The face

From the person who submitted it:

I took this photograph with my digital camera in February 2005 in Palace green, Durham City. I was on my way to Durham Cathedral to a concert, and Palace Green was unusually deserted. It was a very clear, starry night, and quite mild for February, and I took this photo of floodlit Durham Castle, followed by one of the floodlit Cathedral, the latter one just appeared black and I deleted it from my camera. When I viewed the thumbnail pictures on my T.V. (before I owned a computer), I was amazed to see this “face” at the front of my picture.


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48 Responses to “The face”

  1. Mr. K Says:

    guessing that picture has been taken with cigarette smokes.

    fortuitously, it looks like a “face”

  2. Soapy Sam Says:

    I don’t see any face.
    It was a clear, starry night in February. We might expect low temperature, though he says it was mild. I think he exhaled and this shows his breath condensing. No sign of a flash reflected from the car.

    He may simply have encountered a pocket of cold air.

  3. LisaBee Says:

    Cig. smoke or cold breath air. I’ve taken pics. that look the same and husband had blown smoke in front of the camera just as I took the picture.

  4. heidi charnock Says:

    i really cant c a face!

  5. Chris Says:

    It’s hard to see but the two dark spots are the eye sockets and the part where the car aerial touches is the end of the nose. There’s no mouth or lower face (I think).

  6. kellythewriter Says:

    I wouldn’t call it a face…but it could potentially be ecto or some other paranormal-type mist.

  7. Becky Says:

    what face can anyone else see a face it juss looks like a bit of mist which if he is tellin the truth and it was a starry nite is a bit odd but i would hardly call it a ghost or a face

  8. Zlactoc Says:

    It looks like this was done through After Effects or something. The “ghost” appears to be too much on top of everything than it is part of the environment.

  9. Luciey Says:

    I think this is just a mark on the lense

  10. Ashleigh Says:

    this is just them breaving out while taking a picture, ive done this before, this is no ghost

  11. abi Says:

    i think its fake. he breathed out or something when he took the photo its happend to me befor when i took photos on a icy morning

  12. Casper Says:

    proof that you shouldn’t smoke while taking a picture! obviously smoking weed if he thought it looked like a face

  13. Casper Says:

  14. kirsty Says:

    what face?
    the cloud of smoke which is motioning

  15. Anonymous Says:

    looks like the face of a puppy with its paw hanging over wall on right hand side

  16. Denis Says:

    Vapour from breath + flashlight make such effects. Try yourself. 🙂

  17. Anonymous Says:

    cigarette smoke

  18. Anonymous Says:

    My first thought was it could be a reflection in glass. as I get the same effect when I wear my bike helmet. I can see visually a ghostly reflection of my face on the inside of the visor. Spookilly enough it normally looks similar to this.

    Judging by the height of the mini’s roof and it proximity I’d lay money on, this being taken from a vehicle eg a minbus or coach. and the camera picking up a reflection on the window which stangely enough looks a bit like a face

  19. Craig Says:

    You can see the face, if start from the top of the car aerial and follow upwards, this is the “nose” and the two dark spots either side are the “eyes”. Then expand outwards to get the general shape of the face. The funny thing is, the “Ghost” has a massive ears.

    Personally, its explainable. Its a bit of smoke or breath infront of the camara has created this. The human brain is trying to distinguish something that looks unfamiliar to the eye, into something that is familiar. Its our natural ability to humanise these types of things into a “face” or “person”. In this case, if you cannot see a face then your brain isn’t looking for something familiar. People that can see it, generally are looking for humanisations from the brain. Also, if people say “there’s a face” or “ghost” in the picture then you interpret the image entirely different anyway.

    I still enjoy looking at these kind of things.

  20. Sarah Says:

    As the phot was taken in february, I’m guessing it was cold. I’m guessing it’s just the phtographers breath misting, he probably exhaled as he took the misty photo, but not when taking the others that appeared clear. I could only see a face when told it was there – the human brain searches for the familiar in everything.

  21. Claudio Says:

    Looks very fake to me… Edited photo. But, even if not fake, apophenia would explain the face.

