Ghostly child

From the person who submitted it:

These pictures were taken at a family members home on a camera phone, the lady who lives there keeps seeing a 3/4 year old child running past the lounge door, anyway this is what has shown up when the pictures were downloaded to my pc.



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  1. Tonttu Says:

    This is an uncanny picure, as the face of a child is so clear that it’s impossible not to see it. But can you also see the head of a deer on the right hand side, between the other pair of legs? It’s positioned slightly lower than the ‘face’. The creases of jeans are its ‘ears’, and in between, there is clearly a deer’s face.

    • Anonymous Says:

      strange, i see the deer too

    • Hyohwan.Park Says:

      I agree with you. This is an uncanny picure.

      • atdoammaisk Says:

        for clarification, this photo was photographed in the Slovak Republic to celebrate 27.01.20008 xx girl who wept place there 2 weeks. the picture is vic ghosts unless destroyed but probably only to be found everywhere, but just that what is invisible robol little girl badly … 🙂 Papa

    • anne Says:

      This is a very interesting photo as it doesn’t seem faked and the nature of it is spontaneous.
      The thing I found most interesting was the little girl on the right was clearly upset during a happy moment.
      Did she feel something the adults couldn’t?
      Or just tired?
      Supposedly children are psychic until life knocks it out of them, who knows?

      • Linda Says:

        The litle girls was crying because she was stood in the picture where the face was. She kept reportedly being pushed. the adults thought she was messing about and she got reprimanded and told to move if she couldn’t keep still!

      • JOAN RIVERS Says:

        why would that little bitch be with a deer? I’m guessing its more like a lamb.

      • fraser Says:

        the story of this picture (it was takin by someone in my mothers work) goes that when the pic was took the little girl ran out of the room crying for no apparent reason at the time the women thought it was because the group including her mother where leaving for a night out but after seeing the pic they thought otherwise

      • Rosie Says:

        Kids are meant to be the most susceptible to a presence due to their innocent nature and thinking. The reasoning behind this is because they haven’t been taught that things in life are fake or un-real or just simply not true. As soon as a child learns that in life we are lied to or they are told something is fake, they stop believing in what the feel and see.
        Animals in general are meant to be extremely sensitive to ghosts too as they are supposed to have a more open mind and cannot be taught like we are.

    • teresa pain Says:

      Come on! The deer is obviously the radiator pattern. People will naturally see patterns and faces in wallparer, carpet and clouds etc. that is the case here.

      The childs face is another matter but I would comment that it looks very similiar to the bawling child in the foreground! It could be a fake.

      I am not a sceptic as I have seen a ghost but it irritates me when people are so gullable. I am aware there are a lot of people out there creating fakes etc. Apply a bit of science before starting to see deer head out of radiator patterns!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yes, a deer. Look even closer and you can see a camel’s toe…

    • Jobless Col Says:

      well spotted the dear, interesting hmmm

    • Lilanime Says:

      I see the deer especially. It was probably warped on a photo editing program. But the child, em…
      the child was…probably just trying to get in the pic. But if not, it was probably fake. But there it is, the child… probably a fake anyway…

  2. Melissa Says:

    wow this one looks a little more credible anyway (compared to the first one)

  3. Wendy Says:

    This looks spookily clear.
    I’ve looked at the detail to see if it is just shadows forming a shape we interpret as a face.
    They are a bit exact to be shadows.
    I can’t make out a deer between the other girls legs at all.

    I really don’t know what to make of this one.

  4. Iain Says:

    Spooky, poor wee ghost.

  5. Lorraine Says:

    This one looks very clear and merits further investigation.

  6. David Says:

    I saw this picture a year ago and thought it was amazing. It came out a few weeks later thats its a well known hoax!

  7. Ken Says:

    The ghostly image has an uncanny resemblance to the little girl in the photograph.. this is faked.

  8. Maggie Says:

    Very convincing. I note that the ‘ghost’ is in front of radiator and you cannot see the radiator through the ghost!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    등골이 오싹~~한데용^^ ㅋㅋ

  10. Anonymous Says:

    한글이 달려있네요;;

  11. Ed Says:

    real child! just not focusing! maybe bad camera!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Wow~It seems that ghost really is alive. so i appall

  13. ssly Says:

    To me, the ” ghost child ” looks as if it is somehow an over exposure of the ” real child ” of the foreground from another picture taken of the child. Maybe pics that were taken too fast in sequence. Or, movement of the camera while starting to press the button to take the shot created the over exposed childs face. Basically a small blending of two photos with one photo under developed and the other being the dominant exposure.I think it was caused by accident for sure. Awesome photo for sure.

