Ghost on the path

From the person that sent these in:

These two photos were taken in 2006 with my digital camera. it was a warm evening in july and i was gazing out of my bedroom window when what appeared to be a haze or mist was moving slowly outside and along my path. it captured my interest so i took a couple of shots. thinking no more of the incident you can imagine my amazement when i looked the next day and saw what the camera had captured.



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176 Responses to “Ghost on the path”

  1. Bethan Says:

    Now this one makes my skin crawl

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This is just a photo with a long exposure.

    • brett Says:


      • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

        I’m sorry, but the way the photographer explains this is utterly blatant! “It captured my interest”??? – Bit moderate. I would be bloody amazed to see a mist like that!!
        And why would you think nothing of it til the next day? I would develop or put the pic on my computer for a look straight away. This photographer’s full of bull s**t!

    • Rosie Says:

      sorry but if it was a long exposure, the person would have had to move mighty slow for that effect to have happened and for it to have happened in both. also long exposures for effects like that normally require very dark conditions. Which obviously it wasnt with all the street lighting.
      even tho, it does just look like a person walking up the path in a tshirt, shorts and trainers.
      the first pic shows where the feet are, 3 sets of them
      and the second, two.
      if this was a real pic of a ghost, it would only show a burred pic and not a double, or even triple exposed like figure.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    thats wierd! no shaddow or anythin. looks like its dancing??

  4. Wendy Says:

    I think this is fake.
    Mainly because of the account.
    You take pictures of a moving mist that interests you –
    and don’t check them out until the next day?

    I think it’s been well done – but fake.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    odvious fake. look at the surroundings, everything is stationary, all the vehicles are parked. all theyve done is get a friend to move abit while they take a photo with the lens stuck open, hence the blurring.

  6. Ste Says:

    This must be fake because firstly he would check it straight away.. i do with any picture just to see how it has turned out.. and it is walking up his path towards his house which makes it more likely to be fake.

  7. chris Says:

    I believe this is a fake – as mentioned above it is just long exposure. There is a shadow, contrary to views up above, just it is very faint because of the movement and the low light conditions (would show up if he was stood still).

    The other odd bit of testimony is this “it captured my interest so i took a couple of shots. thinking no more of the incident you can imagine my amazement when i looked the next day and saw what the camera had captured” There is no way if captured his interest enough to warrant taking a photo that he would wait til the next day to look at the result. Just doesn’t happen.

    Deliberate fraud IMHO

  8. lspacey Says:

    That is definitely a fake.
    Everyone may produce such photos. Just use long exposure and moving object.

  9. Josh Says:

    Hasn’t anyone else noticed the difference in the shadow in the two pictures around the “ghost”?

    • Nick Says:

      Besides the faint shadows that the “ghost” is creating, the shadows from the shots are exactly the same. The shots are composed differently, with one shot slightly lower than the first (you can see this from the location of the car on the left). The location of the shadows relative to the scene do not change.

  10. john smole Says:

    this is clearly a fake!

    its a man with no clothes on just a pair of black boxers!
    how can people think thats a real ghost?
    completely stupid if you ask me

  11. George Williams Says:

    None of these images convinces me.
    Argument 1: If you take 1000 photoos randomly, certainly on 1 or 2 will show some abberation, which will have a very down to earth explanation.
    Argument 2: “When multiple competing hypotheses are equal in other respects, the principle recommends selecting the hypothesis that introduces the fewest assumptions and postulates the fewest entities”
    Argument 3: Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence –> go for the simplest explanation.
    Taken together: sorry, no price !

  12. Soapy Sam Says:

    “A warm evening in July” – yet the primary light source is from street lights. On a real warm summer evening, this long exposure would be overexposed.

    These appear to be tripod mounted shots. (No evidence of hand shake, despite the blurring of the moving person, apparently identical POV- compare the alignment of the van with the white line on the road. Were they hand held, the object of interest would be centred in both shots- ie the second shot would be at a steeper angle.)
    This contradicts the casual comment- “I was gazing out of the window” -quite-and just happened to have a tripod mounted digitalcamera handy when someone walked up the path.

    As always, access to the camera metadata would help.

    The approaching person in pic 1 blocks out the hedge shadow. Being further away, they are at a shallower angle and so “appear in front of the hedge” for long enough to block it out.

  13. Hank Sullivan Says:

    At first I thought it was a fake. But as I zoomed into the figure the resemblance with my uncle Anton who passed away in 2003 became obvious. He also owned a sedan of eactly the same make and color as the one parked in the street. When was this photo taken and is this in Manchester??

