The window

My husband and I just got back from a 10-day trip in Edinburgh, Scotland.
We rented a flat in a building that is 300 years old. The last evening of our stay the lights were out and I decided to take a picture on my Canon 20D digital camera (without flash) – a picture that would capture the lights of the
surrounding flats. I took the first picture, took a look at it and saw a little bluriness on the bottom right corner, so I took another. Same effect. There were no smudges on the windows after later inspection and no additional light. After viewing the picture I was a little freaked out.


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50 Responses to “The window”

  1. Melissa Says:

    not sure but why would someone just take a pic of a window for no reason? and all crooked too- seems fishy

  2. Wendy Says:

    It looks like something in the room BEHIND the photographer – with light trained on it.
    It is being reflected onto the inside of the window.

  3. Lorraine Says:

    Just a reflection.

  4. Seamus Says:

    There certainly seems to be a light source outside the window–why else would the tops of the plants outside be lit up? Looks an awful lot like headlights.

  5. Maggie Says:

    Obvious…………reflection, I have seen many just like this.

  6. Germano Says:

    Dirty window unseen in the dark but observable in sun light or under bright light

  7. Mike Says:

    Smudges on the window. What a joke

  8. chester Says:

    I agree that it’s a reflection too.

  9. Michael Says:

    definatley smudges. fools.

  10. clint and hayley Says:

    reflection full stop, i have seen many pics like this before. even last night on the telly there was a pic like this on international ghost hunters aka taps from america. me and my partner experimented and created photos like this in different enviroments and some looked spookerly real. Its suprising how the light and your eyes can trick your mind lol

  11. Jonathan H. Says:

    If the lights were out, and no flash was used, then why is the inside of the wondow-frame and curtain brightly lit?

    • Anonymous Says:

      That’s what I wanted to know…. it’s impossible for this shot to have been how “she” described it… those conditions are not the conditions in this shot.

  12. jamie Says:

    reflection or smudge on window
    head looks like a thumbprint … no point even sendin it in

  13. Soapy Sam Says:

    Colour visible in the garden plants, curtains and frame has to be due to light from the window, yet the poster says the lights were out. Fake.

  14. Kate! Says:

    funny the ‘ghosts’ head is kinda shaped like a finger print :\

    clean your lense maybe…. the window too?

  15. heidi charnock Says:

    that is crap!!!!! its a fake its car lights on the window and someone has put there hand print on it FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!

  16. gorn m Says:

    agreed…its a fake. is it me or duz the curtain look outta place???

  17. Becky Says:

    its juss someone holding a torch or mobile phone light outside the window probaly someones idea of a joke WELL DEFFO FAKE

  18. Luciey Says:

    Yeahh i agree this is fake its just a light from out side.

  19. kirsty Says:


  20. Jim Says:

    Fake….but there seems to be a strange looking person in the top right hand window of the house your photographing!

  21. Chris Says:

    Lights or Flash

  22. Jackie Says:

    Look’s like there is a street light out side and when taken the photo it has caught the smudges on the window

  23. Ady Says:

    about as worthy as this comment…

  24. ina Says:

    i think that it’s a husband, that it’s his reflection

  25. Sarah Says:

    Considering that the photographer claims that the lights were out, and no flash was used, the window frame and curtains are very bright – you can see light shining onto the green curtain. I’m inclined to agree that it’s fingerprints and smudges on the glass – if I were standing close to that window looking out, I’d be quite likely to rest my hand against the lower pane, and being right-handed, it’d be my right hand. It’s not a deliberate thing – just an instinctive steadying gesture when looking out of high windows.

  26. Ronnie Swain Says:

    After looking closely at the picture, I believe it may be faked, simply because the image appears to be of a skeletal hand. My mind is not made up on this one, but I would lean towards fake because of the combination of the image that you can see and the fact that the submitter claims to have taken two photos after noticing that the first one was foggy. The other explanation would be something on the lens of the camera.

  27. Christa Says:

    Smudge on the camera lens I get this same kind of effect a lot. I have two young childeren that touch my lens with stick fingers.

  28. Claudio Says:

    I can recognize a dirty window when I see one.

  29. Alex Pryce Says:

    External light source or un-noticed smudge, or both. And I agree with the first poster, I too wondered why anyone would take a picture of a window.

    Pictures like this, along with Orbs, I tend to dismiss. There is no logic behind the picture and nothing in the slightest paranormal.

  30. Mark Ribbands Says:

    A joke picture, clearly with interior room illumination – flash by the look of the colour temperature – taken when photographer was either too drunk (Scotch anyone?) or laughing too much to hold the camera straight.

    BTW, try blocking out the ‘head’ with your finger. Then then ghostly apparition no even looks like a human shape. The good old human brain and its tricks again.

    Unworthy of further study 🙂

  31. Angela Says:

    Sorry, freaked out by what?

  32. Jonathan Says:

    nah not impressed, why would you take a photio, in the dark, of an old window, if you wanted to capture the town at night you would stand a bit closer so you can actually see something.

  33. Jiha Says:

    i totally agree with wendy. why would someone take a pic of a window? kind of weird right?!

  34. Finbarr M Says:

    Finger smudges on the window without doubt.

  35. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Trick of the light/smudges.

  36. Yasser Says:

    It looks like a statue to me. And the parts that seem “transparent” are actually just visible because of the effect the window has on the flash. Take this from a person who has been in photography for 12 years.

    Shout out to my right hand man Nick B.

  37. Yasser Says:


  38. ilham Says:

    flash light

  39. jimbofin Says:

    I always loved Robocop. Well that’s what it looks like to me. Marks on the window

  40. jim Says:

    it’s a man walking past the window

  41. Chuzzy Says:

    Whoa! Living proof that Darth Vader is real. Pity he’s still on the dark side

  42. Vicky Says:

    I did not know that Egyptian Mummies run around in Edinburgh???

    Just because you see no smudges on the window does not mean that it has no smudges or streaks on it. You can’t see streaks cause by cleaning products and smudges could have come from the outside of the window. Looks just like light reflecting from the window pane – nothing more…

  43. derekcsy Says:

    The “mist” is merely created by the oily smudges created by the human hand, possibly to open and close the curtains, the light around the “figure” is possibly caused by the reflection of light from the camera flash on the window’s surface. This image looks authentic and unedited, but there is no ghost.

  44. Carlos Says:

    invisible ghost “uhaUHauhuhaaUHAUH”

    i can´t see anything

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Oh WOW look another random ass picture of a window with a ghost in it. Not every time there is a bright white figure in your photo does it mean that there is a ghost! If everybody saw a ghost in these reflections of light there would be a worldwide panic.

  46. AnG3l* Says:

    If u look close Enuff Its Grease Smears from someones hands and or face the they took a pic of the window with the flash on !

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