  14. 123 Says:

    이거 한국 인터넷 신문에도 나온 사진입니다.

  15. ㄴㅇㅁㄴㅇㅁ Says:

    에라이 귀신을보여달라고 귀신을 뭐저건 걍꼬마자나 이런ㅅㅂ

  16. ㅅㅂ-- Says:

    전나 이딴걸 왜올려놓고 ㅈㄹ이야 ㅅㅂ 좀 죳까지;;
    딱합성이네 ㅅㅂ

  17. Doo Hyeon.Cho Says:

    hello i’m korean. 🙂
    i agree with Tonttu.
    that is paranormal picture.

  18. ^^; Says:

    욕을 참 자랑스럽게 한국어 그대로 사용했네
    한국인 망신 다 시키는구나 우리 초딩들.
    할일이 그렇게 없니?
    국제망신이야 너희들 ^^
    너희같은 애들때문에 맨날 욕이나 먹고 사는거지 한국인들이^^

  19. K.Y. Lee Says:

    Wow~ I think this picture is real.
    I believe ghost, because I have ever seen spooky ghosts.
    He had headless and handless. He didn’t wear cloths. So, I knew he was man. I want to call me if you hear this stories.

  20. Dodge_Liverpool Says:

    I know one of the lads from this family. He showed me the picture about a year ago. Im astonished that its made it onto the internet.

    It was a family party the little girl was crying alllllll night because she was repeatedly saying about this other child in the house that night. although there was no other child at all. Couple of days later my mate looked closely at the photograph and noticed the lil babies head.

    And just to be clear the mother has never once seen the ghost it is only the chid who claims to have seen it!

  21. Richard Holland Says:

    I ran an editorial on this photo in the January issue of Paranormal Magazine. I’d just been shown it by brother, who had got it from a colleague’s mobile phone in North Wales. It was taken by a ‘friend of a friend’. I first saw it in April 2008, on a mobile phone, and was told at that time that the girls were student teachers out on a jolly in Rhyl. One of the girls was ‘the girlfriend of one of my friend’s friends’. It has been all round the world, with a different location offered on each occasion. If it has an origin, it appears to be with a 17-year-old lad from Teeside: it was reproduced in his local paper (visit and search for ‘ghost photo’). It’s a new phenomenon – a pictorial FOAFtale spread via phones. The details of location offered here should also be ignored.

  22. Rick Says:

    I think this is a trick of the light; Note that position of the eyes line up with where the dimples at the bottom of the radiator should be, the hair is just shadow.

  23. Dave Says:


  24. Michael Says:

    bit freaky

  25. dong hyun Says:

    i think , it’s genuine ghost.

  26. Jane Says:

    Interesting picture. I have seen many in my time but few come up to this one.
    I have scanned it and she appears solid but has no heat signiture. The problem is this could indicate she was added and if she was well done to who ever did it. You certainly did good job.
    However I think this may well be genuine.

  27. Simon Says:

    More info can be found here from post 23 onwards.

    There is even a face on the left hand side under the TV.

  28. Julie Says:

    This picture does look impressive, although the face does look very similar to the other child in the photo. I don’t think it’s a real ghost. I think it is a very good fake. It would be great if it was real!!

  29. Jonathan H. Says:

    I saw this at least a year ago, passed round via mobile phone, and again taken by a ‘friend of a friend’. A quick google search shows it as a fake.

  30. Simon Says:

    Google throws this up.

    But still doesnt explain the face below the TV, which can be more clearly seen in the previous link i posted above.

    Certainly some inconsistency with the story.

  31. Welsh John Says:

    This photo reminds me of the “Ghost Boy” seen in the film “3 Men and a Baby”. Anyone remember that?

  32. genie Says:

    i saw this picture a couple of months ago and i can say that it definately chilled me to the bone. the girl in the picture is definately a ghost. i am able to sense ghosts and also use psychometry sometimes. whether poeple believe me or not its up to them. i believe the wee girl in the photo is definately a spirit. what i can also say is that the child that is crying in the photo has also picked up on this little girls prescence as children are very suseptable to spirits. could explain some imaginary friends! when i zoomed this picture out further, i believe that this girl is wearing blue ribbons in her hair and a navy velvet dress. i also get the feeling that she was really ill before she passed. i believe that this ghost picture merits further investigation, into the history of previous owners.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    jesus genie get real.
    its a fake google it … so many different stories sum1 says in 2008 an other sites say many years ago … incostantcy = bull

  34. Jaymee Says:

    thiss, really freaked me out, i cant think of any other explanations other than scanning the face of the child over the other picture. it’s definately not a trickof the light. but i also down get how you can see the face under the t.v orthat shes wearing a velvet dress and blue ribbons in her hair, and i can see the ears of the deer, but theres not a face, thats just a freak thing. can anyone help me find the face under the t.v?

