Ghost in front of the building

From the person that took the photograph…

This was taken on 18th April in 2008 in Ankara, Turkey.



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59 Responses to “Ghost in front of the building”

  1. Maggie Says:

    Probably something on camera lens, I have had similar from my cameras, it usually becomes obvious on other photos taken at same time in varying degrees

  2. David D Says:

    I agree with Maggie. Looks like camera lens smudge

  3. ssly Says:

    Looks like something made of a cloth material in the background is blowing in the wind or slightly being waved making the camera unable to bring just that part of the pic into focus, leaving that object a blob in the pic which just happens to look like ghost.

  4. 김충희 Says:

    저건 태극기다 태극기!!!!!!! 태극기 누가 합성했어!!!

  5. 인간 Says:

    무슨통에서 연기나오는거같은 ㅋㅋ

  6. 한국인 Says:

    저거 꼭 드라이아이스 연기같다..

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ㅋㅋㅋ이런 외국 싸이트에 한국사람이 있다는게 더!!신기해~ㅋㅋㅋ

  8. Dave Says:


  9. Michael Says:

    Its quite obviously bird shite plummeting to the earth at a fantastic rate.

  10. Anonymous Says:


  11. cynical Says:

    obvious fake

  12. Jonathan H. Says:

    … /facepalm

  13. Sarah C Says:

    Yeah thats just a smudge on the camera lens.

  14. Kate! Says:

    errm wht kind of ghost looks like that? other than your stereotypical ghost that you see in children’s cartoons?

    camera smudge I reckon

  15. LisaBee Says:

    Insect flying by.

  16. Becky Says:

    obviously fake … either he had created that deliberately as a joke which any dumbo can do on a good camera orr its a smudge or blue on the camerer lense

  17. Harley Says:

    Its a fountain.

  18. Casper Says:

    it’s a blob of porridge on the lens or something…even that’s more convincing then thinking it’s a ghost! also, look at the size of the blummin thing against the people standing below it! you telling me no-one noticed that thing!!!

  19. Jules Says:

    When am I going to see some real ghostie pics ….. x

  20. kirsty Says:

    its a flag blowing in the wind!

  21. Sarah Says:

    At first glance I thought it was an arrow pointing to something! Not keen on this photo. Why would the object be hollow?

  22. Ghost in front of the building « Ghostly photographs from Hauntings Says:

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  23. Christa Says:

    This looks purposely faked to me – you know if you take a picture and an eraser from a pencil or rubbing alcohol and rub it on the photo you can get something exactly like this –

  24. Claudio Says:

    Either fake or damaged photo…

  25. Ben Says:

    I reckon it’s been done using the airbrush tool in Photoshop.

  26. Mark Ribbands Says:

    I think the guy’s having a laugh. As someone else said – airbrush tool anyone?

  27. Suzi Says:

    spirits don’t look like they are cartoon ghost from Scoopy-Doo…clearly a fake…

  28. Jonathan Says:

    could be anything but not a ghost, could even be a chip in the lense

  29. Pigalina Says:

    Looks like smoke from some kind of altar to me

  30. Anonymous Says:


  31. seyfi Says:

    ne buyuk bi saçmalıktır bu. dünyada milyarlarca insan yaşamakta ve bunu hiç kimse görememekte ama nasıl bir olaysa fotograf çekinildiğinde milyarlarca insanın göremediği hayaletler fotograf karalerinde görünüversin. ben bu resimleri çekip yollayanıda, kendine bilim adamı deyip bu resimleri yayınlayanıda fazlasıyla saçma kişilikler olarak görüyorum.

  32. Katsipoulis Says:

    there are tons of ppl at the bottom of the *cough* ‘ghost’ and no one saw anything. I recon either its a fake, PS. or smudge on the lens.

  33. Dogan Bakır Says:


  34. hüseyin bulut Says:

    hersey mumkun olabılır ınsanlar sadece neye ınanırsa onu gormek ıster bazen bakdıgımız her yer bızım ıcın bı bosluk olabılır ama ınancda onemlı gordugumuz o kadar cok sey vardr kı sadece beynımızde kanaat getıremıyoruz

  35. saw Says:

    bence fotoşohp değil gercek

  36. su-bin,jung 2429 Says:

    this picture is fake.
    beacause it is like a smoke.

  37. Arno Says:

    If that is a ghost, it must have been from the giraffe: it is freakin’ huge. I’ll go with a smudge or an insect.

  38. Bob Says:

    Bird in mid flight. It’s on the down-stroke.

  39. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Smudge, goop, bad camera, or reflection.

  40. unknown girl Says:

    ITS AN ACORN!!!!!!!

  41. Julius Says:

    just ask your film processer, he/she might know.

  42. huseyin Says:

    way amına yaaaa :::Ddd

  43. erkaan Says:

    inanilmaz ya bu sitedeki her görüntü inanilmaz

  44. jae-woo Says:

    Hmm…. Maybe, that is fog..

  45. Kim jae hong ( 김재홍 ) Says:

    I think it is fake. Maybe it is a fog or smoke.

  46. 2-4 lee dong won Says:

    fake fake fake fake fake fake
    jokejoke ㅋㅋㅋ

  47. 2425 jung seong pill(장성필) Says:

    i think is fake
    because It’s just a creak
    (숙제 끝났다. ㅋㅋ)

  48. 2425 jang seong pill(장성필) Says:

    헉! 내이름 잘못 썼다.

  49. Jay Says:

    looks like a cartoon spook

  50. isa Says:


  51. No Koreans allow Says:


  52. Boeing Says:

    Looks like an angel of some kind

  53. Peri Says:

    how is it a fly?? its not a fly…and if it was a ghost, its huge. It looks like a flag?? bayraga benziyo

  54. Vicky Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Casper the ghost in Turkey! FAKE!!!

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