Prom ghost

This from the person that sent it in….

This photo was taken on the day of my prom there is nothing in my hand or anywhere near it that can account for this “angel” like light in my hand,


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76 Responses to “Prom ghost”

  1. fakey ghost Says:

    this is soo fake juss a dodgy picture development

  2. Oscar Says:

    It’s not fake if the picture is developed incorrectly is it?

    Regardless, I believe that this has nothing to do with the development process. The position of the sun just off the corner of the picture sets up internal refraction within the lens assembly. You can already see the evidence of lens flare streaming from the suns direction and it’s not difficult to see how the blue elements are not “angel light” at all but refracted sunlight. The picture may have been taken with a digital camera or a film camera and the results would have been similar

    • anne Says:

      Exactley right in your comment, it is not incorrect development be it C41 process or Digital.
      It is lens flare as can be seen by the refraction lower down.
      A genuine photo but no ghost.

  3. Tracy Says:

    Looks like a printing error when developed

  4. Colin Says:

    A Jedi Knight who simply can’t be arsed.

  5. Casper Says:

    that’s no angel!

  6. kirsty Says:

    its just light a reflection or misdirected light.

  7. Leo Says:

    Lens effect from the sun nearly in front of the camera

  8. me Says:

    has anyone seen them lighters with a torch on them? ffs

  9. Alex Says:

    Looks awfully like a blue LED, like you may find in the bottom of a cigarette lighter or a little keyring torch. Which would explain how the light shines on her dress but not on her hand (seeing as the torch/lighter/LED and a battery is IN her hand).

  10. Simon Says:

    Lens flare. You can see the sun streaming in from the top left of the picture.

  11. Johanna Says:

    I have a disposable lighter at home that has a button on the bottom on the side that gives off a blue light when pushed in – check her hand, blatantly one of these lighters with her thumb covering the button, you get them in multipacks in poundshops

  12. Sarah Says:

    I think she’s holding a blue LED light – the position on her hand suggests trhat she’s holding something loosely. You can see the light flare at the bottom right of the image also.

  13. Bekki Says:

    This is my picture and i can assure you i am not holding anything in my hand why would i want to shine an LED light or hold a lighter in broad daylight on my prom day??
    I agree with the lens flare comments but also a close up of the “light” in my hand looks just as an angel would!!

  14. Clive Says:

    Lens flare complete with purple fringing:-)

  15. 2Ch Says:

    Bekki, believe in what you want to feel more special, but it is still lens flare. At least, did you searched google images looking for lens flare samples?

  16. wsv Says:

    Just a chromatic aberration.

  17. Richard Farrer Says:

    Sure she’s not holding a mobile phone? If not, the problems in the bottom right of the picture suggest there’s some lighting issue. I go with lens flare.

  18. Claudio Says:

    Either se is holding something shiny or – maybe – the print of the photo was damage afterwards. Some photos that I printed presented similar effects after being bent and twisted.

  19. Alex Pryce Says:

    I’ve taken numerous pictures like this, I once developed a collection of pictures (using a normal disposable cam) taken at our first Uni party many moons ago and a friend of mine who joined the party late only appears in the second half of the photos. But in every single picture he has what appear to be red and orange flames around him.

    We then noticed that the “flames” only appeared on the right side of the phograph, and Baz was always sat on the right. Problem with the film or developing but not ghostly.

  20. Mark Ribbands Says:

    Creased or otherwise physically damaged emulsion in a film camera might cause this kind of effect, but I don’t think that’s the explantion in this case. There’s full Sun from top left – look at the back lighting on the girl’s hair – so this is clearly lens flare. Note also the correct colour cast for standard lens coatings, and the curve indicating the internal lens geometry.

    This effect would probably not have been thought odd at all did the light point not appear, by chance, exactly over the subject’s hand.

    BTW, I believe her when she says the was nothing in her hand.

  21. Suzi Says:

    It looks like she is holding a pen point lasor light. but what is the blue shading on the right lower corner???

  22. Angela Says:

    Screw the light – explain the choice of dress!

  23. Jewel Says:

    My first thought was lens flare.

  24. Diane Says:

    Like your dress and like the witty replies from the witty lot x

  25. S.I.K. Says:

    Isn’t it a flashlight??

  26. Jonathan Says:

    Simply sun light, cool effect though, you can see the blue glow in the bottom right hand side of the photo, light reflecting off the lense

  27. wsv Says:

    I think its a really Jedi-Girl.

  28. Jiha Says:

    I think it’s kind of the reflection from the torch-light laser that the girl was holding though?!