  35. вася Says:

    блять, высрал кирпич. это просто пиздец какой-то.

  36. Kierenn Says:

    This one scared me, out of all the others I’ve seen this one is definately the best ! If its inconsistant its probably because everyone wants to take credit for it ! DEFINATELY NOT a trick of the light, its too clear for it to be that

  37. Soapy Sam Says:

    I confess I thought the child referred to was the one at bottom right.
    I just read the comments and it seems the pic has been around.
    The SE501 is (or was) the cheapest PAYG phone Orange sold at the time. The camera is serviceable, but not great. I say non fake, but possibly tinkered with by later viewers.

  38. Simon Says:

    In reply to Jaymee, the face under the TV.

  39. Kate! Says:

    pretty weird :/ its spooky too
    certainly a hard one to explain I personally don’t think its fake or if it is theyve done a REALLLY good job!

  40. LisaBee Says:

    Definitely a fake. Save the photo to your computer then zoom in on the feet of the people. The group shot was cropped from another picture and transposed onto the pic. of the living room. Check out the crying child then zoom in on the “ghost”. Same kid.

    No ghost…..HOAX

  41. heidi charnock Says:

    that little ghost does look like the real girl in the photo got to be a fake!!

  42. Alex Says:

    Personally i believe this photo is genuine. Younger children are suppose to be able to pick up on paranormal activity, and in this photo the little girl on the right hand side of the photo is crying.. could she have seen it?
    The face on the photo does seem to be very clear.

  43. Gavin Adams Says:

    The sad thing about this story is the fact that the pic has really done the rounds and people are saying I took this picture wanting their 15 mins of fame this goes towards discrediting the original story.

    The good thing is that someone has come forward saying the y know the people in the photo.

    If the original person still has the photo take the pic to the local Uni they should have the computer processing power and software to take this pic apart pixel by pixel which should prove one way or another.

    As for the little girl crying. If she is truly seeing ghosts then she should be comforted and taught not to be scared.

    I used to see things when I was a kid that scared the crap out of me and learned that the part of Thornaby I lived was infact an old WW2 air field used by the RAF…..

    Children will see the world differently to adults as do animals like cats and dogs for example.

  44. Becky Says:

    i dont believe many of these ghost pictures are real but this one is very spooky also i dnt think it is faked as the picture is obviously a real occasion to have all those people there for the picture it is a bit TOO CLEAR to juss bit a shadow not sure what to make of it !!!

  45. Guinevere Says:

    soo fake, u can recognise fakes by the dots around the edited part.

  46. Luciey Says:

    I totally believe this

    and how do you know that ghosts ARE see through they might not be

    i think theres is and 90% chance this is realy

  47. Ashleigh Says:

    they say younger children can sense spirits as their brain doesn’t block them out, the little girl in this picture is crying. i think this is pretty genuine

  48. Dragon Says:

    I can’t see the face under the tv, could someone tell me how to find it?

  49. Marly Says:

    Yeah, gosh I can see the deer too. And that little girl’s face seemed too detailed to be a trick of the light or shadows. I dunno, but I get chills just looking at the picture. Perhaps the little girl is crying because she senses the little ghost girl? Because young children are more receptive to spirits apparently.

  50. Rachel Says:

    i was showne a pic of this a week after as one of my friends was there that night and it is real it scaird the life out of my it was taken in a old house in lincolnshire the little girl is a ghost not put on or anythink im shocked it made onto the internet though but the weird thing is my friend put the pic on my phone and i gave it to my autie and my autie went and had it printed out and it was in the folder with all the other pics when she got home she went to get it out to show a friend then she put it back later she went back to get it and it wasnt there she has searched her whole house and cant find it it just vanished no1 touched it because no one new it was there its reli weird

  51. Demiee Says:

    oh my lord, do you think that the people did not notice the deer in between the girls? and that would obviously be a ghost as well. but wht would the little girl be so upset when everybody else is clearly happy ? maybe she had seen it but not wanted so say anything? Strange. Very Strange.

  52. Jules Says:

    The most convincing Ive seen out of all the ghost pics.. I do beleive this is real.. Gives u shivers to look at.. I can also see the deer too and the face under the tv from a link someone else added..Not that sure about those 2 ..