  14. ADFDF Says:

    이건 사진 노출 길게 준거자나….ㅡㅡ;;

  15. nick Says:

    amazing what you can do with photoshop these days eh?

    there is no camera trickery, or a person moving to create the blurr.. he has taken a picture out of his window, loaded it onto photoshop and made a ghost. not hard, anyone can do it.

    • kinou Says:

      it’s definitely a long exposure and not photoshop. I’m a photographer and graphic design. I do tons of these.

    • Shust One Says:

      Amazing what you can do with cameras these days eh?

      There is no photoshop trickery. It is a person moving to create the blur. He has take a long exposure picture out of his window, loaded on to this website and claimed it a ghost. Not hard, anyone can do it.

  16. heidi charnock Says:

    that looks like somethin from silent hill lol! but that really does look like a fake!

  17. kiera Says:

    someones put the camera on a tripod so that there is no movement unless it is made in the image…the long shutterspeed is put on causing the blurr/movemtn whatevvs lol

    its not photoshop it can easily be done by and slr x

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Thats me walking up the path

    I proceeded to leave a ghostly shit on the doorstep.

  19. Becky Says:

    This is a poor effort of trying to creat a ghost for one the surroundings are clearly all set up nicely plus that ‘ghost’ has a faint shadow that man has got his friend to stand their took a pic and blurred it a bit with a good camerer its easy! also the comment wif pic if it took his intertest enuf to take a pic why wait till the next day to look at is ! Lol

  20. Evgen_Don Says:

    И где они здесь увидели “призрака”? Хрень!
    And where they here have seen a “phantom”? FAKE!

  21. RandomGuy Says:

    This is a long exposure image of a chap skipping in a pair of shorts. Look at the angle of how his arms are in the second shot and that is how you’ve got the fast motion. Definitely fake!

  22. Tracy Says:

    was uncertain, but now think fake

  23. Jules Says:

    Certainly a fake.. If I was a ghost, dont think Id come an haunt someones path in my undies, lol…. Made me laugh anyway… x

  24. kirsty Says:

    fake. slow shutter speed.

  25. Leo Says:

    Dark evening is captured OK, which means the exposure was quite long. Any moving object would appear this way on the picture taken like that. The camera was fixed on a tripod to give such clear picture over long exposure.

  26. Phill Hunt Says:

    Fairly standard long exposure shot…

  27. Zing Says:

    Is that a stunning set of bodacious ta’ ta’s i see?

  28. Steve Says:

    Sure it could be fake, but i don’t think its over exposure, the fact that there was no flash, ask yourself, where’s the shadow that should be cast? There’s a street lamp somewhere to the right so shouldn’t there be a shadow on the other side of the figure?

  29. Chris Says:

    This is so simple to do with a static camera and exposure of a few seconds. There is quite clearly a shadow of the legs on the first photo as these are the most static part of the person at the time, the body shadow simply wouldnt appear due to the movement and the fact a shadow is less solid than a persons body.

  30. Dave Says:

    In order to get a photo that bright in the evening you need a long exposure fo a few seconds – somebody happened to walk down the path at that point, I have loads of similar examples and could easily recreate this one.

  31. Andy Says:

    Long exposure, with some fool in just thier boxers on a cold morning running up the garden path.
    for those of yuo with older cameras the long expousre is the b setting.

  32. Anise76 Says:

    Night mode on my mobile phone camera produces exactly the same effect. Not necessarily fake, but certainly not a ghost!

  33. tommy Says:

    Блин, вы дибилы что ли??? это ж фэйк нах!

  34. Warren Says:

    easily done, either by slow shutter speed, or with a common pocket digitl camera just turn the flash off in a dark/darkish place put the camera on a steady surface and take the picture, it takes a second or two to take so anything moving will blur, i’ve got loads exactly the same from night pics.. also theres no flash in that pic and its still quite light so its obviously a slow shutter shot.
    bo selecta

  35. Dave Says:

    Lol at Hank!! Noone says “sedan” in Manchester…get out of here you fool!

    • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

      Ha! Too right. That’s a Vauxhall Vectra parked across the road and a Rover in the driveway 😀
      This website is attracting a lot of bullshitters.

  36. Paul Says:

    Fake, long exposure.

  37. Nicola Says:

    I learnt how to do this in my photography class a few weeks ago! Stationary objects then something moves around whilst you have a long exposure voila!