  22. Christa Says:

    I’m not sure on this one but everyone’s brain naturally try’s to see the order in chaos- we know that – So a mist like this will always look like a face just like when you stare at the clouds – this is a much smaller area then the sky and up closer (in distance proximity) so the effect is more dramatic and apparent – whether it is paranormal in nature or not I do not know.

  23. Mark Ribbands Says:

    I’m with Craig, Sarah and Christa. Condensed breath in a random pattern, processed by the human cerebral apparatus into a familiar model.

  24. Suzi Says:

    At first I thought it was just smoke but looking closer around the eyes where most fakes are left black or hollow you can clearly see an eye there…so I honestly feel it could be real.

  25. Jonathan Says:

    I agree with suzi, thats a good photo, even if it is cigarette smoke it has still formed into a face – spooky stuff

  26. silverbullet Says:

    i did not see anything…like it just a smoke..

  27. Jiha Says:

    i can’t see any face at the pic? it’s like the person who took this pic was smoking at the same time. i think sooo…

  28. Doğan Bakır Says:

    Hersey normal fotoda. Yaşamaya devam!

  29. Finbarr M Says:

    It took me awhile but I can see the “face” (two eyes and a nose, look at the center of the picture for the nose and then you’ll see the eyes).

    More than likely it’s just familiar shapes from our brain, but I don’t think this is a fake. I don’t think it’s smoke or breath either because on the right of the picture, there is a section of the breath or smoke that is whiter than the rest of the picture, there for helping to define the shape?

    I’ll give this a genuine I think.

  30. Arno Says:

    Can’t see the face either. Looks like smoke and a case of pareidolia. Definitely not supernatural, though not faked either.

  31. JustSyd Says:

    Photoshop’s “Render Clouds” filter, a tad bit of masking and lowered layer opacity. Simple as that.

  32. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Mist or cigarette smoke + pareidolia.

  33. Jay Says:

    awesome. i go there pretty much every day. looks like that spook wanted to get an extreme close up!

  34. isa Says:


  35. Richard Hulligan Says:

    its exhaust smoke from the care… mixed with the flash of camera…hardly fround-breaking…

  36. David Says:

    bonfire smoke?

  37. Dominic Hopkirk Says:

    Looks like a man yawning. Which is what I’m doing looking at it. Ridiculous.

  38. Chuzzy Says:

    Who is this joker!

  39. Vicky Says:

    Mist, fog, condensation, smoke… take your pick.

  40. Dee Says:

    I know I’m gonna take some hits for this, but I believe it is authentic and that it’s not one entity but possibly a group. I can see the big “face” but more than that, I see possibly several shadowy faces. Okay, (flinch) commence with the blows, skeptics…

  41. Unique Says:

    I like this Picture i have one simular to this one i smoke but not at the time i took the photograph it was cold could be anomally from breath but i don’t think so!

    Photos like this are very hard to create with any artpackage even photoshop these photos are amazing Anomalies in respect that they just appear to happen did anyone notice the the lone Orb in the Background?

    if something dosn’t seem right it ain’t you have to percieve it as your mind allows you to!

    A Rare Anomally!

  42. Unique Says:

    You should not discout these mist images i have a pheory that we live in many planes of existence co exististing in each other like having two mirrors one in front of you and the other behind you when looking in the mirrors they look infinate.

    if spirits are supposed to take physical form then who’s to say that when they are etheral they cannot make an impact on the physical Plane how they would do this is electricity charged ions like when your hair stands on end from static shock i think the answers to all these phenomena is electricity ibelieve there are different kinds of electricity which we do not even know about (Every Equal has its Opposite) so breath or smoke blown over these etheral spirits actually create physical form i have proof of this!

  43. Melissa Says:

    It looks like the face of an asian woman, I can see the eyes clearly.

  44. col Says:


  45. i'm from asia Says:

    looks like a pair of eyebrows..

  46. Shaggy Says:

    It appears that someone had there ass cheeks on a window and the flash from the cheap camera caught the greasy reflection. Please clean your windows or wash your ass. Thanks you. That is all.

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