    Bet the person who took this pic never realised how much their pic would attract so much interest…. 🙂

  53. kirsty Says:

    this one actually freaks me out

  54. Stephen Ellis Says:

    Dr. Wiseman:

    Unfortunately, the link that appeared with your slide show on ghostly photos was incorrect, and no comments could be posted. Accordingly, I located your e-mail address in order to make some comments:

    First of all, I write a weekly blog appearing at, and I am the author of a book “Explaining the Unexplained” which, unfortunately, did not become a best seller and (to my knowledge) is no longer in publication. I do have some extra copies and, if you are interested, i will send one to you gratis. It should also be mentioned that I am Superior Court Judge (Probate Department) for the State of California, and I am very slow to designate myself as a “kook” or a paranormal “freak”. My own experience and investigations have convinced me that the paranormal needs to be studied and given more credibility than the scientific community now gives it.

    Your photographs, while interesting, have the problem that with today’s software, almost anything can be made to appear in a photograph and, accordingly, all ghostly photos should be viewed with skepticism. One guide that I use when viewing such photos is to ask myself “Why was the photo taken?”. All investigators of paranormal phenomena seem to agree that when a ghost, an image or a shadow appears, it is only for a matter of seconds…not nearly enough time to whip-out your cell phone or aim a camera. The second photo in your slide show…a group of girls…was obviously taken as a souvenir photo of the girls and had nothing to do with a ghost. Therefore, the appearance of a girl between their legs is worthy of further perusal and serious consideration. This is not to suggest that it could not have been a product of Adobe Photo Shop #5, but it certainly would bear further investigation.

    The ghostly appearance at the end of a tunnel seems to focus on the ghost. Inasmuch as ghostly appearances do not seem to hang-around long enough for photos, I would discount such photos. The photos of your friends in India is more likely a problem with the film than a ghost.

    Sorry for taking up your time.

    Best, Stephen Ellis

  55. Lil Says:

    haha this makes me laugh..I can do this myself with photoshop..its the opacity controller…this “deer” is so something else in the picture of the girl thats been put over it and had the opacity reduced..this is easy to do haha

  56. Amy Says:

    This is a fake, I first saw this picture on my cousin’s phone and was curious to know more about it, I then googled it and found the original picture which infact is clearly a fake. The little girl has been edited into the photo.

  57. Chris Says:

    Oh my god, there are two kids in the photo. Is the one at the front a ghost? No, so the one at the back is also just a small child down on the floor in the shadow of the people. The light on the face exactly matches the light and quality of the jeans. Simple…

  58. Ady Says:

    ha ha, that’s quality!!
    I can see the deer face, or maybe it’s a goat. The ghost face is clearly the same as the crying child, you can see the shadow of the hair parting is identical. maybe this was an accident but it ain’t no ghost pic, clearly the child is scarred by an incident at a petting zoo and the pictures have somehow become fused. I can also see the face below the tv but i can make out faces in clouds like anyone else. that is the same principle.
    Good photo and interesting to discuss but not a ghost in my opinion.

    • Kirsty I Says:

      Thankyou I too think it is a goat/sheep.

      and click on the pic to zoom

      Look here, to the right of the real little girl, you can see what looks to be a pig too.

      I think that this is two pics combined (whether it be double exposure or intentional photoshopping) the group photo and perhaps a little girl at a farm/zoo. Whether or not the girl is the same as the crying girl is up to opinion, but a few people have said it looks alot like her.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    ahhhhhh, it’s sarah dixon!

  60. Jane Says:

    sooo fake. lol at people who can see a deer too and STILL think it’s real. and lol even harder at people who think they are psychic and can “sense” the ghosts through the photos. course you can……mentalists.

  61. izy Says:

    this is deffo a ghost the lil’ girl must have lives there previously bt not moved on to the afterlife for some reason or another bt 1 day she will

  62. shark Says:

    all you fuckers think there is a possibility that the child is a real thing…..what a bunch of amatures

  63. Benedict Says:

    To be very honest, the first time I saw this pic was from a guy that I dated in April 2008. I know him long before then tho, and I also recognise his sister from some other family pics he showed me. When we finally met, he showed me this pic in his mobile phone. I didn’t meet his sister but I remember what she look like from the pics showed me before. I recognised the long black hair girl on the second from the left was his sister. I didn’t notice the ghost at the time, until he showed me with zoom. I dunno that was a real ghost or not, it may be just a double exposure, or may be the guy I met lied about the sister thing, or may be it is a real ghost. Actually, anyone here can give some solid evidence that prove the pic is hoax or not? I m sure there are some brainy people out there, have anlyzed the pic with some scientific methods, rather than shouting hoax and ghost.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    Wel i know these people so i definatly no that it is not fake

  65. Kayleigh Says:

    That face is probably just the other kid in the photo which has been superimposed in

  66. Jonathan Says:

    I say fake because the rest of the photo has alot of ppi (pixels per inch) and the part where the “little girl” is has a significant amount less, it also looks bad, so I would say someone has used photoshop to con you into believing it, good, but the ppi tells the truth for me.