  29. Osman Says:

    Looks like a little magic toy called “d-lite” in her hand.

  30. serbay Says:

    çok saçma resimler iğrenç ötesi =S

  31. jan Says:

    What an interesting exercise in human nature. Long after the innocent and obviously correct answer is given there are still people giving answers that rely on bad faith and attempts to deceive. How interesting that so many think so badly of their fellow humans. Says a lot of bad things about the prospect for peace, love and understanding on this little planet when this the standard of thinking out there amongst so many. This is the paranoia that fuels war and terror (and unreal fear of terror). Truly scary!

    • Bekki Says:

      This is very true no matter how many times i explain im not holding anything apart from my dress no one seems to listen or believe me!! if u look close enough it isnt in my finger tips its next to them!!!

  32. haydar Says:

    selamınaleyküm: bunnarı koyanların hepsıne ben koyıyım benım hayaletı salak herıfler bunnar ınanmayın bole salak seyler kardesler

  33. sonjunhug(2604) Says:

    i don’t now is the lie.

  34. Derek Acorah Says:

    Sam is just saying the same thing to me over & over again….E….somthing E…..what was that sam…..E.T….Thats it ET Phone…Yes Sam Try you hardest….. Thats it ET Phone Home.

  35. Cheralyn Says:

    why would she be holding a lighter in her hand that close to her dress? and why would she want to be holding a blue LED light for a picture… on my prom night i didnt think..oh lets just quickly get my LED light for my picture????:S
    maybe a flare but definately not a LED..

    sorry cuz had ta get it out of my system:D xx

    • Bekki Says:

      Yeh ive said that 2 but some people obviously not paying attention to what has been written i dunno what they do in there prom photos but it must be the new thing hey its broad daylight and my prom i must go get my lighter/LED light for the camera!!!

  36. andy Says:

    yh chera i agree
    u lot are sad people that just because something happened in a picture you all think its not real i mean come on whats the point in an LED light u dippy things

    hi chera and bex

  37. 2508 beak soung huun Says:

    I think this poto is not true I think she has shin an electric bulb and she hair is camera light

  38. ZeroCorpse Says:



  39. Zanskar Says:

    This is just one of those laser lights that people have, i had one in the exact same colour as hers

  40. tiago costa Says:

    stupid girl! trying to cheat! not cool!

  41. Karina Says:

    Essa está parecendo q é a áurea dela!!!!!

  42. isa Says:


  43. Ylram Says:

    This girl is a gost, ugh!

  44. scott b Says:

    its totaly fak she has obviously got a blue laser pen in her hand it is visible i had one just like it:)

  45. Chuzzy Says:

    Cmmon admit it; u’re really the tooth fairie

  46. bubtili Says:

    Allthough it’s just a lens flare or you holding a laser pen, it still looks pretty. lol. XD
    Cool picture, but def. no ghost/angels/demons involved here.

  47. Ron C. Says:

    Thats no ghost, even a ghost would be to scared to hang around that dress!

  48. Vicky Says:

    I vote for the LED light in the hand… There isn’t anything ghostly about this pick except that dress – its from hell!!!

  49. ArnieG Says:

    As it is for your Prom day/night. No doubt you will have been and had your nails done. and the nail parlour will have painted them and no doubt put a little tiny diamond like thing on your thumb nails along with the fine intricate lines and designs they do. So you then stand in the garden for a photo and the sun reflects off the sparkly on your thumb nail this then also gives the extra lens flare. I have taken pictures like this for a dinner dance and on the first few the lighting kept reflecting off the nails of various women who attended until i rearranged the lighting.

  50. geothor churchillius Says:

    she is quite clearly a jedi in the making

  51. anya Says:

    She’s quite clearly an attention seeker with a blue LED.

  52. wee-mee Says:

    I’m a raver baby!

  53. Skeptic Says:

    She’s holding a flashlight. And that is a god-awful dress.

  54. Melissa Says:

    It looks kind of like a purple flower in some way or shape of a knife.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    As for the dress my prom was back in 2003 so yes the dress is dated as feel free to show me ur prom outfits jesus this isnt a fashion show website get over it!!

  56. Erkkki Says:

    Nice picture and a very nicce young woman. I believe that she is not having anything in her hand. Sunflare can be a reasonable cause.

  57. Stacie Raines Says:

    Haha I am literally the first reply to this great writing?!?

  58. Tones Says:

    your clearly E.T go home!

  59. Lucas Says:

    Its just a light saber.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    u r holding a torch!!!!!

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