  38. Chia Says:

    The “ghost” looks naked, definitely male looking, maybe wearing dark underpants? Second picture looks like he is wearing a white, unbuttoned shirt. You can definitely see feet without shoes. So if this is fake, this guy was outside dancing in his underwear without any shoes on.

  39. Will Says:

    Obvious fake and I’m surprised Wiseman bothered to entertain it at all. The lighting is very bright, because its been overexposed. The guy can’t even lie effectively in his explanation.

  40. Frank Says:

    Fake – Here’s my one –

  41. Clive Says:

    Long exposure as has been noted numerous times in this post. I’ve made similar myself. Easy as pie! Try an exposure say 5 sec (depending on light) of a room or similar with no other moving objects. Just jump into the frame for 2-3 secs, then move out of frame quickly. You’ll get “ghosts” with a little practise 🙂

  42. Berber Anna Says:

    Action figure on a string, dangling in front of a camera set for long exposure (or perhaps mirrored off a clear glass plate, for more of a see-through effect). I saw that effect performed on a documentary about creating ghosts through special effects. It was on National Geographic Channel last year.

  43. 2Ch Says:

    Fake, as others have explained very well!

  44. Jonathan Says:

    Nice I can do that with Photoshop cs4.

  45. John Says:

    Most ‘ghost’ pictures are pretty corny, but this one is very well done. Fake or not, its a good photo and I hope we see more like it.

  46. Richard Farrer Says:

    Clever picture. Clearly fake for exactly the reasons everyone else has suggested.

  47. Ronnie Says:

    I voted that this one was a normal explanation, because it appears to be someone jumping rope on a long exposure time. But I believe that the submitter doctored up the story to make it sound like a more “ghostly” situation.

  48. Claudio Says:

    It´s obviously an photo with long exposure. Nothing ghostly about it… Anyway, it is interesting that in the second photo the person walking toward looks like an naked woman.. hehehehehe

  49. Claudio Says:

    I’m not categorizing these photos as fake, because they didn’t seen to be edited in photoshop and are very easy to explain by common photographics.

  50. daas Says:

    Obviously fake. I can make out trainers, shorts and a vest on a blurred woman. And in the second photo the bush has no shadow like in the first one.

  51. Ben Says:

    Obviously someone walking (or some other movement) up the path with a longish exposure time. Looks like a tripod was used too. You can see the positions of at least 3 footfalls in the first picture.

  52. Mark Ribbands Says:

    A daft story supporting a daft 2 sec exposure at night with the subject in motion, and everything else in the shot stationary. An obvious deliberate fake. 1/10. Try again!

  53. Anonymous Says:

    long exposure people. go study photography before commenting here… come on!

  54. Alf Says:

    Sorry this isn’t a ghost.

    Looks like a male with a white shirt open, wearing dark shorts or boxers.

    But has nobody stopped to count the number of legs in each shot…3…he’s from the Isle of Mann!!

    Plus the shot is very sharp meaning it must have been on a tripod so it wasn’t a case of “OOOO what a lovely evening. I’ll just get my camera and capture the moment”

    More a case of “Let’s set this camera up, slow speed, capture me mate walking up the path”

    Sorry not a ghostie

  55. Mel Says:

    Okay, being a photographer, I’ve done many shots like this, you can obviously tell that it’s a person, and they have done a double exposure with a long exposure setting, as well as a rather small aperture setting.

    if anyone doesnt believe me? go check this out

    its the same situation…..

  56. Suzi Says:

    The first one looks to be an animated-draw-in…and so that would make the second one the same thing…I would have just entered the second one and left the first one out if I wanted people to think it was real. clearly a fake.

  57. viktor Says:

    hmm,you see trough that think,its amaizing,i think its true..

  58. Jewel Says:

    I’ve taken a number of time exposure photos and that is what this looks like to me. Everything in the surrounding area is perfectly still and over the course of a few seconds of the exposure, someone walked through it.

  59. Chris Says:

    This is definitely a fake to me. The guy looks like hes taken this picture with a longer exposure meaning the guys all ‘misty’ because the image has only been partly able to capture it. Taking the surrounding light into account, it seems to be over exposed so its a dark night but lots of light from else where went onto the picture.

  60. S.I.K. Says:

    It look more like a pervert running really fast with his underwear!!

  61. Jonathan Says:

    Look at the situation, he just decided to take a picture of absolutly nothing and more to the point of the same view he see’s everyday- totally fake.