  67. Christa Says:

    I think this is real

  68. Ronnie Says:

    I voted that it was faked, because it was so creepy and I don’t believe in ghosts. But after the comments from others about the additional artifacts in the picture, I would have to say that I think it is a natural explanation. I would say that it must be a double exposure that was not necessarily intended.

  69. Claudio Says:

    I see something coming in or coming out of the butt of the girl at the left… Ops! That was just soming at the television.
    The face between her legs may be just a children or its result of apophenia in the curtains or the wall behind… But in fact this picture seens to be very fake.

  70. vicki lee Says:

    This photograph was not a fake because my neice was at the house at the time the picture was taken but did not get on the photgraph and no child other then the little girl in the picture was there. It cannot be a double shot becuase no 1 knows of any child that looks like that. I have the picture on my phone, its a good one!!

  71. mred2000 Says:

    This was in the UK press (Mirror, Sun etc) around December 2007, think it was taken in Newcastle/North East somewhere and I ‘think’, but can’t be sure, that it was debunked a while after by a fair few people…

  72. mred2000 Says:

    in addition, last year the photo did the rounds of various emails/text messages by folk claiming it to have been taken in “a friends house”… even though it had been in the press not long before, a lot of folk were taken in by it…

  73. HotchPotch Says:

    Yeah, my niece conned my brother into thinking she’d taken the pic last September!

  74. Toby Barnett Says:

    This is by far the most disturbing ghost picture. It gives me the heeby geebbies.

  75. Ady Says:

    the little kid is crying because the curtains are falling down and the xmas decorations are abysmal!!
    seriously tho’, i’ve got plenty of photo’s with happy people in them but also a crying child, they do it all the time, that’s what children do, eat, sleep and cry!!
    as for the person that can see a pig, I can see more than one!!
    seriously tho’, I can!!!

    seeing as it’s so bltantly fake, why don’t we start a new game,

    ‘name the tv show’!!!

  76. Siggy Says:

    the first thing that i would do is to check the histry of the house to see if there has been any horrible deaths which has occured to a small child, and if it is true that there has been a death of a small child then, its confirm that this is the ghost of the child. I dont see any other explanations.

  77. Siggy Says:

    to the fact that the child wich was crying was pushed at regular occasions makes true that this is aa ghost.

  78. anon Says:

    child inbetween legs, a deer to the right inbetween legs…………..and a phallic symbol to the left inbetween legs!!! Its there can you see it?

    • Ady Says:

      it looks like a…

      Johnson!! what the hell is that thing?, I don’t know sir!, it looks like a giant…

      Dick!! come and look at this, what do you think?…. etc etc

  79. anon Says:

    It’s a dick between the legs hee hee

  80. Anise76 Says:

    Contentious, no doubt, but to me, it actually looks as though the crying child has been photoshopped in. Her face is much sharper than the surrounding area of the picture, and there are clear pixillation lines around her edge. I would also agree with those who think that the two girls are one and the same.

  81. Jonathan Says:

    I really like this photo, the situation in which it was taken looks very natural, and the childs reaction is creepy and text book, I want to see more photo’s like this one. I can see the deer too not too sure about that though.

  82. Dogan Bakır Says:

    Fake! Feyk! Yani türkcesi Kolpa…

  83. Katsipoulis Says:

    This picture has been circulating the web for a long time now, As far as i know its been said to be a hoax.

  84. Finbarr M Says:

    I’ve seen this about a year ago as well and the location offered was Dublin.

    However, just cause it’s done the rounds, and just because some spotty teenager says it’s a fake on the net, that doesn’t mean it’s a fake.

    Until the person who faked it says they faked it and comes out with the proof, we’ll never know.

    Looks good, there are a lot more obvious fakes out there, I gave this one genuine.

  85. Arno Says:

    Clearcut case of pareidolia: hold your fingers over the eyes of the ghost and you can see that the cheeks of the kid are on the exact same height and have the exact same shape as the edges of the covers. The shadows caused by the girls (who are blocking the only light in the photo) do the rest.

  86. 2-5 유동규 Says:

    i tink it is true
    because it’ not composite photograph
    thanks looks my comment

  87. 2-5 최인호 Says:

    i think it’s a composition picture. ghost is transparent if it a ghost we looks poeple’s legs but we don’t look legs

  88. Pete Says:

    A deer? I think you’re all on crack. Interesting photo of the child’s face, though.

    Camel’s toe? Brilliant.

