two magnifications I can see a face and a bonnet on her but I know I actually WANT to see a face there and get confused thinking about what my brain is doing (very little normally!) but not telling me about.

      As a counter argument, though, I’ve also found a Neandrethal skull at ground level and Gene Wilder as “Willy Wonka” over on the left. The zoom on my phone is better than on my PC and doesn’t go all pixelly AND the picture is brighter on there too!

  17. Jonathan Says:

    A good photo, you can clearrly see the dress but its not in porportion to Steve on the right, leads me to believe its fake but we can never be sure.

    • Damo Says:

      She COULD be 8 feet tall, man… look at that bloke in China….?!

      Nah, the only thing I can REALLY say is that Steve and I were at opposite walls (about 3 meters apart maybe) so she could be closer to me? I didn’t see her at the time though so I couldn’t say.

      She does appear very tall though proportion is hard to tell because, as it keeps coming back to, it’s a kakk quality image.

      Thanks for the comment though ;o)

  18. Doğan Bakır Says:

    perdemi o?

  19. Finbarr M Says:

    Well first off, I have no idea what I’m looking at, secondly the photo’s owner has let us know that he has experience with “a photoshop thing” so I’m thinking fake.

    However on the flip side, a better fake could have been made had the owner knowledge of photoshop.

    On the basis of all above I’m going with uncertain on this one.

    • Damo Says:

      Hi Finbarr – thanks for the comment and conclusion. Few are opting for the “uncertain” option and Alex Pryce has given me a lot of stuff to think about which is good too but most are looking at all of these pics as black or white; real or fake – no middle ground.

      I can categorically state that my ability with photshop is limited to “quick fix” and that’s it. My mate, a photographer, who’s looked at it does say yeah, it could be faked “but not by you”.

      Nice to be held in such high regard but I gotta say he’s right.

  20. Miche Says:

    I love this pic, looks real enough to me… 🙂

  21. Bob Says:

    Looks like someone farted light.

  22. ZeroCorpse Says:

    The “ghosts” aren’t photo-realistic. They appear drawn-in.

    I’ll say fake, especially considering where they’re from.

    • Damo Says:

      I’ll ask them to show up better next time… lol. Drawing them in would far exceed my abilities and – again – yeah, Greyfriars causes problems as the location. Nothing I can do about it. Poey!

      I’d prefer more comment on what it COULD be rather than the general assumption that it’s been manufactured. I know it hasn’t so I can – maybe arrogantly – discount all those opinions. The options, in my mind, are ghost or other natural phenomenon but I’ve yet to see comment on the latter… if possible?

  23. Jay Says:

    i was gonna ask how tall was this woman in real life but i suppose spirits are distorted 99% of the time

  24. Lucpar Says:

    I see a person in a modern white suit bent over on the right hand side. The billowing white on the left looks like a camera malfuction.

    what are we really suppose to be looking at? It looks like shadows etc.

    • Damo Says:

      Hi Lucpar – Steve is on the right but the anomoly on the left is what we’re supposed to be looking at – can you be any more specific on camera malfunction? What could cause that configuration of light and form? As above – it’s a Samsung G600 5 mpx camera phone. Ta much

  25. Vicky Says:

    Apparently, the KKK is in Edinburgh… Ghosts in pointed bedsheets!!! How dumb do you think we are?

  26. bshistorian Says:

    The big Matrix-style coat that one of the tour guides likes to wear may explain the nice gathered fabric on the left of the picture. But regardless, this really could be anything. No reason to assume a paranormal explanation.

    • Damo Says:

      Hi BS – The guide (John) was outside when pic was taken. It wasn’t a real “tour” – bit of a freebie really with only 3 of us on it.

      I’m happy to accept it could be anything but whatever it is wasn’t there or wasn’t visible at the time hence the assumption (drink and graveyard may bear heavily) that it’s paranormal. I think (though I’m biased) that it’s too/very defined for a trick of the light which is what raises the question.

      I’d be happy to hear theories on what it is of course – that’s half of what it’s posted here for (the other half to make me millions… which isn’t working lol)

  27. Un- skinny bop Says:


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