  62. layman Says:

    Totally f**king fake. The photos was taken with longer exposure / slower speed. I can do even a better one.

  63. Doğan Bakır Says:

    Ne bu? Hdr (High Dynamic Range) özellikli bi fotograf makinasinda istemediginiz kadar yapabilirsiniz bu tarz resimler.

  64. I cAn Says:

    oww wery qood 🙂

  65. Kim Dae-hoon (2-6) Says:

    (Before writing this short script, because I’m Korean, it may have many faults.)

    I think it’s just a fake.
    Can’t we make almost same as the second picture by taking someone jumping?
    Don’t you think so, huh?
    Or, it just stretched vague.

  66. Yun-sung-bin윤성빈 Says:

    Hi,i’m from korean.i live in gaunjo. i go to wolsoung middier school.
    2-4 19 윤성빈 i think it’t genunie ghost. Becuse. (그냥)

  67. 2-4Yun-sung-bin윤성빈 Says:


  68. Kim Yeon Rae (2-6) Says:

    (if it was wrong grammer, and too short, understand because I’m from Korea)
    I think that picture is only fake.
    When we take picture, move fast and fast, then like that.

  69. su-bin,jung 2429 Says:

    I think it is fake.
    beacause this picture is manufactured by someone.
    jumping man’s motion is captured.

  70. 2528 Kim Gyong Tae Says:

    I think Genuine ghost.
    beaucause this picture is on reality impossible.
    therefore this picture real ghost

  71. Arno Says:

    Looks scary, but most definitely fake.

  72. 32-5 15번 구준표 Says:

    i’m certain that the ghost of picture isn’t real.
    But I think that photographer didn’t intend to make a fake picture too.
    In my opinion, the ‘thing’ that seems like ghost is a person who was running very fast.

  73. 2515 윤지후 Says:

    I’m sorry about the spelling of my class is wrong.

  74. kim tae hyun(2-4) Says:

    It’s fake.

    I think that is human.
    because I see that’s toaes.
    and I see in twice photo.
    that wears similar panties.

  75. 2515 박준석 Says:

    Also, I’m very sorry for everybody who seems my comment.
    My real name is ↑↑↑

  76. 2504 Lee Jung Woo Says:

    I think this is composition picture.
    Because this ghost is stand up.
    This ghost is take a shot for a person, and concoction.

  77. jo si hyon(조시현)2-6 Says:

    I think Genuine ghost it’s very interested and somewhat scary.

  78. 2415 park jung sik Says:

    hum…….. oh! it’s fake!!!
    Because ghost is do not exist here.
    this picture is fake fake fake fake fake fake~~~~~~

    good bye~

  79. 2-5 최인호 Says:

    i think it’s real picture but i can’t explanation it hehehe
    ~~ byebye

  80. 송우빈 Says:

    구준표 : 유아독존 윤지후 : 4차원 소이정 : 냉혈 카사노바 준표야 우리이제 그만하자

  81. Derek Acorah Says:

    Oh come on Sam….i’m sorry were going to have to stop there. Sam just wont stop laughing at the Korean use of the ingrish language.

  82. 2-4 33번 (sung-ha)황성하 Says:

    i tI think it’s ghost…. It is very interested.

  83. 내공냠냠족 대장 Says:

    비록 내공은 없지만 내공냠냠

  84. rl김성훈2-6 Says:

    good….It look more like a pervert running really fast with his underwear!!

  85. Adam Says:

    This is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo. At least 3 bracketed exposures merged in Photoshop (or any other HDR program) to give an image which captures all of the highlights and the depths of shadows. The bracketed exposures all have different exposure times hence the movement and transparency in the “ghost”.

  86. 2627kwak-dong-hyun Says:

    korean, i think it’s just an afterimage or doble exposure

  87. Tom Says:

    The bullsh-t explanation alone gives this photo away.

  88. 2615( Says:


  89. 2615(설인규) Says:

    It is fake I think it’s composite photograph

  90. 25 kim min ho Says:

    I think it is fake
    because I don’t believe ghosts

  91. unknown girl Says:

    looks fake. a man dancing in his underwear?

  92. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Long exposure.

    Ridiculous tale.

  93. Jo Says:

    I belive this is not a fake. It really looks real to me.

  94. Lee Jeong-woo(2502) Says:

    (plese undersatand if English grammer is long)
    i think it’s fake but i can’t explain it.
    it looks like a zombie which has shoes.
    i think its appearance is wrong of taking picture.