  89. PollzBbzX Says:

    Omg Im So Scared

  90. Mark Ribbands Says:

    Not a long exposure, allowing the child to be in two places before the flash goes off, since the Tv picture is clear. So the most likely answer is, unfortunately, deliberate fake.

  91. ㅇ2-6 Park min su Says:

    I think it’s real. If it is fake, ghost seen more bright. And child ghost seeing now. She has a grudge now, i think. I can’t bet, but i think it’s real!

  92. WPW Says:

    Anybody else notice most of the girls are carrying hand bags but not the one with the so called girl there ? its a largest handbag with a radiator behind it, the angle and your brain fill in the rest.

  93. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Pareidolia + a good story.

  94. Jo Says:

    I belive this one is real and would like to get more photos from these people in the same house. I think there is a young person hanging around there.

  95. Lee Jeong-woo(2502) Says:

    (please understand if my comment is wrong with grammer. because i’m korean who studying English.)
    oh! i’m so scared.As soon as i saw this picture i was so surprised and amazing.
    at first time i think it may be fake.
    but i can see a child who crying on the right side. it isn’t similar to the apperance of child at all. i think it’s ghost

  96. Stacee; Says:

    If this was real, there would be more of an investigation into it, and it would be better known. Also, the people pointing out the so-called creature/dear type thing, it looks more like a radiator. The face under the tv, just looks like appliances if you will.

    However, the child originally noticed does look alike to the bawling one up front, definately edited. Called photoshop guys, go take a peek. People can do anything. Peace ❤

  97. 2-5Kim Hyeong jin Says:

    I think it is not fake
    and I think he is not ghost.
    He is the child.

  98. A Mark Says:

    An awful lot of people seem to have been in the house when this picture was taken, or know someone who was. Smacks of urban legend to me.

  99. 2-5 LeeGangSan Says:

    (please understand if my comment is wrong with grammer. because i’m korean who studying English.)

    this picture is neither fake nor composition…

    I think that is true… um…. the ghost is seeing the crying baby..

    so the baby feels fear…. How about my seasoning power??

    • 2-5 LeeGangSan Says:

      (please understand if my comment is wrong with grammer. because i’m korean who studying English.)

      this picture is neither fake nor composition…

      I think that is true… um…. the ghost is seeing the crying baby..

      so the baby feels fear…. How about my reasoning power??

  100. 2531 Real Goo joon pyo Says:

    I think it’s real. Because my mind.,

  101. 1517 Cat(Go-Young-In) Says:

    Oh! it’s scary!! but I think this photo is fake. Because I think no ghost in this world.

  102. Jay hates debunkers Says:

    Wow, congratz! maybe best pic yet. I would work more on trying to capture that ghost again. try all the tricks, EVP/white noise, temperature spots, see if the house/area has a history involving a small girl.

    Let me follow up on the deer thing everyone is pressing.
    has anyone in that house/street ever felt completely paralized after waking up?
    Ghosts of animals are common in houses. its said they get in through open spaces such as windows or doors. my wife and her family/friends have reported many cases where they could not move when they had woken up. they said apperitions of dogs/small wild animals laying on them as though resting. Reports of contact with spirits cause sensations in the body (goosebumps/dizzyness/shivvers/draining) prolonged contact could result in complete body fatigue. They say ghosts draw energy from the surrounding area (resulting in cold spots) who can csay that they could not drain the energy from living things.

  103. Lilith Says:

    very interesting, really…
    that was the only picture, for now, that I think is a Ghost.

  104. Hack Says:

    I know a bit of background behind this picture.
    I can assure you all it’s very much a fake.

  105. José BRASIL Says:

    Olhando esta foto realmente nos transmite a impressão de ser uma foto assustadora, pois ela apresenta características predominantes em relação ao aparecimento deste provável suspeito. O bom de falar aqui ensse local é que ninguém entende minha língua, portanto, posso escrever bastante que todos acharão que estou falando da foto num outro idioma. Dá pra dar boas risadas… mas em todo o caso, voltando a falar da foto, ela assusta. Eu ficaria meio assim ao tirar a foto e ver depois como ficou. Viva nosso país, viva o Brasil.

  106. Bruno Melgaço Says:

    Oi eu sou do Brasil, Realmente essa foto é bem interressante, mais vê-la pelo computador não dá muita credibilidade que sempre dá a impressão de montagem, mais se essa foto não for digital eu vê a original em papel juro que vou arrepiar todo por que eu acho que essas coisa de fantasmas de crainça muito assustadoras, muito obrigado.

  107. Ale Says:


  108. Anonymous Says:

    que mala esse josé brasil.