  95. 손동주(2-5) Says:

    I thinks no ghost

  96. 손동주(2-5) Says:

    but i can’t explain it.

  97. Bo Gyu,Choi(최보규)2629 Says:

    I think it’s Genuine ghost. But i can’t explain it.

  98. Kim Hyeong jin Says:

    I think it is fake.
    and I think it’s smoke.
    It is very scary

  99. mosey Says:

    this one is a fake, a good fake, but a fake non the less.
    but it still makes my skin crawl. :/

  100. 2-4 17번 AN-SUNG-JAE Says:

    I think it a fake
    It may be a chance
    Then I think it a smoke

  101. 2-4 27번 Jen-gil-hyeon Says:

    i think it a fake
    Then i think it a not ghost

  102. 2406 KIM-MIN-HAWN(김민환) Says:

    I think it is genuine ghost.
    Because this picture is very real.
    so I think it is geniune ghost…..

  103. 2423 Lee-Ji-yeong Says:

    I think that is genuine ghost.
    Becase it is very highly wrought.
    and it is very alarming.
    thence I think the picture is ghost!!!..

  104. 2423 Lee-Ji-Yeong(이지영) Says:

    I think that is genuine ghost.
    Becase it is very highly wrought.
    and it is very alarming.
    thence I think the picture is ghost!!!..

  105. YUN SEOK PARK2413(박윤석0 Says:

    i think that is fake
    its a man with no clothes on just a pair of black boxers!
    how can people think thats a real ghost?
    completely stupid if you ask me

  106. KIM WON WOONG (2407) Says:

    I think that is some dust on the camera lens…
    As time goes by it is a little move by wind;;
    (It’s just my opinion!!)

  107. Ryu chi hyeong(2414) Says:

    I think that is fake
    its a man with no clothes on just a panty

  108. 2401KangMinSeok Says:

    I think that is fake
    I think is synthesis

  109. 2-5 LeeGangSan Says:

    I belive fake….

    This is look like smog of a drain ..

    I’m Korean..!!!

  110. 2405 KIM MIN HYEONG (김민형) Says:

    I think that is genuine ghost.
    Because it is crystal

  111. fgKim Jae hong (2-4) Says:

    I think this picture is just faked.
    Because in second picture, we can see something’s pants.
    And I think it can be happen in real. When we running and takes some picture, it can be become dim.
    Thanks to read my opinion.

  112. fgKim Jae hong (2-4) Says:


  113. Park Jae Woo(2-4) Says:

    I think this picture is uncertain.
    Becuase second picture is a person to run.
    I saw same picture 4 years ago. But it wasn’t true.

  114. 2-4 lee dong won Says:

    It’s a fake.
    slow shooterspeed.

  115. 2425 jung seong pill(장성필) Says:

    It’s is not ghost
    It’s look like smoke

  116. 2522 gim yeong chan Says:

    I look like person

  117. 2252529 오용경 Says:

    ㅇㅁI think it is fake!!
    titiIIIt is camera effect or fake because there are no movement in the

  118. 2632 김기범 says Says:

    I think this photo is fake
    because In these days some people like to cheat
    or could it is an accident

  119. 2630 Jung Hyun Jin Says:

    Um…. I think it is fake because it’S one person go and shake . also be different think two people overlap each other and shake

  120. Dunamis ( 2628 ) Says:

    Ah… before write, I there are lots of rude people (…)

    I’m thinkin’ they should study more about morality ( just for nothing sayings)

    Anyway, In my thinkin’ it’s fake

    because it’s too vividness to believe a ghostpicture

  121. Jay Says:

    story is stupid.
    pic is very clear.
    indeed no shadow… camera tricks on this one, im pushed because of the story given…

  122. DAVEY Says:

    holy fuck its a ghost dancing in blk pants.

    and thats why i thnk its fake :L

  123. 2508 beak song huun Says:

    I believe this is a fake – as mentioned above it is just long exposure. There is a shadow, contrary to views up above, just it is very faint because of the movement and the low light conditions (would show up if he was stood still).

    The other odd bit of testimony is this “it captured my interest so i took a couple of shots. thinking no more of the incident you can imagine my amazement when i looked the next day and saw what the camera had captured” There is no way if captured his interest enough to warrant taking a photo that he would wait til the next day to look at the result. Just doesn’t happen.

  124. alex fideles Says:

    assustador! incrivel! vai la saber se isso é verdade, nao sabemos de todos os mistérios existentes na terra. pode ate ser alguem do outro mundo tentando se comunicar conosco ou até não passar de uma brincadeira de mal gosto. isso merece estudo.

  125. led_eumesmo Says:

    Na verdade e o THE FLASH, ele estava apertado pra ir ao banheiro ….

  126. Pedro Says:

    It´s Fake

  127. isa Says:


  128. JayTee Says:

    Get lost!
    How come this one made ‘your cut’?
    The photos here are just pathetic

  129. Denise Says:

    Yes, pathetic. You should be ashamed to walk in the street wearing underwear and use low speed photograph to record it!

  130. Ylram Says:

    This is one autentic nerdistic fake.

  131. 敏雯韦 Says:


  132. Helena Says:

    Does the photographer think none of us know how to use a long exposure?

  133. Dominic Hopkirk Says:

    Why do all the Woo Kongs and Min Yeongs think it’s real ???!!! Jeez! I thought we were all intelligent enough to work this one out! Obviously not. Really annoying!

  134. Chuzzy Says:

    The ghost’s certainly got big boobies, wish it was more corporeal.

  135. Trak Says:

    Quick question – even if it was a long exposure – which I initially thought it was – would there not be a shadow on the pavement? If you look at the fence on the left hand side you can see the shadows of the trees etc on the ground etc. Unless someone knows why there would be no shadow for a long exposure I would go with photoshop

    • Vicky Says:

      Actually, this one had me baffled at first but then look more closely at the first pic… The so-called “ghostly images” it is casting a shadow on the walkway with its feet and legs. Long exposure and FAKE!

  136. Trak Says:

    oops meant right hand side

  137. Victoria Says:

    Here we have a ghost that likes to scare people in it’s underpants!
    I believe that this photograph is fake. 🙂

  138. Unique Says:

    Stop using the word Fake People its disrespectful granted not all photos are ghosts so try using the words Real or Unreal doesn’t question the Sendees Photos in such a Negative Manner!

    Honest People send these Pictures in for our oppinions without these pictures being sent in this blog would not exist Think about it!

    this Picture is strange because the Photo is in focus with the Cars and Vans but the Ghost image is out of focus would expect this anomally if the character was running or sprinting but the feet & legs resemble someone walking Fascinating Picture!

  139. Zarncar Says:

    I too believe it is just a long exposure, with even this amount of lighting if you are attempting to get a photo with no flash and do not want to increase your ISO to make something grainy or use too big of an aperture you must use a slower shutter speed. In regards to the shadow or lack there of, there is a slight shadow in the first picture, however it is sensible that no shadow would show up since the shadow moves, it does not effect the light enough for the camera’s sensor to pick it up as the person moves, however the person reflects enough light that it does pick up a small amount in the camera’s sensor making a blurred image show up. Simply just a person walking/skipping/moving with a long exposure, anyone who does photography can see that very clearly.

    • Zarncar Says:

      When I say long exposure I also do not mean 5 seconds or more, it takes about a 1/60 shutter speed (meaning 1/60th of a second) to efficiently stop average motion, so even if this was just a half second shutterspeed there would be a good amount of blur in the moving subject

  140. spike Says:

    Whether this is faked or not, I think this is a beautiful photograph.
    The way that there’s warm and cool colors in the very same frame is really striking.

    I think some of the best pictures here, whether they’re created or otherwise engage so many people because they’re beautiful in a way that’s singular and mysterious.

  141. Jake Says:

    It’s a male with black shorts on.( No top , no trousers , no shoes and no socks.)
    The picture was taken whilst the man was walking, which in turn creates the male in the photo to become blurred ( my digital camera does all the time when someone moves)

  142. Lilanime Says:

    So unreal. It’s probably just somebody moving fast. Anyways, it looks more like a modern day man, not a 1800s lady and man dressed in an old fashion way.

  143. i'm from asia Says:

    i think this is real..
    urm…maybe not.

  144. Tom Says:

    Just set the camera with a long exposure. I’ve tried it myself

  145. J.hiromi Says:


  146. Justice Says:

    It’s not a long exposure, the lights would have flooded the image alot more, however it could be faked, any picture can be faked.

  147. Anonymous Says:

    A poor excuse for a ghost photo and an even poorer excuse for the wanna be artist who faked it. Come up with a better story, if your so bored just to be staring out your window go get a job because we all know you won’t make it as a story teller.

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