  109. davi Says:

    Um fantasma muito bizarro que aparece entre as pernas com cara de assustado ou não apenas um jogo de luz e sobras que formou um rosto infantil ???? hã?!

  110. Bruna - Brasil Says:

    Esta foto merece ser analisada!
    Não chega a ser assustadora mas sim interessante!

  111. samuel campos Says:

    essa foto e muito curiosa se eu tivesse ali na hora da foto eu conserteza naum iria dormir a noite e uma coisa pra essa gringarada!!!!
    VIVA O BRASIL!!!!!!!!

  112. Fabio Says:

    Needs to lose weight.

  113. isa Says:

    Only interesting…

  114. TONY -SALVADOR/BA Says:

    uma uma foto bastante convicente!

  115. Brookelle Says:


  116. Reality Says:

    Speak some english. This website is in english so you can obviously read in english. a holes.

  117. apple Says:


  118. Uaua Says:

    Imagem montada, os pixel quando vc entra no photoshop ja percebe que estão diferentes foi colocado uma imagem de uma garota depois tirado opacidade, copiem a foto entre no photoshop deem um zoom e vejam os pixel totalmente diferentes com a foto original, montagem bem feita.
    Se a pessoa tivesse editado imagem com maior numero de pixels iria ficar perfeita.

  119. Dunha Says:

    Porra!!É a mesma criança!!

  120. jen Says:

    I know this picture, my friend had it on her phone and was showing it to some people at school, I wanted to see it so she let me have a look and I thought it was really cool. I don’t think this picture is fake at all.

    • the thing is Says:

      Yea ok jen, you and about 199 other people have said the same thing on various sites. What are you 12? Because you suck at telling a lie.

  121. Rafa Says:

    The face of the “ghost” the face of the crying child. For me double exposure.

  122. FBrazilians? Bah! Says:

    Hi,Please, you suckers, learn another language. This Blog is not in portuguese.

    The child was, obviously, made by Photoshop.

    • Márcio Says:


    • bubtili Says:

      Umm….they can obviously speak another language (otherwise they wouldn’t be on an English site) so I don’t see a reason to insult people just for posting in a different language.
      Sure it would be nice for people to post in a language everyone understands, but they are not obliged to. They can post in whichever language they like.
      If those posts bother you so much, just skip them.

      As for this supposed ghost picture: I also, like so many, believe it’s a hoax.

  123. Fer Davila Says:

    Eu não acredito muito nisso, mas também não duvido que possa ser real. Essa me deu um “medinho”… hehehehe…e, na boa, a outra criança tá chorando porque crianças são sensíveis e deve ter percebido a presença da “outra”… ui, credo!!!

  124. HeHe Says:

    The child’s head looks like the old bookmark angel pictures.
    Probably retouched onto this photo. Faked…

  125. am62 Says:

    what a creepy picture. even if its a fake it still can give you a chill. i see a lamb too but you have to really stare at it to see it. one of the best pictures ive seen on here so far.

  126. dmccoy Says:

    This is photo is a known fake and had has been floating around the internet for years, it keeps popping up with a new story attached to it. Sorry to burst anyones bubble!

  127. Lucpar Says:

    WoW…of all the photos I have looked at so far this one is the creepiest!!!!!

    I don’t know how to use photoshop so I don’t know how easily this could be faked so I am going to say it is real!

    Well done! Good photo evidence of the paranormal!!!!!!!

  128. driven2succeed Says:

    Goodness! That house must have been full of living, breathing, humans! Everybody and their brother on this comment site has a claim to being there or knowing someone who was!

  129. danny Says:

    this photo has been passed around camera phones for over a year and every town and city that its seen in claims it happened there i live in ireland and the person who first showed it to me said it was takeh a few miles away until i showed him it on a website where it has been proven a fake if you look at the so called ghost child its the same as the crying child just a double print

  130. Lesivo Says:

    the girl in red is cute

  131. Clarissa Says:

    This is the same child as is in the foreground crying. It’s time-lapsed or…
    a double exposure. Also, it could be totally faked as the lighting below is very dark.

  132. annna Says:

    i still dont see no freakin deer, pig or other animal !

    just the freaky ghost child .

  133. SilverDolphin Says:

    The deer face is clearly the markings from the radiator and creases in the jeans. The Ghost face looks genuine of the little Girl.

  134. 호머심슨 Says:


  135. 금잔디 Says:

    이거 합성이거덩

  136. 이명박 Says:

    다 그짓말입니다

  137. anna Says:

    I think i am seriously blind. can someone please outline or point to this deer that supposedly everyone else can see!.

  138. SilverDolphin Says:

    To the right where the ghost Child is ( on the blown up picture ) The next pair of legs along, there looks like two eyes and horns inbetween the legs.

  139. Vicky Says:

    I’ve seen this all over the internet…YouTube!!! This is Fake!!! People with photoshop and too much time on their hands.

  140. derekcsy Says:

    The ghastly figure of a child looks absolutely brilliant! Looks like one of those “baby angels” that Michelangelo painted in one of his artwork. I rule out that it is double-exposure, because the ghastly figure appears in the middle of the space between the two legs. It is simply too coincidental for two images to fit so well unless they have been doctored. My conclusion is that it is either as real as it is, or doctored using Photoshop, which might be the case, since the area where the figure’s face is on appears to be pretty blurred and the edges of the jeans seemed to be undistinct.

  141. Anonymous Says:

    Ever heard of brother Grimms fairy tale “Brüderchen und Schwesterchen”? Now here is a link to a site with some photos of a film, made in 2008. On the picture bar, have a look at picture number 5. Does that kid look a wee bit like the ghost kid? Same cheeks same hair… hmmm… and funny that there is a deer in the picture too. If you know the fairy tale, you know that a deer is the main role in that story. (link two) I believe it’s a fake. :o) hi from switzerland.

  142. Rose Says:

    I have seen this picture all over the web and my take on it will be 100% real. It can’t be double exposure because the little girl on the right is crying. This clear face of a little girl she is not crying.Just starring right at the camera. CREEPY!!

  143. Anonymous Says:

    this picture was taken by a group of girls in sheffield last year, a friend of mine sent it to me but no longer speaks to the girl who sent it. the picture is totaly real and not a fake. the little girl crying is the little sister of one of the girls in the background

  144. Childbehind Says:

    If I ever gonna take any picture as a real ghost picture, this one would be a keeper. Besides, the guy who took it showed up in a magazine in UK (name is Mathews) with the cell he took the picture. If it were an oax, he wouldn’t go up front.

  145. dave Says:

    that picture is creepy as feck. probably the creepiest picture on this site. i dont believe its a ghost though. i have yet to see or hear or feel any aparitions on many ghost hunts, i aint gonna believe this pictures a ghost.

  146. dave Says:

    Go to google translate if you dont understand what other inhabitants of this planet are saying. 🙂 other languages are good

  147. kate Says:

    the girls were having a house party drinking one of the girl’s were babysitting thats why no one there wants to say any thing about the picture and it was taking in ireland.

  148. Anonymous Says:

    That is ridiculous! I don’t know if it’s fake or not. It’s always hard to tell in pictures like these. When people take random photo’s of a stairwell or a shot of a window and there happens to be a ghost there I am a little skeptical. When you have group shot’s like this it seems a little more believable. MAYBE that makes me gullible. WHO are these people who take the time to put fake ghost’s in their photo’s? I mean really! Why ruin it for everyone else. That’s why it’s so frustrating looking at these pictures. If it is real than…that is absolutely creepy!

  149. Jules Says:

    The crying kid looks like a cut out.

  150. investigator1 Says:

    nope not convinced in any way or form its a fake

  151. investigator1 Says:

    come and join us if you like anything paranormal lots of like minded people there join us at lots of pictures and vids to see if you have any experiences why not share them with us

  152. Jake Says:

    Good picture. I’m split between real or digitally faked we will never know unless the photographer does a lie detector

  153. dingo Says:

    Haha I have to laugh at all the people on here claiming they know the people in the photo! The photo looks pretty real but any credibility will be removed by people claiming its from a friend in their country, then another friend in another country!

    The picture is freaky all the same. The ghost does kinda look like the little girl though. Possibly a double exposure from a cheap digital camera?

  154. me Says:

    i thought nobody knew eatch oter look ahead a few pages

  155. joululauluja Says:

    o.o that’s pretty creepy!

  156. Eli Says:

    i know the people in this photo the blonde on the right in the red top i know personally and the others I’ve seen around my home town… creepy to find a photo of them up on this page.

  157. Momof3 Says:

    I see the child and I do believe it is a goat. But off to the right of the goat right below the bottle being held is a older man’s face wearing glasses and he has a little bit of facial hair on his chin. Kinda thinking the many faces might be of people taking a picture of the picture and their image being reflected in a glossy finish

  158. Carly Says:

    i see the girl ghost and the deer ghost. I took this photo into a photo shop to see if it was a misprint or something else, and they said it was genuine

  159. Anonymous Says:

    if you look at the real little girl then look at the ghost its the same girl

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  166. Anonymous Says:

    It’s her little brother and it’s past their bedtime. Young mommy’s need to call it a night.

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